Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ September 2016



I attended Discovery Wrestling’s debut show 2 yrs ago and it was a big budget affair using a mix of wrestlers from all over Scotland and also featuring appearances by Cryme Thyme and Teddy Long amongst others. Since then my friend, who came with me that day, has been to four or five shows but this was only my second Discovery event and I am pleased to say things are still looking up for them. It looked as though a lot of effort had been put into the show and that’s always a good sign. It should be noted as well that Discovery’s Facebook page was kept up to date all throughout the show with what was going on, which is a nice touch.


The first match was Theo Doros against Michael Chase. As a regular attender now of Reckless Intent shows I have seen quite a few matches with both these men but never seen them wrestle each other. It was my first time seeing Doros work as a heel as a member of The House of Saynt and he seems equally comfortable working both roles. Chase is now a regular in several promotions. The crowd was really into this and it was a good choice for opener. Chase got the win on this occasion although I’m not sure if this feud is over.


Next was a tag team encounter between Jason Reed and Johnny Lions against Deviation and Dave Conrad. Lions I had seen before mostly in tag matches, Reed was new to me, and it seemed most of the crowd, but it’s great to see Discovery giving him a chance. This match seemed to be to put Conrad and Deviation over and they ended up scoring a strong looking victory. Conrad in particular looks like he is in line for a big push in Discovery Wrestling.


The first half main event between Tommaso Ciampa and Joe Coffey was next. This appeared to be the top match that many fans had come to see and it certainly did not disappoint. Words cannot describe how good this match was it had several hundred pairs of eyes glued to the ring. If I was reviewing this match in stars it would be a 5. There were so many near falls and so much hard hitting action that you could not fail to be impressed. Coffey would take the victory but there was a lot of respect between the two, and Ciampa even suggested after the match that the pair of them could do it again in NXT.

After this came the interval where there was plenty to do, get photographs taken, going up to the bar or go to the merchandise table.

The second half begun with an announcement not to chant “Holy S**t” as Discovery Wrestling is a family show and there were children present.


Mark Coffey v Aspen Faith was the next match. As Discovery Wrestling uses talent from all over Scotland there would have been wrestlers that some people in the crowd had not seen before. Aspen Faith mainly works in WrestleZone but is now beginning to get the bookings his potential deserves. Mark Coffey is now one of Scotland’s stand out performers. Good back and forth match this. Coffey took the win and offered his hand afterwards, Faith refused and walked off. More to come from both these guys in Discovery Wrestling I think.


Next up was the women’s match between Debbie Sharpe and Lucy Cole. Debbie has been part of Discovery since the first show but was now without her former BAE Sammii Jayne. This was the first time I had seen Lucy wrestle in a singles match and she seemed very over as the fan favourite with the crowd. Debbie got the win here but afterwards was attacked by Sammii. Looks like there will be a big match between these two somewhere down the line.


Before the main event it was announced by Discovery Wrestling owner Alan Smith that due to the popularity of this show, Discovery Wrestling would be having a show in the bigger part of The Corn Exchange venue next year. There was also a mention of the Discovery Wrestling Awards featuring The Honky Tonk Man on 10th of November for which there are limited tickets still available. The raffle was then drawn.


The main event for the Y Division Championship featured Lewis Girvan defending the title against Marty Scrull. Now this match started just after 10pm and unfortunately I had to leave before the end to catch the train at Haymarket at 10.35pm as I wouldn’t have made my bus at the other end. I have to question also whether this is a bit late for a family show to finish, even if the show had started at 7.30pm it would have made a difference. Anyway it’s great to see Discovery placing their trust in a young wrestler like Lewis Girvan to hold their main title and even better that he scored a big victory over Marty Scrull. After the match Joe Coffey came out to congratulate Lewis and signal that he was after a title match.

Overall this was an excellent show and the crowd loved every minute of it, Discovery seem to attract a lot of the same fans back from show to show and it’s easy to see why. I am certainly pleased I took the advice from other people and came to the show, apart from having to leave slightly early I liked every minute of it. Sadly no further shows are scheduled for 2016 just now but it looks like there are bigger things coming from them in 2017.

– Euan Conway

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