Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ March 2017 (Billy)

The Jam House, Edinburgh

Discovery Wrestling returned with their first show of 2017 with plenty in store, having already announced three tournaments, plus special guests like Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks & Matt Riddle all upcoming it was all eyes on the promotions first event of the year.

I’ve watched the show On Demand as it has just been uploaded, so has it kicked off Discovery’s year in style? Let’s take a look.

The show kicked off with an incredible four way elimination match between LJT, Ryan Griffin, Euan G Mackie & DCT. All four were making their Discovery Wrestling debuts and what a way to introduce them. All four all had moments to shine and all four took the opportunity with both hands. This had a little bit of everything, high risk dives, a tower of doom and some fantastic moments that really made you gasp. The beauty of this was, the wrestling in the ring was fantastic but the commentary helped make them all sound like megastars which is exactly what they should be put across as. Watching this made me miss seeing Euan G Mackie perform live as I haven’t seen him in a long while, he has this mystical aura and I’m fascinated, and mesmerised, when I see him in the ring. LJT looks like a guy that could slide into a feud with the likes of Aspen Faith, Lewis Girvan or Michael Chase really easily and have some incredible matches. All in all a wonderful way to start the show.

A match I was looking forward to was the first match in the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational, The King of Catch Aspen Faith against a British Legend in Doug Williams. A match that was a fabulous array of psychology with Faith using any chance to wear down the arm of Williams to set him up for his armbar submission, which seems like a relatively simple hold, but the lightning fast way Faith applies it makes it look like his opponents arm is about to pop off. So this had a little trade off in holds, forearms and just great wrestling. Faith dominated Williams for a good portion of the match as he took his time wrenching the arm, Williams had moments of brief reprieve but was soon trying to get some feeling back into his arm following an onslaught from The King of Catch. It all came crashing down for Williams with him being thrown into the ring post shoulder first and rolled up while Faith’s feet were on the ropes. Great match, another one to watch.

Which you can, for FREE, on the YouTube:

The second of the tournament matches took place but this time it was the Women’s Championship Tournament that took centre stage. ‘The Vixen of Violence’ Viper faced an international guest in Candice LeRae. This was an uphill battle for the smaller LeRae as she scrapped and fought tooth and nail to take advantage of any slip that Viper may’ve had. Viper was dominant with blistering chops that echoed around The Jam House. Candice attempted a number of Balls-plexes but was denied several times by the larger Viper. This was great with Viper trying to keep Candice down but she just could get the three count. Running out of ideas, Viper went to the second rope for a Viper Bomb only for Candice to pop up and hit the Balls-plex from the ropes for the surprise three count.

When you create tournaments with international names around here, generally you’d expect the local talent to win. This was a nice surprise with a favourite in the tournament exiting early, creating an added sense of mystery and excitement of what is coming up next. This also makes the match involving Angelina Love later in the year all the more interesting.

Micky Gavin, radio host from Forth 1, entered next to host the next match and the crowd went mild but he had some good news as Discovery Wrestling and those in attendance raised hundreds (Β£1047) for Cash For Kids.

Solid match up between Joe Hendry and Dave Conrad followed. I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to warm to Dave Conrad. This was actually one of his better match ups but he just doesn’t click with me. Hendry and Conrad had some lovely interaction involving a Hendry wristlock with The Local Hero controlling the arm, Conrad got a lot of offense in with Hendry being on the defensive for the majority of the match. Hendry rallied and got Conrad into an ankle lock which looked great, Joe was low to the ground to put his body weight behind the ankle, just a little thing which makes something simple look just a bit more legit. Conrad hit a low blow while distracting the referee and went for a chair to finish off The Local Hero. Micky Gavin jumped up and grabbed the chair which was enough time for Hendry to recover and throw Conrad over for a Fallaway Slam for the win. This was the Cash For Kids match and it was exactly how it should be, the villain doesn’t win, that’s the lesson here. Fine stuff.

The first match to qualify for Uncivil War involved The House of Saynt members ‘Lewis’ Sharp & Theo Doros against the veteran team of Fight Club. This was about the downfall of The House of Saynt, or more accurately, the rise of Lou King Sharp. The match itself was great, Fight Club working like a well oiled machine and I was particularly grabbed by the exchanges between Theo Doros and Liam Thomson, a match that I wouldn’t mind seeing play out in the future. Sharp was going against Saynt’s orders throughout by engaging with the fans. The fantastically subtle thing was the colours in this match, The House of Saynt came out in blue and white, Fight Club came out in blue and black but Lou King Sharp? Orange, a bit of a contrast which told you, which drew your eyes, that he is the man to watch in this match. Sharp was his usual self, with his antics and shenanigans much to chagrin of Saynt but it was him that caused the end when he tagged himself in only to receive a backstabber from Thomson for Fight Club to advance to Uncivil War.

After the match Christopher Saynt booted Sharp out of The House of Saynt with Theo Doros beating him down. Michael Chase made the save. Brilliant storytelling, great match, everything you’d want.

The main event was between two cornerstones of Discovery Wrestling, the Y Division Champion Lewis Girvan, who has been unstoppable since winning the title, against the ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey who has turned back many international names in instant classic after instant classic. If you want to see a beautiful masterpiece of back and forth wrestling then this is the match for you. Smooth, crisp holds traded and countered. Breathtaking near falls and a twist to end it which was brilliant in execution. The referee was knocked down which allowed Aspen Faith to enter and toss Girvan the belt. Girvan looked hesitant to use it but looked to be convinced, Coffey ducked and leathered Girvan with a stiff Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells lariat which turned Girvan inside out, another referee entered only for Faith to pull him out of the ring to interrupt the count which then saw Girvan low blow Coffey for the tainted win and confirmation of the arrival of The Kings of Catch to Discovery Wrestling. This hasn’t come out of nowhere which adds to how great this was executed, since Girvan faced Faith in a submission match at Discovery we’ve seen ‘The Best Young Wrestler’ become more aggressive with his opponents, more cocky and just trying to make his opponents feel inferior and here we are now.

The added beauty of knowing that Girvan and Coffey are teaming up the following month, with BT Gunn, to face The Elite at Edinburgh Corn Exchange (April 12th) just added another twist in this tale. They can’t co-exist surely?

So many questions come out of this event, what are the plans of The Kings of Catch? Who else will move on in the three tournaments? Will Lou King Sharp give his best pal Michael Chase a hug? Will Michael Chase punch Christopher Saynt in the face?

As always the commentary between Randy Valentine and, Discovery Wrestling’s International Broadcast Analyst, Darren T Goss was on top form with them masterfully taking us through the stories being told while still maintaining their Heenan-Monsoon-like contempt for one another.

Get On Demand and watch this now, there’s a two week free trail right now so get it, got it? Good!

Quick Results:
Four Way Elimination – LJT defeated Euan G Mackie, DCT & Ryan Griffin*.
*Elimination Order:
Euan G Mackie eliminated DCT by Pinfall.
LJT eliminated Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.
LJT eliminated Ryan Griffin by Pinfall.

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Qualifier – Aspen Faith defeated Doug Williams by Pinfall to advance in the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament.
Women’s Championship Tournament Qualifier – Candice LeRae defeated Viper by Pinfall to advance in the Women’s Championship Tournament.
Joe Hendry defeated Dave Conrad by Pinfall.
Uncivil War Qualifier – Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson) defeated The House of Saynt (Theo Doros & Lou King Sharp) by Pinfall to advance to the Uncivil War four way match.
Y Division Championship – Lewis Girvan defeated Joe Coffey by Pinfall to retain the Y Division Championship.

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