Review: 5* Wrestling ‘Dominant Wrestling’

dundee jan 2017Dundee Ice Arena, Dundee

I finally found the time to watch January 28th’s Dominant Wrestling event that was live on Spike UK TV. Having read reviews from people on the night I had a good idea of what was to come but did leave my mind open because, at the end of the day, we’re all wrestling fans with different tastes and preferences. Plus I prefer to watch as a fan and if I like what I see, I like it.

So did I enjoy the show? Read on my friend…

A big long promo bit to start the show to introduce us to all the wrestlers that will be in this show. John Morrison decides that he will defend the 5 Star Wrestling/Dominant Wrestling Championship in an 8 man tournament and will face whoever enters next.

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Quarter Final – John Morrison defeated Moose by Pinfall.

A quick opener, Morrison got into it straight away with a corkscrew plancha to ignite the crowd but they were behind the physical Moose, this match was back and forth before Morrison rolled up Moose with a handful of tights. Quick, painless and a fun wee open to the show.

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Quarter Final – Rey Mysterio defeated Nick Aldis by Pinfall.

The crowd were electric for Rey Mysterio, the match itself was fine. A usual Mysterio match which was solid, Aldis had the majority of the offense before Rey had his comeback and hit the 619 to win.

After the match, Nick Aldis chopped blocked Mysterio’s knee as he was celebrating on the second rope and added a stomp for good measure.

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Quarter Final – Carlito defeated PJ Black by Pinfall.

This was a messy, slow match and the crowd weren’t really into it. The finishing sequence was great though, Carlito countered a springboard clothesline into a lungblower and finished Black off with a Backstabber.Β I mention the crowd a lot because if they’re going crazy and are loud I find it more exciting to watch. If the crowd is dead (for lack of a better term) then something is wrong, the wrestlers aren’t connecting or not giving the crowd a reason to connect.

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Quarter Final – Drew Galloway defeated Chris Masters by Pinfall.

The total opposite of the previous match, the crowd were loud for this throughout and they had a reason to be, Drew Galloway may be the best wrestler around right now and this was possibly one of the best matches on the show. Galloway got to show some of his agility against the physically imposing Masters. Drew used the backslide counter into the Futureshock DDT to win (doesn’t matter how many times I see him to it, I still love it.).

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Semi Final – Rey Mysterio defeated Carlito by Pinfall.

Carlito dominated Mysterio in a decent match with brief moments of reprieve for Rey until Mysterio hit the Code Red for the win. Anything Mysterio did was met by loud cheers but there wasn’t a lot to write about in this one.

Mysterio was attacked again post match, this time by Carlito who also targeted the knee.

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Semi Final – John Morrison defeated Drew Galloway by Pinfall.

Throw in everything in this match, started off quick with Galloway hitting the Claymore for a two count. We then had high risk, brawling and power. A mix of everything which made this a great match. Quick counters and putting on an entertaining bout, close falls with the crowd willing for Galloway to overcome Morrison and become the 5 Star Wrestling Champion but a flurry of counters saw Morrison win with an SOS pinning combo.

5 Star Wrestling Championship Tournament Final – John Morrison defeated Rey Mysterio by Pinfall to retain the 5 Star Wrestling Championship.

Drew Galloway joined the commentary desk for the final. Another solid match but I think the vocal majority were a bit deflated after Galloway was eliminated. The kids were still wailing for Mysterio and there was little support for Morrison. Morrison targeted the knee that had been attacked throughout the evening. Morrison retained after avoiding a frog splash and landing the Starship Pain to win and retain the 5 Star Wrestling Championship.

The transmission ended just after Morrison announced a 128 man tournament.

OverallΒ –Β Eight men on this show and only two from the UK. The best matches on the show had a Scotsman…let’s look at the some positives first though. Greg Lambert and Joe Hendry were fantastic on commentary, introduced the wrestlers to those who may be unaware who these former WWE stars were and adding little pieces of information and backstory while also calling the action. The talent roster was impressive but there was an over reliance on International names on the television show which made it feel less British. (See our armchair booking of the event). Bar Black/Carlito being a bit of a dud there were no bad matches but nothing that makes me want to watch the show again. The second half of the show, that included Drew Galloway and Rey Mysterio prominently, was far better than the opening and that’s because those two both connect with the audience. The kids love Rey Mysterio and the patriotic in attendance love the local hero (not just Joe Hendry). I’d be interested to see how a series progresses and if they will integrate more UK talent into shows. The camera work wasn’t the best and missed some of the action due to being out of place, the production issues with Morrison’s music hitting early before the finishing sequence in the final were noticable. I liked the custom entrance videos, some of the music was cringe but using footage from past 5 Star events was pretty cool. So all in all, I think there is a lot I’d like to see being done if a series is green lit, it’s a good concept but would love to see more British wrestlers on a show taking place in Britain. Personally I would’ve had Drew Galloway win but that’s more personal choice.

What did you think of the show? Comment below!

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