Preview: Discovery Wrestling Awards 2016

Discovery Wrestling have a party to celebrate the first full year of Discovery Wrestling on Thursday as they hold their first Awards ceremony at The Counting House in Edinburgh. So here is a preview of sorts and my pick for each award.

As a special treat to those in attendance, former tag team and (often hailed as) the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man will be there. I’m sure he’ll have his geetar in hand for a performance.

On Facebook, Discovery Wrestling posted several polls to help them whittle down a shortlist of nominees for each award, in our wee preview I’ll provide the shortlist and the reason for my choice.

Wrestler of the Year:
Aspen Faith
Dave Conrad
Joe Hendry
Lewis Girvan
Joe Coffey

Our Pick: Lewis Girvan
A strong line up with two front runners in Lewis Girvan and Joe Coffey, who both racked up several bigs wins in 2016 and incredible performances. Girvan edges it being the man who has been at the pinacle of the Y Division since grabbing the Interim Y Division Championship. Yet to be beaten for the title, he’s passed the likes of Joe Hendry, Aspen Faith and Marty Scurll and has came out the victor. A brilliant submission match with Aspen Faith being one of the matches that sticks in my mind which saw Girvan show a more aggression and growing in confidence, the longer he holds the gold the better he is becoming.

Match of the Year:
Grado & Tommy Dreamer vs Joe Hendry & Lou King Sharp – February
Lewis Girvan vs Marty Scurll – September
Joe Coffey vs Jay Lethal – April
The New Age Kliq vs War Machine – August
Joe Coffey vs Tommaso Ciampa – September

Our Pick: The New Age Kliq vs War Machine – August
Plenty of sound choices shortlisted but for me the all out war between The New Age Kliq and War Machine edges it for me, a brutal and wild match with plenty of OMG moments. Discovery Wrestling is quickly being the place to see brilliant wrestling performances but this was an brawl of epic magnitude. I haven’t seen the September event yet so I could be giving Coffey/Ciampa and Girvan/Scurll a disservice but for me, NAK versus War Machine just surpasses Coffey versus Lethal for Match of the Year.

One to Watch 2017:
Buffet Club
Theo Doros
Mark Coffey
Lucha DS
Lucy Cole

Our Pick: Mark Coffey
The Power Forward, Mark Coffey made his debut in a W3L Golden Ticket qualifier and had an impressive performance against Danny Boy Rodgers. Coffey is one of those talents that is so adaptable and fits into Discovery quite nicely where you have all rounders like Joe Coffey and Joe Hendry, technical wizards in Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan along with every other style in between.

There are still tickets available for this event, visit and grab yours now.

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