Review: WCPW Loaded Ep.21 ‘The Battle in the Capital’

WhatCulture Pro Wrestling have landed in Scotland’s capital of Edinburgh for episode 21 of Loaded. Taped on January 29 at the Meadowbank Sports Centre and aired the following night on YouTube, the show played host to a huge night of action.

The commentary team for the evening were Alex Shane and Matt Striker, who work tremendously well together.

BT Gunn def. Gabriel Kidd via Submission

The episode kicked off with Scotland’s own BT Gunn in action against Gabriel Kidd, who is still looking for his first win inside a WCPW ring. Gabriel entered with Prince Ameen, but BT refused to start the bout unless Ameen was sent backstage. Gunn took the early advantage with some stiff shots until Gabriel fought back with the Kamikaze Crash. He attempted to follow up with a springboard moonsault, but BT avoided it by rolling away and then drilled Gabriel into the mat with a brutal brainbuster. Surprisingly, Gabriel manged to kick out which lead Gunn to snap and lock in a crossface while elbowing the youngster in the skull. Gabriel tapped out within seconds, handing Gunn another win. As BT looked to head to the back, he returned to the ring and put Kidd back in the crossface. As he cranked back on Gabriel’s neck, Prince Ameen returned to ringside to chase off The Oddity.

As Ameen and Gabriel headed up the aisle, the camera cut backstage where the reigning WCPW Champion, Drew Galloway was standing by. He told Joe Hendry he would never be the champion in WCPW as long as he was around.

Bea Priestley def. Little Miss Roxxy via Pinfall

Women’s action was up next as Bea Priestley walked out with the WCPW Women’s Championship, a title she didn’t hold at this point. Little Miss Roxxy appeared next as her opponent for the evening and kicked the action off straight away with a running dropkick. Unfortunately for her, that was about as much offense as she got in the match. Bea used her boyfriend Will Ospreay’s signature Cheeky Nandos Kick (why doesn’t Jason Reed use this?) but it wasn’t enough to put Roxxy away. Roxxy tried to regain the advantage as James R. Kennedy walked down to ringside but Bea shut her down with a knee to the jaw in the corner. But again, Roxxy kicked out. Priestley lifted Roxxy up and drilled her face first into the mat with a facebuster for the win. As Bea headed back through the curtain, Kennedy entered the ring and repeated his offer of Roxxy joining Prospect, telling her to think about it.

The camera again cut backstage where BT Gunn was standing by with backstage interviewer Katherine Morley. He talked about how WCPW was becoming a joke, before then-general manager Martin Kirby interrupted him to tell Gunn he couldn’t just do what he pleased. More on that later. As BT walked away, James R. Kennedy appeared. He demanded better for Prospect and The Primate. As a result, Kirby placed Prospect in a tag match against Primate and his rival at the time, Rampage.

WCPW Championship #1 Contenders Match
Joe Coffey def. Moose via Pinfall

As the cameras returned to ringside, Joe Coffey made his way down to ringside. The Iron Man issued an open challenge to whoever the WCPW Champion would be come True Destiny on February 12th. This brought out the returning Moose, who also wanted a shot at the belt due to Galloway defeating him for the Impact Grand Championship over in TNA. As a result, Joe made a #1 contenders match between himself and Moose for right then because apparently, he has the authority to do so. In a brutal contest, the chop was the move of the match with both competitors leaving marks on each other’s chest. As Moose got knocked out the ring, Joe came in looking for a baseball slide dropkick but Moose caught his legs and swung him into the steel barricade. With the match returning to the confines of the squared circle, both men kicked out of the other’s finisher at the referee’s count of 1 as Joe kicked out of the Gamebreaker and Moose kicked out of the Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells. With Coffey desperate to earn a shot at the gold, he connected with multiple uppercuts to the jaw, a deadlift German suplex, an enzuigiri and finally another Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells to pick up the three count and earn himself a title opportunity. Moose and Joe embraced in the ring after the match as the fans gave them a standing ovation, before Joe was left to soak it in. BT Gunn made his way down the aisle with a steel chair in hand, picking apart Joe’s leg before dropping The Iron Man headfirst into the steel with a vicious DDT. Gunn locked Coffey in a crossface, as general manager Martin Kirby demanded Gunn to release the hold. With Coffey still locked in the submission, Martin suspended BT until further notice. Gunn walked backstage as Coffey was helped to his feet.

The cameras cut backstage where Joe Coffey was being helped to the locker rooms before BT Gunn attacked him from behind with the chair. Again focusing on the knee, BT was finally forced from the backstage area. Before cameras returned to ringside, Joe Hendry was shown at Arthur Sea where he talked about how far he’d come in his career. The cameras again cut to the backstage area, where Johnny Moss and Liam Slater issued an open challenge for their WCPW Tag Team Titles for the True Destiny iPPV.

Special Guest Referee: Drake
Prospect (Alex Gracie & Lucas Archer) def. Rampage & The Primate w/James R. Kennedy via Count Out

Drake made his way down to ringside in a referee shirt for the next bout, before Prospect came through the curtain wearing kilts. Rampage burst out from the backstage area and demolished both Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer before The Primate could make his way down to ringside. Eventually, Primate did appear alongside James R. Kennedy and immediately speared Rampage out of his boots. Despite being on the same team, Rampage and Primate spent the entire match destroying each other around ringside. At one point, Primate was sent flying off the apron and onto the announcer’s table. Rampage took out Prospect, before he and Primate brawled up the aisle and into the backstage area. As a result, they were counted out and the match was awarded to Prospect who earned Β£100 towards their Orlando fund (you can donate at

Martin Kirby def. Drake via Pinfall

As Prospect were helped from ringside, general manager Martin Kirby made his way down to the ring with the referee who was attacked backstage by Drake. Martin told Drake he couldn’t attack officials. Drake objected, so Kirby delivered a stiff kick below the belt. The referee rang the bell as Kirby hit the Sable Bomb for the win in WCPW’s shortest match to date.

The cameras again cut to the locker room area, where Rampage and The Primate were still brawling. They took their fight outside the venue, where Rampage was choked out. James R. Kennedy appeared and told Rampage that the next match in his 7 Trials would be an I Quit match at True Destiny.

Triple Threat Match for the ROH World Championship
Adam Cole (c) def. Jay Lethal and El Ligero via Pinfall

Up next was a triple threat bout, which saw Adam Cole make his WCPW debut to defend the ROH World Title against Jay Lethal and El Ligero. The action started thick and fast, with Cole nailing both men with vicious running knees to the jaw. He proceeded to taunt the crowd three times with his signature ‘Adam Cole Baybay’, but was rolled up by the other two competitors on the first two occasions. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection early on, but Ligero countered it in mid-air with a rollup for a close two count. The champion tried to bring the belt in as a weapon but got into a brief tug of war with the referee, despite there being no disqualifications in triple threats. As Cole let go of the belt, the referee tumbled backwards and collided heads with Jay Lethal. Lethal was able to counter Cole’s offense and went for the Lethal Injection, only to be caught mid-flight with the belt to the back. Cole went to smack Ligero across the jaw with the title, but he ducked and instead hit Cole across the face with the belt. Ligero connected with the Mexican Wave off the top rope just as the referee was getting back into the match. Ligero was only able to gain a two count from his splash. Lethal came back into the match and planted Ligero with the Lethal Injection, but Cole rolled up Lethal with a handful of tights for the win. As the Bullet Club member retreated up the aisle with the title still in his grasp, Lethal and Ligero embraced before heading back through the curtain.

WCPW Championship
Drew Galloway (c) and Joe Hendry ended in a Double Pinfall

Finally, it was time for the main evemt with the WCPW Championship up for grabs. Edinburgh’s own Joe Hendry entered first to a huge ovation from his hometown crowd. Drew Galloway entered after, before the bout got off to a hot start. Both men got their offense in, but Galloway took control after using the ringside area to his advantage. The Local Hero was able to come back into it with a neckbreaker and a DDT for a close win. Hendry took the match up top, where he hooked Galloway in a tree of woe. After ascending to the top rope, Hendry was tossed off as Drew nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex while still being trapped on the turnbuckles. After trading nearfalls, the referee was accidentally knocked off his feet. With Galloway distracted, Hendry connected with the Freak of Nature. With no referee, the fans counted to 9, with their hometown here having won the match three times before a second referee emerged from backstage. With the fans on the edge of their seats, Hendry only picked up a two count. Galloway countered Joe’s offense and rolled him up, just as the original referee was regaining consciousness. With Galloway adding a bridge to his pinning attempt, it meant both men’s shoulders were down for the three count. Each referee argued their case over who the champion was as the show went off the air.

You can catch the replay of this show, along with iPPVs and other exclusive videos, on Tickets for upcoming shows, including State of Emergency in Orlando and No Regrets in Newcastle, are available from Tickets for the monumental Pro Wrestling World Cup are available from

Quick Results
BT Gunn def. Gabriel Kidd via Submission
Bea Priestley def. Little Miss Roxxy via Pinfall
WCPW Championship #1 Contenders Match: Joe Coffey def. Moose via Pinfall
Prospect def. Rampage & The Primate w/James R. Kennedy via Count Out
Martin Kirby def. Drake via Pinfall
ROH World Championship: Adam Cole (c) def. Jay Lethal and El Ligero via Pinfall
WCPW Championship: Drew Galloway (c) and Joe Hendry ended in a Double Pinfall

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