Adam’s Top 10…Stars For The Future

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Adam’s Top 10. With NXT’s latest Takeover event a few weeks ago showcasing the future of WWE, I thought I’d take a look at 10 names to keep a look out for in Scottish wrestling, ranging from students of the WrestleZone Training Academy to the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum.

10. Jimbo Bannon

Jimbo Bannon is a man that is likely the least known person on this list. But once you’ve seen one of his matches, you’ll be wanting to come back for more. His quick MMA abilities allow him to outsmart his opponent and focus his attention on one body part. He’ll then transition smoothly into a submission, with the Standing Armbar proving to be his favourite. He may not be the best in terms of charisma, but he makes up for it with chain grappling and submissions. If he keeps doing what he’s doing, doors will be opening all around him.

9. Stevie James

After watching GPWA’s first Night at the Asylum event, I knew Stevie James was going to become a big name in Scottish wrestling. Now as a member of The Purge, James keeps improving whenever I see him next. If GPWA ever got their own set of titles, Stevie James would definitely be high on the list to be crowned the first GPWA champion.

8. Molly Spartan

Molly Spartan’s appeared on quite a few Top 10s now, and for good reason. She’s one of the best female wrestlers this generation has to offer. I’ve always thought of her as the Scottish equivalent to Nia Jax, how she’s not like most girls. She’s been impressed so much that she even entered the PWE Elite Rumble earlier this year. It’s not often you see female athletes in Rumbles, so to have been entered just shows how dominant she is by proving she can hang with the top guys in Scotland.

7. Kenny Kyd

Kenny Kyd is one of the youngest wrestlers on this list. Coming from the SWE Training School, he instantly made a name for himself after great showings against JD Wilde. Kyd is the exact definition of the SWE Future Division Championship, proving you don’t need to be a big guy to get far in the wrestling business. Hopefully Kenny will get the treatment he deserves and gets booked by other promotions.

6. Soldato

Soldato is, in my opinion, the best high-flyer to emerge from the GPWA. His daredevil moves are like nothing else. If there’s something big in the arena, there’s a high chance that Soldato will jump off it. It wouldn’t be a shock to see Soldato becoming a mainstay of ICW’s Zero-G division in the near future. There’s so many great matches he could have; Kenny Williams, BT Gunn, Stevie Boy, the list goes on.

5. The Purge (Joseph Vane & Krobar)

The Purge are definitely my favourite tag team to emerge from any training school. I think the whole idea behind them is perfect, whoever came up with it is a genius. I can definitely see these two being multi-time tag team champions in the future, holding every set of Tag Team Titles in Scottish wrestling.

4. JD Wilde

JD Wilde is one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen in a while. The style of wrestling, the moves he does, his personality. He’s the complete package when it comes to wrestling. His finishing knee to the back of the head (the Cookie Cruncher, if I heard the commentators correctly) looks brutal, especially the way he does it. I can see it now, JD Wilde will be very well talked about in a few short years.

3. Flex Hunter

Flex Hunter is the giant of the GPWA. Being the former bodyguard of The Black Label, he knows what it takes to succeed in wrestling. After being fired by Lightning in July, Flex will be wanting to prove himself and maybe get hired to be someone else’s bodyguard. Who knows, maybe he’ll appear on Mark Dallas’ team at Fear & Loathing in November.

2. Kez Evans

At first, I wasn’t that fond of Kez Evans. But after seeing him compete a few more times, he’s become one of my favourites to watch now. Every time GPWA upload another of their shows, I always make sure to look out for Kez’s matches. I imagine Evans will be a big part of ICW in the future, whether it’s as part of the Zero-G division or not.

1. CS Rose

CS Rose, one of the greatest wrestlers to emerge from the GPWA. After his outstanding three match series with BT Gunn, Rose proved that he can hang with one of Scotland’s best. Since then, he’s just kept improving in every match he has. Whenever Rose starts competing regularly for ICW, he’s definitely on my list to be a future Zero-G champion.

That does it for this week. Like I’ve done before, I’m going to take another break from these Top 10s. I’ll be back towards the end of 2016 for some end of year specials.

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