Review: Reckless Intent ‘Live In Livingston’ March 2017

By Daniel Strickland


On Saturday Reckless Intent returned to the Murieston Scout Hall for their monthly Livingston show. The show was very good and here is a small review of it.

Michael Chase vs Glen Dunbar

Michael Chase was supposed to face Dickie Divers, but Dickie never showed up. Step up ‘The Lowland Superstar’ Glen Dunbar. The Paul Tracey Guy came out and challenged Michael Chase to a match, which Michael accepted. The Scout Hall was very loud for this match. Dunbar smartly wore down Michael’s injured shoulder but Michael managed to get back into it, with a elbow smash in the corner, then a wicked, stiff, powerful high knee. Chase then hit elbow drop but hurt his shoulder in doing so, meaning Dunbar could kick out of the pin. Dunbar looked like he was going to get back in with a chance, but Chase finished it with a Cut to the Chase (lifting flatliner) followed by a Springboard Splash. Chase won and got a massive cheer from the crowd. So loud I couldn’t even hear his music.

Theo Doros vs Euan G Mackie w/ Justin Deed

Next up was Theo Doros vs Euan G Mackie. Mackie entered first with Justin Deed alongside him. Then Theo entered and offered Mackie a handshake. Mackie accepted, only to then start viciously attacking Doros. Mackie used his small frame as a weapon, a weapon of great brutality. Doros was able to claw his way back into the contest, but while the referee was distracted by Mackie, Justin Deed started attacking Doros at ringside. Then Deed held Doros in place for Mackie to strike. Mackie accidentally punched Deed instead of Doros. Theo then got Mackie in position for a spinebuster and hit an absolute belter of one. Doros got the pin for the 1 2 3. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? Theo done a German suplex from one corner to the other. After the match Lucian Maynard-Smith came and attacked Doros from behind, before Christopher Saynt came to the rescue. I can’t remember who attacked the HOS next, but Dave Conrad came out and made the save.

Slam Championship – David Devlin (C) vs LJT

In the opening exchanges of the match of the night, LJT used just about every chain wrestling hold combination I could imagine. On numerous occasions he tried for the Sliced Bread, but couldn’t quite hit it. Devlin then started gaining the upper hand over LJT. Devlin started using big kicks and chops. LJT had a glimmer of hope when he nailed a rebound enziguri, but Devlin smashed him with a brogue kick, then a double foot stomp for the 123. Devlin then for some reason decided to launch his title over the curtain, into the back.

Hardcore Title – 15 Minute Scramble

A very entertaining match which gave many people a chance to shine. Mr News entered the match as champion but was soon pinned by The Headbanders. But they started arguing and when they pushed The Amazon and she performed a double choke slam, that was the end of The Headbanders reign. Then a few more people got pinned and at different points in the match, Jam O’Malley, Lucian Maynard-Smith and Wee Jimmy were Hardcore Champions. Mr News then started launching Jimmy headfirst into Justin Deed, Lucian Maynard-Smith, Euan G Mackie and Jam O’Malley right in the private parts. News then pinned someone to be the champion, and Jam put News in a submission. But News held on until the time limit ended, and tapped after the time limit ended. So therefore Mr News was still champion.

Dave Conrad vs James Scott

In a match pretty much dominated by Conrad until the end, Scott started the match more brightly but soon enough Conrad fought back into it with some clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Conrad went for the Running Powerslam, but Scott escaped and drop kicked him too his knees. Scott then done a double foot stomp to the head. Conrad probably had enough left in the tank to kick out, but Scott used the ropes for leverage to get the win.

Chris Renfrew vs Delsin Dayre

In a match with huge steaks, the two competitors sure as hell didn’t disappoint as if Renfrew won, Delsin would have to leave Reckless Intent, but if Delsin won, Sean Mercer would be reinstated. Delsin was doing everything to keep himself in job at Reckless Intent. Renfrew was doing everything to make sure the Comixzone stay away. Delsin eventually floored Renfrew and hit a Lionsault, but Renfrew just kicked out at two and three quarters. Delsin accidentally hit the ref meaning Renfrew’s pin wasn’t counted. This, however, also worked against Delsin, as his pin also wasn’t counted. Delsin then tried to bring the Singapore cane into play, but Renfrew caught it and went to use it for himself. Jarek Nowak, the referee, was just getting back up at the time and stopped Renfrew from hitting Dayre. But instead Renfrew hit him and was immediately disqualified. Mercer will now return soon.

Thanks for reading this review, it was a great show, as per usual from Reckless Intent. It had a great mixture of technical wrestling and the scramble match was fun to watch. April 1st can’t come any sooner, with the main event set between ‘The Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey and ‘Unstoppable’ Andy Wild. This will be a great title match and I really like Andy Wild so it will be a fantastic show. Also on March 11th in Biggar, Reckless have a show, so if you’re free on Saturday night, you know what to do.

Quick Results:
Michael Chase def. Glen Dunbar
Theo Doros def. Euan G Mackie w/ Justin Deed
Slam Championship – David Devlin (C) def. LJT
Hardcore Title 15 Min Scramble – Mr News Retains
James Scott def. Dave Conrad
Delsin Dayre def. Chris Renfrew via DQ

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