The Goss Report: Discovery Wrestling August 2016

As I write this, we’re less than a week away from the next Discovery Wrestling event, as we head back to Portobello Town Hall on the 13th of August.

The full card has now been revealed, so, as I’m sure you’ve been eagerly awaiting, here are my thoughts.

Mark Coffey v. Danny Boy RodgersWinner advances to W3L’s event – ‘Wrestlution X’

Well, I picked apart Rodgers, for his crowd-pandering in my last column, saying it wouldn’t get him much, in fact, what it got him was a loss to Aspen Faith at Discovery Wrestling’s last event. However, the light of the tunnel here is after his loss to Faith, he showed me some attitude, some drive, some anger, as not only did he shove the bumbling referee, but he told the audience exactly what he thought of them! Wise move and I’m eager to see more of this, from the much improved DBR.

August 13th, DBR will yet again be facing a challenge, this time against the debuting Mark Coffey. Mark, a well known face in Scottish Wrestling, refers to himself as the ‘Real Deal’. I’m suggesting he changes it to ‘Meal Deal’, because if he wants to fit in with the Portobello crowd, he better get used to the smell of poverty, quickly. Also, being the younger brother of long-time Discovery Wrestling competitor – Joe Coffey, it’ll be interesting to see if the Coffey’s share a familiar trait in Discovery Wrestling – that being losing.

The House of Saynt v. Michael Chase & Comix Zone

Apart from the obvious case of Chase & Comix Zone being at a disadvantage by merely existing. The fact that they don’t know who they’ll be facing come August 13th, has to play heavily on their little minds.

Sure, the ‘Patriarch’ of The House of Saynt will be in attendance – Christopher Saynt, as will ‘The Superior Cypriot’ Theo Doros, but their third member has yet to be revealed, the unveiling will take place August 13th….and trust me, Chase & Comix Zone are in BIG trouble.

Damian O’Connor v. Dave Conrad

Conrad was inches away from defeating Joe Coffey at the last event, however, due to questionable officiating and a miscommunication with Deviation, Conrad came up short. Now, he steps in the ring with his former teacher, one of the most formidable names in Discovery Wrestling ‘The Beast of Belfast’ Big Damo. This confrontation has been brewing for months, and finally, Conrad can get the opportunity to prove to everybody, just why he is ‘The One True Alpha’. Big Damo, take Conrad lightly at your peril!

The New Age Kliq v. The War Machine

This match is going to be a war, literally. Look at the participants – BT Gunn, Renfrew, Hanson, Rowe. These guys pay their bills by beating the holy Hell out of their opponents, they have no respect for their own bodies, let alone their opponents. Obviously the size advantage goes with the former ROH Tag Team Champions – The War Machine, but the hometown advantage & the total unpredictability lies with The NAK. This is one of those matches you may never get a chance to see again, with two Worlds colliding, only way to be a part of this, is to be there!

Aspen Faith v. Colt Cabana

Talk about a pure wrestling match, you’ve got it right here. Colt Cabana, one of the most respected American independent wrestlers around and a student of the British style of wrestling. Takes on ‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith, who, when it comes to holds, can match Colt move for move…and then some.

A lot of people are looking forward to seeing the comical side of Colt Cabana, I say, head along to his show that’s running as part of the Edinburgh fringe, through August, if you want to see that. Because when he faces Faith, he won’t be cracking jokes, he’ll be having his bones cracked and he’ll be hurting…a lot.

Also, make sure you get to one of his shows before August 13th, as after that date, he’s going to be in a hospital, courtesy, of Aspen Faith.

Y Division Championship – Lewis Girvan v. Joe Hendry

Both men trained together, both men are highly in demand in Scottish Wrestling, both men are the future of Scottish Wrestling and both have been a part of Discovery Wrestling since the very beginning. Their young careers entwined, there’s now one glaring difference.

The Y Division Championship.

Watching from afar, Hendry saw Girvan become the interim Y Division Champion after Champion Chris Sabin, was injured. From the moment that belt was placed around the waist of Girvan, Hendry wanted it.

Hendry competed in high calibre matches with the likes of Crime Time, Grado, Tommy Dreamer & adopted a son, Lou King Sharp (unfortunately, they are now estranged) but all of this wasn’t enough, being one of the most entertaining competitors on the UK scene wasn’t enough, Hendry needs that title.

As Hendry competed in high calibre contests, ’The Best Young Wrestler’ Girvan excelled in wrestling clinics, besting the likes of BT Gunn, Christopher Saynt, Shane Strickland, Aspen Faith. More than proving himself to be one of the dominant players, here in Discovery Wrestling.

Hendry, now guns for Girvan, he wants to prove that underneath the ‘Local Hero’, there’s a ‘wrestling hero’. Someone who can out wrestle Girvan and not only claim the title of ‘Best Young Wrestler’ for himself, but become the Y Division Champion. August 13th is looking to be a very bad day for Lewis Girvan.

As with each Discovery Wrestling event, there’s a stellar card waiting for you at Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh on August 13th, so get yourself there! Head over to to guarantee you’ll be a part of this great night of action.

As always, the pleasure is yours.

Darren T. Goss.

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