OSWtv Meets… Shawn Johnson

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

I started really getting into wrestling during the attitude era. Though at first we did not have cable tv (as it was at the time) so could not watch the current WWF product, my wrestling fix had to come from watching old WWF tapes that we would borrow from a friend who seemed to have an endless supply. During this time we would hear from friends about all the crazy antics going on in the current WWF product, with the rise of Stone Cold, etc. Eventually we finally got cable in the household and I was fully hooked!

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

I am part of a large friend group that are and have always been wrestling enthusiasts! We were made aware of a school that had opened up in Kirkcaldy (Wrestlezone) and a group of us jumped at the chance to go down and have a crack at wrestling training! I started and stopped a couple of times with training, due to a mixture of reasons, but got there eventually with a bit of help from friends!

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

There’s a few all for different reasons, some that come to the top of my mind would be Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels & Daniel Bryan.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

My favourite matches change all the time! It’s hard to pick one, I have a few again for various reasons. This year I’ve really enjoyed the matches I’ve had with Bryan Tucker, fun matches with a good story behind them that we get to tell. I also enjoyed getting the chance to head down to Discovery Wrestling and take part in their traditional 4 way elimination match. Some other matches that pop out that I really enjoyed would be The Hotshots v Thunder Buddies in a Tag Team leader match, triple threat vs Kenny Williams & Bingo Ballance.

And finally, who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

Again so many… but I’m going to go with Daniel Bryan! I could sit and watch him wrestling all day. Let’s get that neck sorted and get him across to Scotland!

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