Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ August 2016

13913698_1035040923270309_6521000832625466359_oPortabello Town Hall, Edinburgh

Right into the action at Portabello Town Hall, no build up or preamble that usually comes before the event On Demand. No commentary again like last month which striked me as odd.

Colt Cabana defeated Aspen Faith by DQ

Colt Cabana, the Chicago native taking time away from his studio…apartment and was in Edinburgh for this Fringe Tour, opened the event by facing “The King of Catch” Aspen Faith. Two wrestlers I really enjoy watching having a match to kick off the show could only spell good things right? Faith and Cabana had a really fine match, smooth wrestling and some fun back and forth. Cabana fired up towards the end with a second bionic elbow about to land only for Aspen to kick Colt between the legs out of nowhere for the disqualification.

A bit of an odd ending, would like to see another match between the two as this match, though fine, didn’t get out of second gear.

Mark Coffey defeated Danny Boy Rodgers by Pinfall

Next up was an cross promotional contest with the winner moving onto W3L’s Golden Ticket Ladder Match on September 30th in Musselburgh. Danny Boy Rodgers returned to Discovery with a change in attitude, adding arrogance and the instance of saying his name over and over. He faced the debuting Mark Coffey who was on top form in this one. A very even contest with each man really getting a good portion of offense. It looked like Danny Boy had switched to a technical game to match Coffey instead of relying on his aerial prowess, eventually when that failed Danny Boy tried to springboard into the ring only to be met by a stiff forearm, then another for the three count. A great showing for Mark Coffey in his Discovery debut.

I really liked the little things about this match, having the Wrestlution X graphic on the big screen an just making it feel like it was unique to the event. Great stuff.

The New Age Kliq (Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn) defeated War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) by Pinfall

Wild. Chaotic. Brutal. I loved every second of this. Started off with Rowe offering a handshake as part of the Code of Honor, then it was brawl-city all over the hall. I went into this never seeing War Machine and after this, I may need to search YouTube for more. Hanson, especially, was amazing. He had this ridiculous agility and had stamina to no end. War Machine battered Gunn and Renfrew for the majority of the match with some wonderful double team moves. After another wild brawl, BT Gunn hit Killer Boots on Rowe for the win. An excellent match, worth watching again.

Dave Conrad defeated Damo by Pinfall

The second half of the show returned with commentary which I was missing as I always find Valentine and Goss add the story and the background. Damo battered Conrad about for most of the match, a really great contest with Conrad getting some bits in like a great powerslam which was impressive. Conrad got a chair in frustration but didn’t use it after wrapping it around Damo’s neck. The referee explained that if he used it he would lose the match, Conrad threw away the chair but was hit with a Bann River Boot, kicking out at the last second.

Conrad avoided a running shoulder tackle and got Damo up for a brainbuster, another powerslam later and Damo was gone from Discovery Wrestling.

A highly entertaining match to bow out on with Conrad looking much better than he did against Joe Coffey in July.

Damo thanked the crowd after the match.

The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros and Lewis Sharp) w/CJ defeated Michael Chase and The ComixZone (Sean Mercer and Delsin Dayre) by Pinfall

Christopher Saynt was riled up before the match, shouting at the crowd viciously. He introduced the newest member of The House of Saynt, Lou King Sharp. He told Sharp that if he wanted to be a star then he would have to do it The House of Saynt’s way, first by stripping him of his parody name and making him Lewis Sharp.

The ComixZone entered dressed as Captain America and Thor, super disappointed that Michael Chase didn’t enter as Iron Man or Hulk…

A really good six man tag team match, I’m already enjoying The House of Saynt, three highly talented individuals with Saynt at the helm and being gold on the microphone it’s all looking good. I’m so glad the commentary was back on for this match especially with Valentine and Goss at odds. Dayre was distracted by CJ before Saynt hit a big boot for the three count.

Michael Chase continues his bad luck against The House of Saynt.

-Interim Y Division Championship-
Lewis Girvan defeated Joe Hendry by Pinfall to retain

A superb main event, the match started with some crisp wrestling. It was so crisp and smooth, it stepped up when Girvan started getting more aggressive which knocked Hendry for a loop. Looked like Hendry couldn’t get his bearings with Girvan getting cockier and more confident. They both threw everything at each other and it was glorious. The crowd were divided, the match was brilliant and it was worthy of being main event. Watch this match, it was beautiful.

Overall: A really great show, the NAK and War Machine fight along with the main event were fantastic and are worth watching again. No bad matches, great storyline implications and a strong main event over the Interim Y Division Championship. Bar the technical difficulties which saw the commentary not being on the first half, the production looked slicker and I would watch again.

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