Full Results: Blackridge Wrestling ‘Jokers Are Wild’

Craig Inn Community Centre, Blackridge

The 16 wrestlers were drawn into random tag teams by two fans and here are the pairings and results for the evening:

-Jokers Are Wild First Round-
Wee Jay Smalls & Ravie Davie defeated Benedict Thatcher w/Kara Rose & Brandon Adams by Pinfall.

Wee Jay Smalls used his speed in the initial stages but it was Brandon and Benedict who effectively cut off the ring preventing Ravie Davie from getting the tag but Wee Jays speed and heart meant the tag was inevitable and when Ravie Davie took to the ring he proved he was more than a match for the more experienced partners.

-Jokers Are Wild First Round-
Jonathan Richards & GI Joe defeated TJ Rage and Paul Huntly by Pinfall.

Only after TJ dominated the match for Paul to steal the glory and then get pinned. TJ was not amused and Paul needed help to leave the ring.

-Jokers Are Wild First Round-
Lucian Maynard Smith & The Alpha Male defeated Lucha DS & The Sam Barbour Experience by Pinfall.

Bad blood between Sam and Lucha DS called for an in-ring conclusion and an on the spot a singles match was called for later that evening.

-Jokers Are Wild First Round-
Big Dave Jeremi & Muzlem defeated SSW Champion Mikey Ratings & former SSW Champion Kaiden King by Count Out.

On paper should have been the favourites for the event but their hatred of each other spilled over and outside the ring until they were both counted out for 10.

-Jokers Are Wild Semi Final-
Lucian Maynard Smith & The Alpha Male defeated Wee Jay Smalls & Ravie Davie by Pinfall.

Davie and Jay threw everything at this including each other but the strength of Lucian and Alpha were too much to bear for this brave team on this night.

-Jokers Are Wild Semi Final-
Muzlem & Dave Jeremi defeated GI Joe & Jonathan Richards by Pinfall.

Ending the North American Alliance with a timely reminder that both Dave and Muzlem were in two of the most dominant SSW Tag Teams in the last few years.

Lucha DS defeated The Sam Barbour Experience by Pinfall.

Showing that speed and courage can overcome β€œHandsome Style” in an exciting match that may not be over…

-Jokers Are Wild Final-
Muzlem & Dave Jeremi defeated Lucian Maynard Smith & The Alpha Male w/Brandon Adams by Pinfall.

An early couple of chair shots to Muzlem’s knee meant it was almost a three on one for most of the match but legends get that tag for a reason and once Muzlem joined Dave in the ring it started to swing in their favour and then tipped right over as The Alpha Male and Brandon left Lucian to fight them on his own.

Muzlem and Dave Jeremi were winners of Jokers Are Wild and are now #1 Contenders for 2017 in a Triple Threat match with Kaiden King for the Blackridge Wrestling Championship.

Source and additional comments: Martin McGreskin

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