Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ March 2017 (Euan)

By Euan Conway


The Jam House, Edinburgh

Discovery Wrestling returned for their first show of 2016 at one of their regular venues to kick off what is set to be a packed year for them. They will crown tag team champions and a woman’s champion later this year and also have Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks confirmed for April. I said before I thought it was slightly disappointing that there was no show between September and March so I’m pleased to see a November show on the cards this year. Discovery currently have 6 events lined up for 2017 and this was the first so let’s get to the action.

Four Way Elimination Match – LJT v Euan G Mackie v Ryan Griffin v DCT

I mentioned in another review last year that Discovery use a mix of talent from all over Scotland so there was probably a wrestler in this match that some of the crowd hadn’t seen before. I was surprised to find out this was Mackie’s debut for Discovery I was almost convinced he had been on a show before. LJT is improving with every performance, don’t think it will be long till he attracts bookings from other companies. There seemed to be almost no heels in this match, every wrestler seemed popular with the fans. Every guy got to hit their spots early on and that really got the crowd into. LJT definitely got the big push here eliminating two guys on the way to victory.

Aspen Faith v Doug Williams – Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational First Round

Discovery are running three tournaments throughout the year, one to crown tag team champions, one to crown a woman’s champion and this one. I hope it doesn’t get too confusing, I suppose more will become apparent as their schedule of events progresses throughout the year. Crowd seemed a bit stuck with this one, I think most fans naturally assumed they would be booing Doug, which wasn’t the case. Was pleased to see Aspen get the win here, Discovery have placed their faith in young talent like him and Lewis Girvan and it has generally been rewarded with sell out crowds. Usual entertaining performance Doug, he still hasn’t lost a step in the ring. Anyway, Aspen is through to the next round. The rest of the participants have also been confirmed as Mikey Whiplash, Dave Conrad, Mark Coffey, Matt Riddle, Chris Ridgeway and a Wildcard.

Candice LeRae v Viper – Woman’s Title Tournament

This was the first time for most people seeing Candice wrestle and I think all of the crowd were very impressed. This was probably my match of the night and went on for a good 15 mins. Both girls have different styles but they seemed to gel perfectly. Candice advanced to the next round and will return to Discovery later in the year, that should shift a good few tickets.

The interval followed next where you could get photos quite freely with most of the wrestlers who were in action in the first half (Candice’s line being particularly popular). Sadly this is the time I also say that The Jam House is an excellent venue for wrestling but its prices for refreshments are way on the dear side, Β£4.50 a pint and they ran out of the hot food they were serving very quickly.

The House of Saynt v Fight Club

The tag team tournament is different to the others in that there are four qualifying matches throughout the year, and the winners all advance to a four way tag bout at the November event. The House of Saynt were represented here by Louis Sharp and Theo Doros, although Christopher Saynt and co. were at ringside. The storyline in this match was that Sharp seemed to be in tune with the fans where as Doros and Saynt wanted nothing to do with them. Fight Club therefore double teamed Sharp for most of the bout and ended up pinning him to book their return in November. Afterwards Saynt and Doros attacked Sharp saying he was finished in The House of Saynt, this brought Michael Chase to the ring to clean house. Possible match between Chase and Saynt at one of the next two shows I think.

Joe Hendry v Dave Conrad

Conrad is in The Hotter Than Hell Tournament for which it has now been confirmed that the winner will receive a Y Division title match. Joe Hendry is going from strength to strength now appearing all over the UK. Micky Gavin from Radio Forth served as guest ring announcer for this match, both guys had called into his radio show during the week but it seemed to be Conrad who disliked him most. A good heavyweight contest here. Joe Hendry took the win.

Joe Coffey v Lewis Girvan for the Y Division Championship

Joe Coffey finally received his shot at the championship, he has been with Discovery Wrestling since the very first show. Girvan had what many people thought was a match of the year candidate at The Hydro in November against Ricochet. Discovery could easily have picked a veteran wrestler to hold their if title but have went with the up and coming Girvan and have been rewarded with some excellent main events. Coffey definitely had the fans backing here and hit some hard shots on the younger Girvan. Finish came when Aspen Faith came out and distracted Coffey apparently forming The Kings Of Catch tag team in Discovery with Girvan. Coffey took the mic after the match and said he didn’t know if he could now trust Girvan to team up with him on April 12th against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

All in all another excellent show and run at a family friendly time on a Sunday as well. Discovery seem to be attracting fans from all over the country now not just from Edinburgh. I was asked by one guy sitting next to me who Aspen Faith was and by another who Ryan Griffin was because they were from different parts of the country and hadn’t seen the promotions they usually wrestle for. The production values were great, a good clear sound system and a big screen with all the matches on it. Would be nice to see some brackets for the Woman’s and Hotter Than Hell Tournaments to avoid confusion. I will definitely be attending future shows that’s for sure. Also should be mentioned that money was being raised for Cash For Kids appeal throughout the evening.

Already confirmed for the next show on April 12th at The Corn Exchange is The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Will Ospreay, Joe Coffey, BT Gunn, Lewis Girvan, The Buffet Club, Polo Promotions and more. Normally this would be when I would include a link to the show but given that it is nearly sold out (it was sold out but Discovery have released a very small amount of extra tickets) here is the link to details of the May 7th show also at The Corn Exchange Edinburgh.

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