The Life of Smith: The Road to Wrestlution X โ€“ Part Three โ€“ The Birthday of Smith


In the six years I have been wrestling, I have never wrestled on my birthday. This would all change though, as W3Lโ€™s show in Hexham would take place on the 24th September, which is of course my birthday. The Queenโ€™s Hall is a tremendous looking venue, with great lighting and production qualities and I was amped for this show.


Noisy and inebriated people outside the accommodation and other people staying at the accommodation made sleep more difficult, but I was okay for the amount of sleep I had. I have been more eagle eyed regarding my eating habits recently, but had realised that my calorie consumption whilst on tour was considerably low and there is only so much meat and brown rice one can take, so I decided on a McDonalds breakfast to start off proceedings, which was followed by Muscle Mooseโ€™s amazing energy drink known as โ€˜Moose Juice.โ€™

My opponent for the show was Lucas Marvel, a wrestler based in the north east of England and a great personality and athlete with a good head for the sport that wrestles mainly for FTW, MEW and UCW. I started proceedings with stating how my birthday was today and I sang โ€˜Happy Birthdayโ€™ to myself before being interrupted by Marvel.

photo credit by Jamie Jones
photo credit by Jamie Jones

I found it to be a good match with Marvelโ€™s high impact strikes and agility was up against a more aggressive style of mine. I managed to obtain victory by rolling up Marvel and using the ropes for leverage, a tremendous tactic as far as I am concerned, meaning that as well as being undefeated in Bedlington, Catterick Garrison and Hexham, I am also now undefeated on my birthday. Although some may question my tactics picking up the victory, I was impressed with Marvel and he ended up teaming with Mike Musso to face The Assassin and Prince Asad in the main event of the afternoon. I wish him all the best for the future.

Another highlight of the show was putting a โ€˜producerโ€™ hat on, communicating with the venue tech guys via headset regarding lighting and music volumes. This was an interesting and unexpected experience whilst on tour and gave me an opportunity to witness another aspect of the sport. I did prolong Mike Mussoโ€™s entrance music a bit because of me being invested in my brown rice, but other than that it went well.


Once the Hexham show was done, it was time to go home and going via Jedburgh from Hexham makes for an interesting journey, with it almost being like a rollercoaster. I regret not stopping to see Hadrianโ€™s Wall and the Border View Point, but after a long tour and lots of driving, I just wanted to get home. I think that this tour I was more invested in the wrestling and the shows than the actual sightseeing, but ultimately I had a good time and being home meant I could rest up a tad before W3Lโ€™s afternoon show in Grangemouth.

Lucian Maynard Smith

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