The Goss Report: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ September 2016

This Friday (September 23rd) sees Discovery Wrestling return to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. Last time we were there, we blew the roof off with the incredible main event for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship, between then Champ – Jay Lethal and the ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey.

This event marked two historic moments in the history of Discovery Wrestling. First time the ROH title was defended in Scotland and the first loss in Discovery Wrestling for Joe Coffey. Since then, Coffey has also fallen victim to Chris Hero (to tie their matches at one a piece) now, in fairness, I must add, before he fell to Hero, Coffey endured a hard fought contest with Dave Conrad.

Why am I talking about things in the past, you ask? Simple, simpleton. That loss to Lethal, at the same venue he’ll return to this Friday, lays heavy on Joe’s head and this time, the stakes are huge, as he’ll be going one on one, with the ‘Psycho Killer’ Tomasso Ciampa. Ciampa, a long respected veteran of the mat wars, has seen action recently in the widely acclaimed WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament and his team with Jonny Gargano has seen them come perilously close to usurping the NXT Tag Team Champions – The Revival.

It’s no secret that Ciampa will be going full-time with the WWE after these last very select dates and he’s chosen Discovery Wrestling as one of those few! He’s eager to test his mettle against Joe Coffey. Neither man wants that loss next to their name, Ciampa, wants to finish his few remaining independent dates with strong victories and Coffey, wants to not only avenge the loss against Lethal at said venue, but also, the recognition of a victory against a rising WWE talent.

The Y-Division Championship has been held by Lewis Girvan, ever since Chris Sabin could no longer defend it, after suffering an injury. Girvan has defended that belt against any and all challengers and it really is admirable, when you look at some of the names he’s overcome – Joe Hendry, BT Gunn, Shane Strickland, Aspen Faith to name a few.

But this Friday, all good things must come to an end and the lauded reign of Girvan as Champion, in my opinion, is all but over. For, you see, his opponent, The ‘Villain’ Marty Scurll, is not only looking to take said title, but I’ve got it on good authority that he wants to make a huge statement in Discovery Wrestling by injuring Girvan, which, he unquestionably can with his dreaded cross-face chicken wing.

The same move that has been labelled unbreakable for the past three plus decades, has been instrumental in many big wins for Scurll, including this year when he became Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s esteemed 2016 Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) winner. Better bring a strap for your arm, Lewis! You’re going to need it.

Speaking of needing medical care, that brings me to a good news/bad news scenario. You see, my decrepit commentary partner – Randy Valentine, well, he’s not going to be making this event, because he suffered a boo-boo, oh dear, how sad, never mind… Well, this means that the commentary will be INFINITELY better, because it’ll just be my good self. Now, THAT’S what I call good news.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news to go along with it. Due to the ridiculous conspiracy that exists in this company against Christopher Saynt, it’s now spreading to ALL members of his ‘House of Saynt’. Discovery management in their infinite stupidity, decided to blame The House of Saynt for Valentine’s ‘injury’. What happened was, Randy’s replacement hip gave out again, as he fell, they tried to break his fall, then kindly tried to pop his old fake hip back into place!

Do they get any thanks for this? No, the charlatans who run this company have the gall to suspend Christopher Saynt, Lou King Sharp & CJ, so now, Theo Doros has to face Michael Chase, without the backing of his family. Just because you are unloved and unnatural, Discovery management, don’t spread your hate! However, the fans in attendance will join me in cheering on ‘The Supreme Cypriot’ Doros, as he beats the imbecile Chase, from one side of the ring to the other. Then when he’s ready, he’ll either pin him or make him tap out. Chase has been very vocal, as of late, about facing The House of Saynt, well, dummy, you asked for it and you’ve got it. Michael Chase, perhaps you’ll also be joining Lewis Girvan in A&E, courtesy of Theo Doros.

‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith coming off a losing effort to Colt Cabana (after booting him in his business, as he tired of Colt’s shenanigans and who can blame him?) is looking to get back to his winning ways, against The ‘Power Forward’ Mark Coffey. Coffey with an impressive victory over Danny Boy Rodgers, looks to continue his winning ways, but only one of these premier athletes can pick up the win. Irregardless, this is one match you won’t want to miss.

Last time we saw Debbie Sharpe, she was brutalising her former ‘Bae’, Sammi Jayne. With Sammi out of the way and no longer holding her back, Debbie can now concentrate on her singles career, she’s got a challenge in front of her named Lucy Cole, is Debbie looking past Cole to future glory? Unlikely, however, I feel Debbie has the edge, due to her newly found unrelenting vicious streak.

Earlier we spoke of historical moments in Discovery Wrestling. Well, what a monumental moment it was in August for Dave Conrad! He defeated Big Damo and forced him out of Discovery Wrestling. Left the crowd at Portobello Town Hall completely speechless and showed exactly that Conrad is one not to be taken for granted. Teaming up with the unstoppable, ‘Walking Terror’ Deviation and you’ve got one Hell of an unstoppable tag team.

Usually, I’d label this a one-sided massacre. However, their opponents for the night – the returning Johnny Lions and the Discovery Wrestling debutant, Jason Reed, could cause problems. Last time we were at the Corn Exchange, Lions gallantly fought The Buffet Club, singlehandedly and on a few occasions nearly stole the victory. Who knows what Reed will bring to the table and what planned teamwork these two may already have. Certainly, Conrad/Deviation must not take this victory for granted.

As always, the pleasure is yours.

Visit for tickets for this event and for the 2016 Discovery Wrestling Awards show, featuring none other, than The Honky Tonk Man!

Darren T Goss

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