Preview: Reckless Intent ‘Reckless Rumble 2016’

14570472_1547647575262436_1900132651347630575_nMurieston Scout Hall, Murieston

On Saturday, Reckless Intent host their annual Reckless Rumble. A night of shocks and surprises are surely in store, especially when a Rumble match is on the table.

Theo Doros takes on the veteran Paul Tracey, Doros has really started to increase his intensity in the ring and facing someone like Paul Tracey will surely put his new attitude to the test.

In tag team action, the pairing of Jackie Grady and Rob Mills take on Glen Dunbar and David Devlin, two Reckless Intent graduates against two men molded by SWA’s training. An interesting match up.

Michael Chase faces another tough challenge in defending his Reckless Intent Championship against Rampage Brown, one of the best in Britain returns to Reckless Intent to take home the gold.

Then we have the Rumble match itself. So, here are my TOP 5 picks to win it all:

OSWtv’s Five Picks To Win The Reckless Rumble

14980796_1552743388086188_4785273885885316543_n5. Mr News

Coming out of a long hiatus, Mr News returns to the ring. An outsider perhaps as he has been away from the ring for a while now and ring rust may be a weighted factor. However, Mr News was never one to miss a short cut in the past and has probably spent his time developing a master plan to get his way past the other entrants.

14907070_1547645981929262_2980872867955407791_n4. DCT

The current UK Champion has been on a roll with a shot at the big one in the balance. The charismatic DCT will have to be on top form to get his opponents over the top rope but the master tactician Coach Trip will have had him training and getting a game plan together. A strong contender to outlast everyone as stamina is one of DCT’s strengths.

14716105_1540861749274352_462795543591306229_n3. Theo Doros

As noted above, Theo Doros has went through a transformation in recent months. A more aggressive attitude could make all the difference as he will be out to get other wrestlers out by any means necessary.

14595556_1547646208595906_2993629616025341284_n2. Scott “The Butcher” Renwick

Another return to the ring, for one night only Scott Renwick returns to Reckless Intent for a shot at a shot at a championship he’s held in the past. A big favourite he will have heavy crowd support as he attempts to prolong his career in Reckless Intent.

14721466_1540861292607731_386984277661172751_n1. Delsin Dayre

Dayre has been on a tear since his ComixZone partner Sean Mercer was forced to leave Reckless Intent, using a singapore cane to his advantage. Most recently in an assault on Jam O’Malley. Due to a lose earlier in the year to Rob Mills, Dayre couldn’t challenge for the RI Championship for the rest of 2016 so a guaranteed title shot to kick off the year would be something that will be making Dayre a dangerous man.

Tickets are available now from the Reckless Intent website –
Tickets are Β£10 Adult, Β£5 Kids, Family (2 adults, 2 kids) Β£25
Doors Open at 1815 First Bell 1900

Glen Dunbar and David Devlin vs Rob Mills and Jackie Grady
Theo Doros vs Paul Tracey
-RI Championship-
Michael Chase (c) vs Rampage Brown
-Reckless Rumble-
Entrants: Scott Renwick, Euan G Mackie, DCT, Jam O’Malley, Wee Jimmy, Aeysha Ray, James Scott, David Devlin, Delsin Dayre, Jackie Grady, Jason Reed, Massimo, Max Mason, Rob Mills, Rowan Frey, Scott McManus, Theo Doros, The Westler, Paul Tracey, Mr News

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