Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live In Twechar’ February 2017

Reckless Intent Wrestling returns for their first show in Twechar this year after two successful opening shows in Clackmannan and Livingston. They are currently in the middle of a run of 5 shows in 6 weeks and are probably one of the busiest promotions in Scotland just now. As I live in Kirkintilloch, just a 10 mins drive, the Twechar venue is now my local wrestling show at the moment. So what do Reckless have in store for their third show of the year? Let’s get to it.

Chris Renfrew vs Eric Canyon

A full 11 years after these two wrestlers last met in the ring, they lock horns again. I am proud to say I was actually at the SWA show all those years ago when they met and it’s good to see both men still as active wrestlers to this day although Canyon makes fewer appearances. Renfrew was last seen in Reckless helping Team Jam defeat Team Dayre back at the December show and Dayre has announced that he still has a score to settle with Renfrew. I predict a hard hitting contest between Renfrew and Canyon with Dayre not far away.

The Amazon Ayesha Ray Open Challenge

Woman’s wrestling made its, probably overdue, debut in Reckless last year and Ray was one of the wrestlers to compete. This time “The Amazon” has issued an open challenge to any roster member to face her. Will be interesting to see where they are going with the woman’s division now other companies in Scotland are establishing woman’s titles. It should also be remembered that “The Amazon” entered The Reckless Rumble in November and eliminated wrestlers so I wonder if that could play a part in who answers the challenge.

The Headbanders (Jackie Grady and Rob Mills) vs The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt and Theo Doros)

A lot to this match will be down to what sort of reaction will The House of Saynt get, we have seen them receive both a negative and a positive reaction in Reckless Intent, what will the Twechar crowd think? The Headbanders have been on a good run since forming a tag team halfway through last year and this could be their toughest test yet. Energetic tag team match on the way.

Triple Threat – David Devlin vs Tom Fulton vs Delsin Dayre*

Will be interesting to see if Devlin’s Slam Championship ends up being on the line in this match. If not I can see all three competitors being, after the big win here, to position themselves for future title opportunities I can see Chris Renfrew having one eye on this match to ahead of his bout with Dayre on the 4th March show in Livingston. Nice to see Tom Fulton returning to Reckless too.

*after this preview was published, the match was changed to David Devlin vs Tom Fulton. Delsin Dayre vs Grado was also added to the match card.

UK Championship – DCT vs James Scott

DCT spent most of last year in Reckless Intent chasing the UK Title before finally winning it in the Autumn. Now he faces James Scott, a man who has been knocking on the door for title shots for quite some time. I wouldn’t rule out a feud over a few shows between these two over the title. The UK title matches have been some of the most enjoyable matches in Reckless Intent over the past year or so and I expect this one to be no exception.

Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship – Paul Tracey vs Michael Chase

Well this is a match I think most fans have been waiting for since Tracey won the title in controversial circumstances last year at The Reckless Rumble event in November. For those unaware, Tracey hid under the ring, appearing at the end to throw out Chase and Rampage Brown to win the title. Now Chase gets his rematch and will no doubt be after his revenge. This is the second big title match to take place in Twechar after Damo/Chase last year, previously most of the groups big title matches took place on the home shows in Livingston.

All in all something for everyone to look forward to, title matches, open challenges and a tag team match. As previously mentioned further shows in Bigger and Livingston are coming up so it’s possible announcements could be made for them to.

Above is the link to all the show details including ticket information for anyone interested in going. For anyone unaware how to get there SPT bus links are available from Kirkintilloch and also Croy train station.

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