Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live in Livingston’ April 2017

By Daniel Strickland


I’m back yet again with another preview of a Reckless Intent show. Reckless Intent have had 5 shows this year already and this will be the sixth. Reckless are one of the best rising promotions in Scotland and are constantly drawing in quality names. This show has a stacked card which is full of quality talent from around the UK. Here is a short preview, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Michael Chase vs James Scott

A rematch from Cruel Summer that was supposed to happen twice already but the men were unable to compete. The match finally goes ahead 5 months on since it was originally scheduled to happen. Chase goes into this match in good form, only losing one of his four matches so far this year in Reckless Intent. James Scott is also doing pretty well in RI, where he has won two and controversially lost one. Chase has beaten Delsin Dayre, Glen Dunbar and David Devlin (via DQ) and lost to Paul Tracey in Twechar. Scott defeated LJT in February and Dave Conrad in March, but got beaten by DCT in controversial fashion in Twechar. These two put on a match of the year contender in 2016. Scott won in that encounter, but can Chase get one back over his long time rival? Find out by coming to the Murieston Scout Hall on Saturday.

Theo Doros vs Lucian Maynard-Smith

The House of Saynt will be represented as Theo Doros goes one-on-one against the newest Paul Tracey Guy, Lucian Maynard-Smith. Last month Doros defeated Euan G Mackie, but after it Lucian attacked him from behind, announcing himself as a Paul Tracey Guy. Doros has only one win in four singles matches this year, losing to Glen Dunbar, David Devlin and in a triple threat against DCT & Delsin Dayre. I’ve never really seen Smith wrestle before, apart from in the scramble so I am interested to see how good he hid in singles action.

Dave Conrad vs Euan G Mackie

Conrad wanted a Paul Tracey guy, but instead was handed Mackie. I would really have liked to see Conrad vs Dunbar and have Mackie & Deed have gone up against The Headbanders. But we have this solid match instead. Two talented rising stars on the Scottish scene, Mackie has the undoubted experience advantage, but Conrad has the height, strength, weight and physique advantage. I expect Justin Deed will get involved in some way to aid Mackie. The #DAVECONRADARMY (me and my friend group) will be in fully behind Conrad in this match (even though only 3 or 4 of us are going). Look out for the signs.

RI UK Championship – DCT (c) vs Delsin Dayre

Dayre has been on top form in 2017, defeating Jam O’Malley, DCT & Theo Doros. He is quickly rising back up to the top of Reckless Intent and absolutely deserves it. DCT, on the other hand, hasn’t been as good. He got a fluke win over James Scott and lost in the triple threat with Delsin and Theo. I can’t really see a retain here, I think Delsin will win. I also think that Sean Mercer will return to help Delsin win, but we can’t be certain. DCT has held the belt since September when he defeated Massimo. He has since defended against Drake and twice against James Scott. Delsin, since turning against the crowd, has already enjoyed good success. Based on recent form, I think Dayre will walk away victorious.

The Headbanders Open Challenge

I have a good feeling one of the competitors in this match will be ‘The Lowland Superstar’ Glen Dunbar as he is advertised. I originally thought he would team with David Devlin, but he has since been scheduled for another match, more on that later. In the scramble match last month The Headbanders had some major miscommunication. This could mean they might not be on the same page for the whole match, giving the opponents a small advantage. If it is Dunbar who answers the challenge, here are some potential partners for him: Alex Cavanagh, Rowan Frey or David Devlin could work double matches. Potential show stealer.

RI Slam Championship – David Devlin (c) vs Joe Coffey

Coffey makes his long awaited return to RI, after two previous appearances in Clackmannan (June 18th) and Twechar (August 27th) and will now make his debut at the home venue of Murieston Scout Hall. David Devlin will walk in confidently, being in tremendous form since winning the Slam title. Devlin has revived the Slam title after it was barely defended at all. Coffey has a 50% win percentage, beating Jackie Polo but losing to Big Damo. This is certainly Devlin’s joint toughest challenge yet, along with LJT. Coffey is looking to win his first title in Reckless Intent and this is a good chance to do it. In singles competition elsewhere, these two currently have a head to head score of 1-0 to Coffey. Will Devlin even the odds, or will Coffey stretch out his advantage?

RI Heavyweight Championship – ‘The Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey (c) vs ‘Unstoppable’ Andy Wild

The self proclaimed ‘Lord of the Manor’ will face of against a man making only his second appearance in Reckless Intent, Andy Wild. Wild has been on FIRE since around September across Scotland and will now try to bring his glory to Livingston. Wild is very powerful, but also possesses a surprising amount of speed. Tracey is one of best wrestlers and wrestling coaches this world has ever seen, training the likes of Jordan Devlin (from UK Championship tournament), Becky Lynch and many more. He has been wrestling now for just shy of 18 years and can now be considered a veteran of the business. Wild, however, has the weight advantage of 30lbs. He started his career in 2006 and is now an immensely popular wrestler across the whole UK. Incidentally, both of these guys were trained by the late Andre Baker. Can Wild find more success in his destructive path across Scottish wrestling scene, or will the LOTM retain yet again?

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a show you absolutely cannot miss. Whatever you are doing on Saturday night, cancel it, for this card is unmissable. Also, a quick mention, Reckless Intent have started a training class for between ages 11 and 15. It is a great way to keep fit and find something cool to do with your friends, and meet new people. It is on a Sunday morning and costs Β£10 per session. The coaches are nice and you learn a lot of skills useful not only in wrestling, but just in general in life. Anyway, I hope this persuades you to come along, see if you like it and from me, and the rest of my friends, have a great Easter.

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