Review: WrestleZone ‘Battle of the Nations 2016’ (Adam)

WrestleZone returned to The Northern Hotel this past Saturday for Battle of the Nations 2016. A huge night of action took place in Aberdeen as fans watched in anticipation of the huge main event. Unfortunately there was a car crash earlier on in the day, right outside the venue which brought stress to a few fans waiting in line. My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved.

As the show started, Martyn Clunes announced to the audience that Aspen Faith had suffered a concussion after facing Colt Cabana at Discovery Wrestling in the afternoon. Therefore, the main event had been changed to a Triple Threat with just Scotty Swift, Joe Coffey and Damien. Martyn was then interrupted by Richard R. Russell, who entered with the Sterling Brothers. Russell said this was Sterling Oil’s night, before challenging Kaden Garrick and Mr P to have the tag title match to start the show!

WrestleZone Tag Team Titles
Kaden Garrick & Mr P(c) vs Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Alan Sterling) w/Richard R. Russell

After entering, Kaden was quick to grab the ring bell from the stage. William was able to duck taking the bell to the head, but was instead nailed with a huge Spear! Unfortunately for Kaden, the referee refused to count William’s shoulders to the mat due to the bell not being rung. By the time Martyn Clunes had time to ring the bell and officially start the match, William managed to kick out at two. The Sterling Brothers managed to keep the match in their favour when it was either Kaden or P in the ring. The champs eventually regained the advantage after P made the tag to Kaden, who entered full of energy after being on the apron for so long. It wasn’t long before William was nailed with his second Spear of the night. Richard R. Russell made his way onto the apron, but Kaden grabbed the contract won by the Sterling Brothers and Damien back at Aberdeen Anarchy. To the fans delight, Kaden whacked the contract off the head of Triple R. This distraction allowed Alan to grab Kaden and nail a vicious DDT, dropping him straight on his head for the three count! The Sterling Brothers are now 4-time Tag Team champions and Kaden Garrick’s undefeated streak is over. After William and Alan made their way backstage, Russell had started to crawl away only for Garrick to put a stop to it. Mocking the new champions, Kaden and P nailed Richard with the Oil Crash but that wasn’t enough for The Northern Hotel audience, who chanted for one more. Kaden picked Richard back up and along with Mr P, nailed a second Oil Crash before Russell was tossed aside with his head bashing off the mat. Kaden screamed that this wasn’t over before the former champions headed backstage. Richard was helped backstage by referees.

Zach Dynamite vs Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester

Lord Mr Malice made his way to ringside, flanked by Jeeves Winchester, for the second contest. By the looks of things, Malice loves doing the whole Lord thing. After making his entrance, the crowd erupted as Zach Dynamite burst through the curtain after 2 years away due to career threatening injuries. Zach loved every bit of being back in the ring and proved that he was 100% better, nailing a picture perfect dropkick right to the jaw. Jeeves soon got involved and grabbed Zach’s arms, allowing Malice to take advantage. But unfortunately for them, Zach moved out of the way and Malice collided with his butler knocking him to the floor. Dynamite regained the advantage and nailed a beautiful running Frog Splash for the win. Malice and Jeeves left ringside, leaving Zach to celebrate with the fans.

Unsanctioned Match
Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker

The third match was one I was looking forward to, the Unsanctioned match. Shawn Johnson made his way through the curtain first, quick to grab a steel chair from under the ring. As Bryan Tucker’s music hit the PA system, Johnson waited in the ring, staring at the curtain. But Bryan Tucker was one step ahead of him, as he entered through the crowd. Bryan and Shawn battered each other down, neither man able to use the chair. It wasn’t long before the action spilled to the outside and up to the bar. When the former tag partners returned to ringside, Bryan nailed a surprise Twist of Fate for a very close 2 count. The two made their way onto the ring apron, with Bryan attempting a suplex. Shawn managed to escape and shoved Tucker down on to the wooden floor. Several other chairs were soon introduced, with one being placed in the turnbuckles. Both men busted out new moves in their arsenal, such as Bryan’s dropkick into the turnbuckles and Shawn’s Samoan Driver. Bryan nailed Shawn with an STO, taking him back first into an open steel chair. Shawn came back into the match with a vicious body slam onto the pile of chairs, earning a very close two count. It was Johnson that eventually came back on top after ramming Bryan head first into the chair in the turnbuckle, then rolling him up with his feet on the ropes for the three count. As he was celebrating his victory, Bryan attacked Shawn from behind before being dragged off by security and referees. Shawn managed to escape and left ringside as Bryan shouted that this wasn’t over yet.

Battle of the Nations Match
Johnny Lions (Scotland) vs Sir Andrew Wilde (England)

The 4th match of the night saw the annual Battle of the Nations match take place. Sir Andrew Wilde made his way to ringside first, waving the English flag. The fans went wild for Johnny Lions, who came out waving the Scottish flag. The fans soon joined the Tenacious One in a rendition of the Scottish national anthem before the match got underway. Both men traded shoulderblocks with neither of them having any effect. Sir Andrew showed disrespect to the Aberdeen audience by wiping the Scottish flag on his backside. The match was a very eavenly fought contest with the action spilling to the outside with Wilde chopping Lions hard in the chest causing him to land on a few fans, myself included. The action returned to the ring where Johnny managed to regain the advantage. The action again spilled to the outside soon after when Lions clotheslined Andrew over the ropes. Lions followed it up with a dive over the ropes, a move we don’t usually see from Johnny. While on the outside, Wilde nailed a brutal suplex on Lions right on the wooden floor. Johnny was almost counted out, making it back in at the referee’s 9 count. Johnny managed to get a few moves in, including his Flying Lion missile dropkick and a diving crossbody but it wasn’t enough. Wilde managed to regain the advantage following a Superkick to the knee. He followed it up with a knee to the jaw then a Superkick, before finishing Lions off with his trademark Doctor Bomb for the win. The fans were shocked as Scotland had lost the Battle of the Nations match for the second year in a row. While England may have won, Johnny said that Scotland are winners even in defeat before heading backstage.

The show then went to a 15 minute break, where fans could purchase merchandise, buy raffle tickets and meet the returning Zach Dynamite.

Blue Thunder & Jimbo Bannon vs The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)

The show came back from break with the second tag match of the night between The Rejected and Blue Thunder & the rookie Jimbo Bannon. After being beaten down by Chris Archer, Blue Thunder tagged in the young Jimbo Bannon to the delight of fans. Jimbo used his MMA tricks to take down Archer but The Rejected soon counteracted this, causing Jimbo to tag Thunder back in. Thunder was again beaten down by The Rejected, who used their tag team experience to their advantage. Jimbo Bannon was tagged back in soon after but was also beaten down. Thunder tried everything he could to get the referee to see The Rejected’s cheating ways to no avail. Jimbo managed to regain control after Blue Thunder dragged Vago out to ringside. Jimbo locked Archer in a tight Armbar, causing The Outcast to tap out and hand the win to Jimbo and Thunder. The two celebrated their win before heading back through the curtain. If Jimbo keeps putting on performances like this, he’ll be a big name in no time.

Sammii Jayne vs Lucy Cole

The penultimate match was the women’s bout. Since Aspen Faith was unable to compete in the main event due to his concussion, this was the wrestling portion of the evening. Both Sammii Jayne and the debuting Lucy Cole showed that no matter their gender, they can wrestle just as good as the men. The fans were firmly behind Lucy in this one. One of my highlight spots of the night saw Sammii lock Lucy in an armbar only for Lucy to roll out. Unfortunately for her, Sammii was already ahead of her and rolled over aswell, keeping the submission locked in tight. Cole soon fought back into the match, managing to nail a beautiful bulldog out of the corner. After the Queen of Catch kicked out, Lucy headed to the top. Sammii followed but was soon knocked back down, allowing Lucy to nail a huge crossbody off the top for another two count. Sammii came back with a nice German Suplex for a two count before locking a Cross Armbar, causing Lucy to tap out within seconds. Although her King was injured, Sammii proved that she is called the Queen of Catch for a reason.

Before the main event began, Martyn Clunes handed over to management representative Chris McDonald, who had a few words about Aberdeen Anarchy 2017. He said that front row tickets sold out within an hour of being on sale and second row was almost gone. He ended by advising us to buy tickets as soon as possible Chris handed back to Martyn, who made the main event introductions.

Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Title
Scotty Swift(c) vs Damien vs Joe Coffey

The big fight feel was in effect for this huge main event. Joe Coffey made his entrance first as he appeared for the first time since Aberdeen Anarchy 2015, the night he lost the gold to Scotty. Damien entered next along with Shawn Johnson and 1/2 of the new tag champs Alan Sterling. Before he could be introduced however, Chris McDonald got on the microphone, angered that Alan and Shawn were at ringside. As a result, he banned them from ringside and warned them that if they interfered, Damien would be disqualified. The Sterling Oil members headed to the back as Scotty Swift entered wearing a Crusher Craib t-shirt. Once all three men were in the ring, the fans split off in seperate chants. Some for Scotty Swift, some for Joe Coffey, some for Aspen Faith (who we mentioned earlier), even some for Damien. The contest started with all three men going hold for hold with one another. Damien was taken out allowing last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy main eventers to square off again. Damien snuck back in, only to recieve some vicious chops from the Red Haired Warrior and the Iron Man. Joe went for his Giant Swing on Scotty but the Revolutionary decided to interject. As a result, Joe put Damien on his shoulders for an Airplane Spin at the same time as the Giant Swing to a huge ovation from The Northern Hotel. Scotty was then locked in the Boston Crab before Damien broke it up. Joe became tangled up in the ropes following a clothesline by Damien, allowing Scotty to gain control. Damien managed to fight out of the Granite City Driver, but Swift put him back on his shoulders and nailed his finisher for the win and his 17th successful title defense. Following the contest, Joe awarded the gold to Scotty, feeling as if he earned it in this match. Scotty then headed to the back of the hotel to take pictures and sign autographs.

All in all, Battle of the Nations 2016 will be remembered for a lot of things. The Sterling Brothers becoming 4-time Tag Team champions. Kaden Garrick being pinned for the first time. Zach Dynamite making his return. The Unsanctioned match. Lucy Cole making her debut. The huge Triple Threat match. One of my favourite shows of the year so far.

WrestleZone are down at the Duthie Park Open Day this Sunday, August 21st before heading back to Banchory in just under 2 weeks.

– Adam Morrison

Quick Results
The Sterling Brothers w/Richard R. Russell def. Kaden Garrick & Mr P to win the WrestleZone Tag Team Titles
Zach Dynamite def. Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester
Shawn Johnson def. Bryan Tucker in an Unsanctioned match
Sir Andrew Wilde def. Johnny Lions in the Battle of the Nations Match
Blue Thunder & Jimbo Bannon def. The Rejected
Sammii Jayne def. Lucy Cole
Scotty Swift def. Damien and Joe Coffey in a Triple Threat match to retain the Undisputed WrestleZone Title

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