The Goss Report: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ July 2016

Apparently, I should introduce myself, before I begin. I’ve been involved in the wonderful world of Pro Wrestling throughout the UK, for nearly ten years, as a Manager, Promoter, Owner and Broadcast Analyst. But before that, way back in 1998, (a time when a DVD was Perry Saturn’s finisher) I wrote a column for a newsletter. So with this column, I am, somewhat, returning to my wrestling roots.

However, what happened before, is irrelevant to the meat and potatoes of this column, which is to give you, MY insight (the correct insight) into a company where I currently hang my hat, as resident Broadcast Analyst (for the uninformed, it can be compared to a commentator, my broadcast ‘partner’, Randy Valentine, can, in the kindest way imaginable, be described as a commentator, amongst other unprintable terms).

The name of this company is Discovery Wrestling, which has run shows throughout Edinburgh since October 2014. Some of the most popular, respected and well-known names in Pro Wrestling have graced the Discovery ring – Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, The Young Bucks, Tommy Dreamer, Grado, Mandrews and Mike Mondo, to name a few.

But, I’m looking to talk about the guys and girls that you’ll see on a Discovery show a bit more regularly, in particular, the event on July 16th at Portobello Town Hall in Edinburgh.

So, let’s have a look at the card…

Four-Way Elimination Match
Theo Doros v. Shawn Johnson v. Sean Mercer v. Craig Stephens

Since the very first Discovery Wrestling show, the Four-Way Elimination match has been a cornerstone of the company. The list of past competitors, read as a ‘who’s who’ of some of the absolute best up-and-comers in Scottish wrestling, the cream of the crop, if you will. The Interim Y-Division Champion (more on that later) Lewis Girvan, made his debut in the four-way, showing just what a launchpad that this match can be.

On July 16th, this match will bring us some debuts and some returning faces.

Firstly, Theo Doros, who last competed for Discovery, unsuccessfully, in a four-way match, will be looking to eradicate the memory of his previous loss, bags of potential here and I feel a mean streak looms, which will certainly benefit him in the long run. Debutant Shawn Johnson, another youngster, with all the potential in the world, however, panders to the fans too much, that won’t help him in the long run and may cause a distraction for him in such a unpredictable, fast-paced match. We last saw Sean Mercer tagging with his ‘Comix Zone’ partner Delsin Dayre, in a tag-team gauntlet match. Much like Theo Doros, the loss from that match will be etched into the back of his mind, as he looks to not only score a victory, but make a lasting impression in a Discovery ring, Mercer is a sick puppy…and his tail’s wagging! And finally, Craig Stephens in his Discovery debut, much like everyone else who’s ever competed in this match, will do everything he can, to not only get the victory, but make his mark.

Aspen Faith v. Danny Boy Rodgers

To lose a submission match, as Aspen Faith did at the last event to Y-Division Champion Lewis Girvan, is a heavy burden for any man to take. Having to say, that you can’t take anymore, well, it could break a lesser man. Luckily for him, Aspen is not a lesser man. Personally, there’s dispute in my eyes as to whether he actually did give up in that match at all (the wretched crookedness of officials & management in this company is commonplace) however, he’ll want to redeem that win and what better way to do it, than against an opponent who’s almost as technically skilled as he is, that being, the well-rounded Danny Boy Rodgers. Rodgers has not been seen in a Discovery ring for a few months now, so whilst it would be unwise for Aspen to overlook him, it would equally be unwise for Rodgers to overlook the desire that will rage inside Faith.

Christopher Saynt v. Michael Chase

During the brief moments that I’ve enjoyed in Discovery Wrestling, the one thing I’ve constantly been infuriated with is the disgusting conspiracy that Christopher Saynt has been made to endure. Don’t know what I mean? Allow me to elaborate… Last year, Christopher Saynt won a Battle Royal at the inaugural 5* Wrestling event, the victory meant not only would Discovery be a part of their latest game (5 Star Wrestling: Regenesis – available for PS4) but he was awarded a shot at the Y-Division Champion – Chris Sabin.

Unfortunately, Sabin is a coward and hides in America out of fear of Saynt embarrassing him. Sabin, along with Discovery management and Lewis Girvan, completely set up Saynt, thus, forcing him to lose his shot, in the most unfair manner imaginable. Quite frankly, I’m hopeful that one day, something similiar to the Chilcot enquiry will send Sabin, Girvan and Discovery co-owners Alan Smith & Alex Fowlis straight to jail and justice will be restored.

Now, sadly, I have to talk about Michael Chase, who, without question scored a massive win against a legitimate cruiserweight legend in Juventud Guerrera at our last event. I personally, don’t think luck was involved, Chase has incredible potential to reach great heights, but, unfortunately, he’s acting stupidly. He’s stupid to think, he could defeat somebody like Christopher Saynt & he’s stupid not to instead be trying to align with the superior Saynt. Instead, Chase, wastes his time wanting to do ‘the right thing’. Look at the World we live in, society has gone to Hell, the UK is divided and there’s still people that want to slap hands and sign autographs? Please…

Debbie Sharpe v. Sammii Jayne

This is heart-breaking.
There was no greater friendship in the World, than The Bae Club. They were basically women wrestling’s answer to Lennon & McCartney. The world was their oyster and they would have dominated everywhere and anywhere, because these girls are good, very good. Do you have any idea the amount of endless hours these girls put into training? I’ve been around so many ‘Pro Wrestlers’ (In their mind & Facebooks job occupation, only), that put in a piss poor performance, because they ‘think’ they know it all and are above/too lazy to train. The passion of Pro Wrestling for these ladies and the desire to improve is second to none.

But then Sammii Jayne let down Debbie Sharpe.

She lost – twice. Poor Debbie just had to watch and by association, be tarnished by Sammii’s defeats. No true friend would do anything but win for her ‘Bae’.

So sadly, Debbie had to cut Sammii loose and in that instant, the painfully obvious was true – Debbie had, all along, been carrying Sammii.

Now that the break-up is official, on July 16th, Debbie will sadly, have to put Sammii out of her misery.

The Buffet Club v. Fight Club

Obviously, I pride myself on being completely impartial, something that my broadcast partner, Valentine, finds it impossible to do, if somebody ever had foot-in-mouth disease, it would be him.

However, myself and The Buffet Club, go waaaay back, so I just have to side with them in this war, because, ladies & gentlemen (and I use that term loosely) this will be a war.

Fight Club genuinely TERRIFY me, they’re one of the main reasons, I have my personal security team (Wee Jimmy & Jackie Grady) always nearby, you never know what Kid Fite & Liam Thomson are going to do. I mean, everybody knows, Scotland is a dump, but they’re from GLASGOW, which means not only are they from a place that needs its own Live Aid, but they speak some strange tribal gibberish, which is completely impossible to understand.

Thankfully, The Buffet Club – Rob Cage & Gene Munny are cultured, refined gentlemen, with exquisite taste for the finer things in life (we’ve shared many a night, discussing the virtues of a bottle of Bordeaux ’46 and deep-fried Twinkies).

However, all four of these competitors, have one thing in common and that is, that they’re tough…ridiculously tough and all carry a penchant for violence.
Almost an unsettling feeling as to where this match could go.

Joe Coffey v. Dave Conrad

Jay Lethal v. Joe Coffey, brought us many things – an incredible match, the ROH World Championship on the line and Joe Coffey’s unbeaten streak in Discovery being over. Where’s Coffey’s head at? For the first time ever, he enters a Discovery ring with a Discovery loss over his head. Obviously, he’s going to want to get back on track, but will he be too obsessed with avenging that loss and leave himself open to defeat? Dave Conrad will realise this is a MASSIVE opportunity for him to take advantage, of, in my opinion a mentally vulnerable Coffey.

Don’t forget, always in the shadows, looms Deviation, he’s made no secret that he’s been targeting Joe Coffey as of late. His actions are mysterious, his attacks erratic. I never feel comfortable at a Discovery show (mainly due to being sat next to Valentine) because Deviation could attack at any moment. The recent alliance of Conrad & Deviation, cannot be ignored.

Big Damo v. Chris Hero

‘The Blockbuster of the Summer’
Just a tagline? Look again at who’s in this match, now what do you think?

You want a ‘can’t miss’ match, involving two of the best wrestlers in the world (that’s not hyperbole) you’ve got it.

You want a classic match, featuring two guys in their prime, not only putting on a clinic, but beating the absolute Hell out of each other? You’ve got it.

In fact, there’s absolutely nothing I need to say for this, it sells itself. But I will say this, you need to be there. You really, really need to be there.

As always, the pleasure is yours.


To view the back catalogue of past Discovery Wrestling shows, featuring all the matches mentioned above AND get a FREE seven-day trial. Head over to

To order tickets for the August 13th event, when we return to Portobello Town Hall, featuring Colt Cabana v. Aspen Faith & Former ROH Tag Team Champions – War Machine, head to

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