Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Remedy 2017’

16177773_1340915615928989_3972737472871385036_oBuckhaven Community Centre, Buckhaven
5th February 2017

World Wide Wrestling League held their annual Remedy event on February 5th and uploaded a ‘rough cut’ to YouTube. Basically meaning that it”s a hardcam version with cuts between the matches to reduce the run time to just over an hour. Stevie Wizard introduced the event and Joe Fordyce provided commentary.

El Technico defeated Johnny Lions by Pinfall.

A solid opener, Johnny Lions providing the power to counteract the high flying nature of El Technico.  Lions hit a lovely hard suplex but throwing in a Tenacious Gunn wasn’t enough to put away El Technico as a top rope splash was enough to put away ‘The Tenacious One’. There was a couple stalling moments but it was a good match and an easy watch.

W3L Women’s Championship – Leah Owens defeated Sara (c) by Pinfall.

Leah Owens was on the aggressive side in this match, punishing Sara with a camel clutch early on. There was a great catching crossbody into a fallaway slam by Sara onto Leah, so smooth and looked lovely. Leah pushed Sara into the referee to knock him out of the ring, Sara hit the chick kick but no referee to count. The referee got back in but Leah had recovered and rolled up Sara to get the win and the W3L Women’s Championship. Another solid match, one of the best I’ve seen from Sara.

W3L Tag Team Championships – The Contingency Plan (Taylor Bryden & Dickie Divers) (c) defeated Games N Gainz (Kevin Williams & Jason Reed) by Disqualification.

All four put in great showing, Kevin Williams and Dickie Divers, the larger of the four showed some great agility. Jason Reed very much looks to have an ‘It Factor’ by putting on a great performance and able to control the crowd to get them to cheer for anything he does, charismatic indeed. Another ref bump with Divers, missing Reed, hitting the ref with a front dropkick. Bryden threw in a chair for Divers to use but the referee was starting to stir so in ‘Guerrero’ fashion he hit the chair onto the mat, threw the chair to Reed and played dead. The referee disqualified Reed and The Contingency Plan retain. Very good match, Divers looked especially great in this one.

Prince Asad Open Challenge – Big Dave Jeremi defeated Prince Asad by Pinfall.

The match started with the larger Jeremi battering Asad until the cocky youngster took advantage with an eye poke and tried to pick apart Jeremi, using a great crossface transitioning into a bridging armbar submssion to wear down the big man. It started to work as the match became a more back and forth affair. Asad grew frustrated and took in a wet floor sign to gain a further advantage but he was lifted up and crashed down from an ACE (Michinoku Driver) for the three count. Enjoyable match, Dave Jeremi looked like a bruiser and Asad looks like he has a bucket load of potential.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Ladder Match – Nathan Reynolds (c) defeated Mike Musso.

Started off with a feeling process, trading holds and it felt like a very tense affair. The low ceiling and tiny ladder very much stalled the match somewhat but both Musso and Reynolds did some fun stuff with the ladder, like Reynolds hitting an apron bulldog but the ladder was on the apron and some elevated moves using the ladder including Reynolds spearing Musso while Musso held the ladder. The match moved onto the stage with Reynolds hitting a spear but didn’t get all of it, Musso then jumped off the stage onto Reynolds. A chaotic match and these two threw everything at each other, including the ladder on several occasions. Musso hit a Blunt Force Trauma onto a ladder drapped on the apron looked to seal the win for Musso but Euan G Mackie appeared and blew mist into the face of Musso. Mackie then grabbed the belt but the rope holding the belt had fallen, Reynolds chokeslammed Mackie and pulled the belt off the rope to win. A wild ending to the match.

Overall: A fun show, all matches were good to great and the main event was strong considering the limitations that low ceiling provided. It’s only an hour and seven minutes long so worth a viewing if you enjoy the weekly Wrestling Showdown episodes. The show certainly grew with a slow start it evolved to a satisfying conclusion with the ladder match being a worthy main event. The commentary was really good, it was at a low register so you could dip in and out, the content of the commentary was informative and gave you a background as to why the match was happening. Fantastic.

You can watch the event now on YouTube:

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