Preview: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2017’

WrestleZone are back in the Northern Hotel this Saturday night for the 2017 Regal Rumble, where 20 men will enter with the opportunity to main event Aberdeen Anarchy for a shot at the Undisputed Title. Only one man can emerge victorious with the huge title match looming in the distance.

2017 Regal Rumble Match
Lord Mr Malice, Aspen Faith, Bradley Evans, Blue Thunder, Grado, Bryan Tucker, Lou King Sharp, Jimbo Bannon, Johnny Lions, Marcus North, Bingo Ballance, Kaden Garrick, Damien, Mr P, Alan Sterling, Chris Archer, William Sterling, Zach Dynamite, Mikkey Vago and Shawn Johnson confirmed to enter

In the main event, it’s the 8th annual Regal Rumble match as 20 participants enter with the winner emerging as the #1 contender to the Undisputed Title at Aberdeen Anarchy on June 17th. The rules for the bout are as follows;

Two entrants will start the match. Further entries then occur at regular intervals, with eliminations happening by being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. The last man standing after all 19 other have been eliminated will be crowned the winner, earning a shot at the Undisputed Title in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy.

I’ve put together a list of 5 entrants who I think could win this year’s Regal Rumble;

Damien – The inaugural Undisputed Champion is coming off the back of a fierce rivalry with former tag partner Johnny Lions, losing to him in an Iron Man match 3-2 at Summerhill Showdown. Being part of Sterling Oil gives The Revolutionary a huge advantage in the Regal Rumble as they make up 1/5 of the 20-man field. Damien has a lot to prove if he hopes to make Richard R. Russell a happy man.

Shawn Johnson – Another Sterling Oil member that could potentially pull out the win. Shawn Johnson is the only member of Sterling Oil that’s picked up wins so far in 2017, and even holds a pinfall victory over the longest-reigning Undisputed Champion in history, Scotty Swift. Coming down to the final two last year alongside Crusher Craib, Shawn will look to go one step closer this year and main event Aberdeen Anarchy.

Johnny Lions – The Tenacious One finally put an end to his rivalry with Damien earlier this year at Summerhill Showdown, and can now focus solely on winning championship gold. Perhaps a wildcard to win this year’s Rumble match, Johnny knows what it takes to become the champion having previously been a 2-time holder of the Undisputed Championship. Should he advance past the other 19 entrants, Johnny will have the chance to become a record-breaking 3-time champ.

Grado – Grado has held championship gold all over Scotland, except for in the Granite City. After coming up short in his title quest this past January, Grado now has a chance to earn another opportunity. Missing out on last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy to now possibly being in the main event this year? Doesn’t sound too bad.

Kaden Garrick – After turning on Mr P at Christmas Chaos, Kaden Garrick has been on the roll of his career. His matches against P at Summerhill Showdown and the recent event in Newtonhill were fierce with neither man willing to give in. This year’s Rumble will mark Kaden’s third year as an active member of the WrestleZone roster. I’m sure he’ll spear all 19 other entrants to secure his spot in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy. The dark horse of this year’s Regal Rumble, Kaden will do whatever it takes to ensure a victory.

No DQ Match For The Vacant Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Scotty Swift vs Andy Wild

After Andy Wild snatched the Undisputed Title from the grasp of Scotty Swift last October, he repeatedly cheated his way to victory on numerous occasions to retain the title. Scotty finally received his one on one rematch for the belt last month in Montrose, with two referees assigned to the bout. After one of the officials noticed Andy’s feet on the ropes during a pinfall attempt, the champion drilled Scotty into the mat with a back suplex for the three count. However, controversy surrounded the Undisputed Title that night as both men’s shoulders were down on the mat. Andy, angered at having not won the match, put his hands on the officials, leading to management’s Len Ironside to strip Andy of the title. The two will now face off once again, this time with no rules for the vacant belt. These two going at it with no rules? This one could get messy.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Semifinals – Bingo Ballance vs Aspen Faith

The semifinals of the ongoing Tri-Counties Championship Tournament will take place at the Regal Rumble. First off, Aspen Faith faces Bingo Ballance in a match that could possibly steal the show. Aspen secured his spot in the final four with victories over Blue Thunder and Johnny Lions, while Bingo Ballance defeated two Sterling Oil members in the form of Alan Sterling and Damien. The only time these two have faced off before was back at Christmas Chaos 2012, with Bingo coming out victorious to retain the Undisputed Title. Aspen is a former WrestleZone Tag Team Champion alongside James Midas, but has never tasted singles gold in his career. The winner of this bout will meet the winner of Zach Dynamite vs Bryan Tucker in Westhill on April 22nd to crown the inaugural champion.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Semifinals –ย Zach Dynamite vs Bryan Tucker

The other semifinal bout in the ongoing Tri-Counties Championship Tournament will also take place this weekend as Bryan Tucker takes on Zach Dynamite in a battle between two fan-favourites. Bryan advanced to the final four with victories over Kaden Garrick and Andy Wild, while Zach defeated Chris Archer and Shawn Johnson to earn his spot in the semifinals. Bryan is no stranger to championship gold, having been a former Undisputed Champion and multi-time Tag Team Champion, while Zach has never held a title during his career. With the winner scheduled to meet either Aspen Faith or Bingo Ballance next month in Westhill to crown the first Tri-Counties Champion, now is the time for Bryan and Zach to prove their worthy of being the inaugural champ.

Grado, The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago), Johnny Lions & Jimbo Bannon vs Sterling Oil (Alan Sterling, William Sterling, Shawn Johnson & Damien) &ย Lou King Sharp

A huge 10-man tag team match has also been signed for this Saturday as the team of Grado, Johnny Lions, Jimbo Bannon and the current WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, The Rejected will face off with Lou King Sharp and all four members of the Sterling Oil faction. It’s safe to say 2017 hasn’t gone to plan for the members of Sterling Oil. All competing members were eliminated from the Tri-Counties Championship Tournament, and The Sterling Brothers lost the tag gold to The Rejected back in January. The Regal Rumble gives them the perfect chance to turn things around as they comprise a fifthย of the field in the main event. Their partner for the evening, Lou King Sharp, may not even care about winning in either of his bouts, perhaps being more concerned about his challenge to Hornswoggle for Aberdeen Anarchy. Their opponents for the evening are an odd grouping. You’ve got the veteran Johnny Lions, the rookie Jimbo Bannon, the funnyman Grado and the reigning tag champs The Rejected. Nevertheless, this should make for an outstanding multi-man tag match.

E-tickets are available from, priced ยฃ12 for adults and ยฃ10 for under 14s. Pay at the door entry will also be available on the night. Doors at the Northern Hotel open at 6:30, with a special start time of 7pm.

Announced Matches
2017 Regal Rumble Match
No DQ Match for the vacant Undisputed WrestleZone Championship: Scotty Swift vs Andy Wild
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament:ย Bingo Ballance vs Aspen Faith
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Zach Dynamite vs Bryan Tucker
Grado, The Rejected, Johnny Lions & Jimbo Bannon vs Sterling Oil & Lou King Sharp

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