Wrestler Spotlight: Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray Insane Championship Wrestling
Photo credit David J. Wilson

Alias – Kay Lee Ray

Nicknames – “KLR”, “The Queen of Hardcore”, “The Hardcore Daredevil”, “The Queen of Insanity”, “The Disnae Give A Fuck Princess”

Debut – 2009

Companies Wrestled For

  • Absolute Intense Wrestling
  • All Star Wrestling
  • Alpha Omega Wrestling
  • Association Biterroise de Catch
  • ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
  • Bellatrix Female Warriors
  • British Championship Wrestling
  • British Empire Wrestling
  • Combat Zone Wrestling
  • Dansk Pro Wrestling
  • Defiant Wrestling
  • Discovery Wrestling
  • Dragon Pro Wrestling
  • Empress Pro Wrestling
  • Fierce Females
  • Fight Club: PRO
  • Fight Forever Wrestling
  • Freelance Wrestling
  • Frontline Wrestling
  • Future Pro Wrestling
  • Infinite Promotions
  • Impact Wrestling
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
  • Japanese Women Pro Wrestling Project
  • Kamikaze Pro
  • Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses
  • Lucha Forever
  • New Breed Wrestling Association
  • New Generation Wrestling
  • Ouest Catch
  • Over The Top Wrestling
  • Premier British Wrestling
  • Preston City Wrestling
  • Pro Evolution Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling 4U
  • Pro Wrestling Chaos
  • Pro Wrestling Elite
  • Pro Wrestling: EVE
  • Pro Wrestling Kingdom
  • Pro Wrestling Pride
  • Pro Wrestling Ulster
  • PROGRESS Wrestling
  • RAD:PRO Wrestling
  • Revolution Championship Wrestling
  • Ring of Honor
  • RISE Wrestling
  • Rock N Wrestle
  • Scottish School of Wrestling
  • Scottish Wrestling Alliance
  • Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling
  • SHIMMER Women Athletes
  • SHINE Wrestling
  • Source Wrestling
  • Southside Wrestling Entertainment
  • Target Wrestling
  • Tidal Championship Wrestling
  • westside Xtreme wrestling
  • World of Sport Wrestling
  • World Wide Wrestling League
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
  • World Wonder Ring Stardom
  • WrestleZone
  • Wrestling Experience Scotland
  • X Wrestling Alliance

Titles & Accomplishments

  • 1x Defiant Wrestling Women’s Champion
  • 1x and first ever Fierce Females Scottish Women’s Champion
  • 3x Insane Championship Wrestling Women’s World Champion
  • 1x Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion
  • 1x Southside Wrestling Entertainment Speed King Champion
  • 3x Southside Wrestling Entertainment Queen of Southside Champion
  • 1x and first ever World of Sport Women’s Champion
  • 1x World Wrestling Entertainment NXT UK Women’s Champion
  • 2015 SHIMMER Women Athletes Chickfight Winner
  • 2017 Southside Wrestling Entertainment Queen of the Ring Winner
  • 2018 Insane Championship Wrestling Queen of Insanity Winner

Signature Moves

  • Dirty Bomb (Gory Bomb)
  • Swanton Bomb


  • Fly High WDSS w/Mia Yim
  • Lucha Lee Ray w/El Ligero
  • Pretty Little Things w/Carmel Jacob
  • Team FTW w/Nixon Newell
  • Hardcore Glamour w/Sara and Carmel Jacob
  • The Filthy Kliq w/BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier
  • The Filthy Generation w/Stevie Boy & The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
  • The Righteous Army w/Jimmy Havoc, Joseph Conners & The Pledge
  • The Aggression w/Kid Fite, Chris Rampage, Davey Blaze & Stevie Xavier
  • The New Age Kliq w/Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn, Wolfgang & Stevie Boy
  • The Black Label w/Drew Galloway, Jack Jester, RUDO Lightning, Wolfgang, Stevie Xavier & Flex Hunter (+ other associates)

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