Preview: Reckless Intent ‘Cruel Summer 2016’

Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston

It’s been a wee while since we previewed Reckless Intent, a company that is really coming into its own, offering great matches and a strong events on a consistant basis. A lot of attention turned to them after Pride Wrestling closed its doors less than a day before a show, meaning that many wrestlers were left without a booking that day. Reckless Intent turned that negative into positive by booking a blockbuster match in Damo versus a debuting Joe Coffey, plus Chris Renfrew got to deal a measure of revenge on The Supreme Leader Handsome Jam O’Malley.

So Reckless Intent are really becoming a real rising promotion, a strong core roster that you don’t see in many other promotions plus great wrestlers from around the country who you know you’re going to get a solid match, at the very least, from.

Cruel Summer is shaping up to be a huge show for the West Lothian promotion, with so much momentum going their way and the inclusion of special guests Grado and the returning Colt Cabana it can only get better.

A new champion will be crowned at the event, well an interim champion, with Massimo still injured Reckless Intent have decided to crown an interim UK Champion while he heals up. The current number one contender, DCT, is in an already booked match so the decision was made that the winner of the Interim UK Championship will then face Massimo, once he returns from injury, to unite the titles. The winner of THAT match will then take on the number one contender DCT. Following me so far? So let’s take a look at the combatants…

Grado, possibly the favourite in this one, debuting in Reckless Intent but has a resume of Championships not to be sniffed at so knows how to get the gold. ICW World Heavyweight, PWE Heavyweight along with SWA, ICW and PBW Tag Team Championships in Scotland. One of the most popular wrestlers in the country, not just a comedy act as you can see from his accomplishments.

Theo Doros, the current Slam Champion in Reckless Intent, a very popular star in RI with the fans choosing him to be added to the contest. As Slam Champion he has faced and defeated a big line up of wrestlers including Lewis Girvan, Christopher Saynt and Damo. He also has a victory over Massimo in the past which could work in his favour come unification time.

Sean Mercer, Mercer has done possibly everything he can do in Reckless Intent including a glut of championships and being the most recent winner of the Battle of West Lothian. Championships are just a byproduct of Mercer’s mission. He’s been loved, hated and all inbetween in Reckless Intent but now he’s just out to hurt people. The animalistic Mercer will be the dark horse in this match.

Speaking of DCT, the number one contender to the UK Championship is busy that night facing one of the biggest names in independent wrestling, Colt Cabana. Don’t be fooled by either’s personalities, both of these men are not just colourful, charismatic individuals but are very well versed in the art of wrestling. One I’d be very excited to witness, DCT has been on a role of his life and is really gathering a lot of steam.

Though The O’Malley Empire looks to be making Reckless Intent a faster growing company, occassionally The Supreme Leader’s tactics can be questioned. Since losing the RI Championship to Damo after a mountain of shenanigans, Michael Chase has been on a mission to take down The O’Malley Empire with his first target being Darkside, who was handpicked by The Supreme Leader himself to face him. The Chase is certainly on if Michael hopes knock down The O’Malley Empire and recapture the championship he lost through nefarious means.

Rob Mills and Delsin Dayre face off as consolation after missing out on having a chance at the Interim UK Championship, Dayre took umbridge with this fact and thought he deserved to face Grado at Cruel Summer. Suggesting that Rob Mills was a nobody. The Supreme Leader Handsome Jam O’Malley offered a solution, the winner at Cruel Summer will receive a future RI Championship match but the loser will not receive any title opportunities with the remainder of 2016. Big implications in this one, with many feeling that Delsin Dayre has all the tools to be the Champion in Reckless Intent.

Then we have the main event, the current RI Champion Damo and the Hardcore Champion Chris Renfrew face off with the RI Championship on the line. Due to the 24/7 rule of the Hardcore Championship it’s also concievable that if Damo pins Renfrew or makes him submit that he would walk away with both titles in hand. The spoiler in this one could very well be Scott Renwick who made a shocking return by using the RI title belt to knock out Michael Chase en route to Damo lifting the title. Don’t expect a pretty wrestling match as this will turn into a brawl very quickly and whoever is officiating this one will be forced to give some leeway because the ring won’t be able to hold these too for long.

All this and a pre-show battle royal for those with VIP tickets, makes for an interesting night of hard hitting professional wrestling.

Tickets are still available. Visit to buy yours now!

Matches Announced:
Pre-Show Battle Royal
Rob Mills vs Delsin Dayre
Michael Chase vs Darkside
Colt Cabana vs DCT w/Coach Trip
-Interim UK Championship-
Theo Doros vs Grado vs Sean Mercer
-RI Championship-
Damo Β© vs Chris Renfrew

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