Preview: Reckless Intent ‘The Way It Is 2016’

Murieston Scout Hall, Murieston

Looking down the matches that have been announced, this could possibly be the strongest line up Reckless Intent have ever offered. Which is some feat considering Live in Twechar 3 was a stacked event. Several showstealers on the card with plenty action to keep the crowd entertained.

Two (well three technically) titles on the line and someones RI career hangs in the balance.

Lets start with the “undercard”, Rob Mills currently holds a RI Championship opportunity in his back pocket but on this night he contends with Source standout David Devlin. Devlin is no stranger to Reckless Intent, having made several appearances in the past. Mills isn’t one to back down and will be looking to gain momentum on route to cashing in his title shot.

Delsin Dayre lost his chance to challenge for the RI Championship this year in his recent loss against Rob Mills, this sparked a change in attitude which saw him re-align with his former ComixZone partner Sean Mercer. This could be a bit brutal to watch with Dayre displaying a more aggressive streak and he comes up against the sadistic Darkside. Might not be pretty but you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

The current Slam Champion Theo Doros has been very impressive against a plethora of opponents, picking up victories against a vast array of challengers. He faces the beeeeeeeeeeeeest wrestler in Jackie Polo, it may be a non-title match but if Polo gets the win then it surely catapults him up the rankings for a title match down the line.

Onto the “big three” matches with landscape-altering stipulations, first is a “Loser Leaves RI” match, Sean Mercer wants respect and plans on driving out Chris Renfrew to get it. A RI Original and a cornerstone of Reckless Intent, Mercer faces a man that, many think, has added some legitamacy to the West Lothian promotion. Expect this to be a brawl, Mercer has become more and more animalistic and has squared up to someone that has made his name in hardcore enviroments.

Massimo made his long awaited return to Reckless Intent and immediately made an impact, unifying the UK Championship with the Interim UK Championship held by Grado. A fully healed Massimo moves onto face the number one contender DCT. DCT has been waiting for a while for his chance to claim the UK Championship, he’s also been on a roll with wins over Chris Renfrew, Sha Samuels and Colt Cabana at Reckless Intent. Could be a tough night for the Italian if DCT keeps up this momentum.

Then we have the main event, the new Reckless Intent Champion (and Hardcore Champion), Michael Chase faces Mark Coffey. This will be excellent, the current RI Champion versus the current SWA Champion is a mouthwatering match up. A contrast in style with a risk taking Chase against a mat based and more technical Coffey. After besting Damo to win the title, Chase won’t be giving it up just yet. Interesting that Jackie Polo and DCT are also on the bill, could Polo Promotions come into play at the Murieston Scout Hall?

There’s a high chance that this will continue the hot streak of sell out shows that Reckless currently have going, so go get a ticket now. Visit and don’t miss out!

Matches Announced:
Rob Mills vs David Devlin
Delsin Dayre vs Darkside
Theo Doros vs Jackie Polo
-Loser Leaves Reckless Intent-
Sean Mercer vs Chris Renfrew
-UK Championship-
Massimo (c) vs DCT
-RI Championship-
Michael Chase (c) vs Mark Coffey

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