Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown – Elgin 2016’

Bishopmill Hall, Elgin


This show was a double whammy of special, for those unaware it was my birthday on July 2nd. Spending a Saturday night on my birthday and watching some wrestling, aye that sounds like a good night to me. I enjoy my annual W3L viewing as part of their Northern Tour, which always presents a high quality event for all ages. Catering to the younger fans in a well executed manner. Plus it’s an opportunity to see The Bulgarian Baker. Who is amazing. 5 years I’ve seen W3L come to Elgin and it’s quite incredible to see it evolve from inflatable hammers to great matches with plenty of positives. There seemed to be a few timing issues with the doors opening late and the show started a bit late also, still finished by 9.30pm and nothing felt rushed. It looked like the biggest crowd that I’ve seen in Elgin, certainly since moving to Bishopmill Hall. A echoey building which adds a big bit of noise when the crowd start shouting. The only drawback to that is the sound system just sounded garbled when anyone got on the microphone, it didn’t crack up this year so that’s one wee issue solved.

Nathan Reynolds defeated Lucian Maynard-Smith by Pinfall

The show kicked off with Lucian Maynard-Smith gloating about his country of England and requesting ‘God Save The Queen’ to be played to a chorus of boos. It was soon interrupted by Nathan Reynolds’ music and the #One2Watch entered to a big ovation. Solid match to start off with Maynard-Smith looking really crisp, ever improving each year when he comes up to the North. Reynolds wasn’t shy about throwing ‘The Notorious Nobleman’ about. Maynard-Smith used his best moves to keep Reynolds down but a big blasting spear put away the Englishman. Great way to kick off the show. (Also bonus points for Nathan Reynolds amazing William Regal impression.)

Mike Musso defeated Taylor Bryden by Pinfall

Next up was Taylor Bryden of The Contingency Plan faced Mike Musso. Bryden noted that Musso outweighed him by a considerable amount and that it was only fair if he had a tag team partner, queue Bryden shouting at a small child to get into the ring. Dastardly and really funny. Musso is the expert is getting the fans involved and the crowd was loud for this, I hope it goes up on the W3L Network as the match was really good. Bryden worked on Musso’s back throughout the match, slamming him into the apron back first several times and scoop slamming Musso onto the wooden floor. A moment of hesitation saw Musso pick up the win with a roll up. A fun match, really enjoyed it.

Dickie Divers defeated Aspen Faith by Pinfall

Our first half main event saw, former Elgin Cup winner and member of The Contingency Plan, Dickie Divers takes on ‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith. Put these two names together and you’re in for a very good match. They delivered, it’s really great being able to cheer for Faith without getting the evil glares from children. The guy just makes everything look effortless and he, and Divers, really brought out the best in each other. The end came when Taylor Bryden came out and hopped up onto the apron allowing Divers to roll up Faith for the tainted three count.

After the match Bryden and Divers beat down Faith until Reynolds came out to make the save. Fed up of their shenanigans, Reynolds challenged Bryden and Divers to a six man tag team match later in the evening with Mike Musso teaming with Faith and Reynolds. At first The Contingency Plan denied the request until a mass chant of ‘chicken’ changed their mind. We’d find out who the third man was later in the evening.

Leah Owens defeated Debbie Sharpe by Submission

A very fun match, Sharpe tried to be sneaky and failed on several occasions. Her shenanigans included running around the crowd to avoid Lucha Leah and hiding under the ring, appearing on the other side of the ring for a roll up and a two count. Owens grabbed Sharpe for a cross arm breaker for the tap out. It was quick but effective.

Aspen Faith, Mike Musso and Nathan Reynolds defeated ‘The Bulgarian Baker’ Bozidar Branimir, Dickie Divers and Taylor Bryden by Pinfall

Prior to the match, Dickie Divers announced their partner, the feared Bulgarian Baker, born and bread for the main event.

This match was a tale of two halves, those two halves were my heart. On one side I wanted my boy Aspen Faith to win but the other half was with The Bulgarian Baker. A man who entered with a loaf of bread decorated with three candles. Presenting the birthday boy with that and a signed baker’s hat.

Have you ever seen such a happy 26 year old?

Everyone got a bit of the action in this one, a big schmoz of a six man and it was great. It may not have been the prettiest of matches but it was a big finish for the evening where the good guys vanquish the baddies to send everyone home happy. Musso, Faith and Reynolds took turns beating the Baker down. Faith finished off Mr Branimir with an enziguri for the win. I was happy with the result and gutted all in one mash up of feelings.

Overall: A really fun event from W3L, they really excel at providing a great night of action. They put a lot of effort into the shows and to compare it to the first time I went to W3L in 2012 it’s like night and day. Good to see some new faces on the tour with Leah and Debbie who have appeared at Rock N Wrestle and WrestleZone respectively so some of the crowd would have been familiar with them.

Once again thanks to the team at World Wide Wrestling League, Steve Thompson and the rest of the team for the birthday wishes and giving this wee 26 year old boy a very fun day. It also lead to my brother being obsessed about my birthday loaf for his whole journey home. It’s a lot of fun taking him to they shows, he sat up when Leah and Debbie came out and he had a good time.

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