Pass Me The Book! WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2017 by Adam Morrison

In just over two months, WrestleZone will present the fifth annual Aberdeen Anarchy supershow, live from the Beach Ballroom. Three former WWE superstars will be in action on the night, along with a host of some of Scotland’s best athletes. I’m here to have a go at predicting the potential matches we could see on the show, and how we get from now towards the event.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Scotty Swift (c) vs 2017 Regal Rumble winner Shawn Johnson

The main event of the show, as already confirmed by WrestleZone, will see Scotty Swift defend his Undisputed Title against 2017 Regal Rumble winner Shawn Johnson. Currently announced for WrestleZone’s show in Fraserburgh is a 6 man tag team match between Scotty Swift & The Rejected and the Sterling Oil trio of Shawn Johnson, William Sterling and Damien. Towards the end of the bout, Damien drops Scotty with a superkick, but Shawn tags himself in and picks up the huge pinfall for himself. Damien, meanwhile, looks on disgruntled, similar to how he looked when Shawn won the Regal Rumble. WrestleZone announce that at Live in Westhill, Scotty will face Damien in the main event with the Undisputed Title on the line. Earlier on in the night, Shawn Johnson picks up a win over Mr P thanks to the interference of Kaden Garrick. In the main event, just when Damien has the match under control, Shawn Johnson emerges from backstage to assist his Sterling Oil ally. However, this distracts Damien and allows Scotty to retain his gold. Scotty celebrates while Shawn heads through the curtain with a slight smirk across his face. During an interview the week following the show in Westhill, Damien confronts Shawn about his actions in the main event. Richard R. Russell tries to seperate his men as the camera cuts off. The following Saturday in Inverurie, Damien and Shawn team to face Scotty and Johnny Lions. Just when it looks like Damien is away to tag in a fresh Shawn Johnson, the Regal Rumble winner drops down off the apron to ‘tie his boots’. Johnny Lions drops his former rival with a Lion Cutter for the victory. Shawn walks backstage, with Richard following and demanding Shawn provide an answer. During WrestleZone’s show in Stonehaven on May 13th, Shawn Johnson squares off against Jason Reed in which Shawn picks up the win following a low blow. Shawn retrieves a chair from ringside, looking to inflict further damage to an already beaten down Jason. Before he can do so, Damien’s music hits and he walks out through the curtain. But he doesn’t enter the ring, instead staring down Johnson. This gives Jason Reed enough time to recover and chase Shawn from the ring. Shawn exits through the crowd, staring at Damien the entire time. In the main event, Scotty Swift picks up the victory over Kaden Garrick in a non-title bout due to a distraction from Mr P, and Shawn Johnson appears for a post-match staredown. WrestleZone officials and the rest of Sterling Oil hold the two back, with Damien looking on from ringside. One final promo is uploaded to WrestleZone’s social media the week heading into Aberdeen Anarchy, where Shawn tells Damien he better not cost him the title or he’ll break him in half.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Finals
Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance vs Bryan Tucker vs Zach Dynamite

We are down to the final four in the Tri-Counties Title Tournament, a tournament that should have ended at the Regal Rumble. Following the time limit draw and no contest finishes to the two bouts, WrestleZone management have decided to hold the semifinal rematches during their show in Westhill on Saturday April 22nd. During Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance, Zach Dynamite rushes in and attacks Bingo after he believes it’s him that caused the no contest at the Rumble, resulting in Bingo picking up the win via disqualification. As a result, Bingo attacks Zach during his semifinal match with Bryan Tucker, which leaves the two bouts with no winners once again. WrestleZone management are left without a decisive ending to the matches for two shows. As a result, Chris McDonald reveals via a video that the four competitors will compete in a fatal four way elimination bout to crown the first champion at Aberdeen Anarchy. At WrestleZone’s show in Inverurie on April 29th, Aspen Faith faces Zach Dynamite in singles action. Aspen picks up the win following a Tombstone, resulting in Zach becoming aggressive following the match. Later on in the evening, Dynamite interferes in Bryan Tucker’s match with Marcus North and beats him down before security are finally able to drag him off. At WrestleZone’s next show in Stonehaven, Bryan and Zach square off once again. After brawling around ringside for the majority of the match, the referee finally throws the match out. Despite this, they keep brawling in and around the ring until Chris McDonald threatens to remove both men from the tournament finals if they continue. Zach backs away backstage, yelling at Bryan that he’ll see him at Anarchy.

Lou King Sharp vs Hornswoggle

Lou King Sharp has issued a challenge to former WWE superstar Hornswoggle for a battle of the big men at Aberdeen Anarchy. Lou makes one final WrestleZone appearance before the Beach Ballroom supershow in Stonehaven. He repeats his challenge following a victory over Blue Thunder, with management still not hearing from the former WWE star. Eventually, a promo is uploaded following the show in Stonehaven, during which Hornswoggle accepts the challenge. The battle of the big men is on.

Kaden Garrick, Andy Wild & Marcus North vs Mr P, Grado & Rikishi

Ever since Kaden Garrick turned his back on Mr P at Christmas Chaos last year, the former tag partners have been at each other’s throats. During a recent interview with P, former Undisputed Champion Andy Wild attacked him, leaving many fans to question why he did it. At WrestleZone’s show in Fraserburgh on April 8th, Mr P faces Kaden for a third time with Mr P picking up the victory. Following the match, Garrick attacks his former partner and lays him out with a spear. Kaden then gets on the mic and tells everyone about his new partnership with Andy and how they were going to destroy Mr P. At WrestleZone’s next event in Westhill, Mr P faces Regal Rumble winner Shawn Johnson. With Richard R. Russell at ringside, he distracts the referee which allows Kaden Garrick to run in through the crowd and spear Mr P, giving the victory to Shawn. As Shawn and Richard leave, Kaden enters the ring and invites Andy Wild to join him. Andy drops P with a Wildest Driver, before the new pairing leave a beaten Mr P downed in the ring. A video is uploaded later in the week during which Chris McDonald allows Mr P to pick a partner for a tag team match at Aberdeen Anarchy against Garrick and Wild. At WrestleZone’s show in Inverurie, Mr P faces Andy Wild and picks up an impressive victory despite the huge size difference. While he celebrates, Kaden Garrick runs out from the back but Mr P sees him coming and takes him down. With P staring down both Garrick and Wild, Marcus North enters from the back and drops Mr P with his finisher. Kaden, Andy and Marcus stand tall over Mr P with grins across their faces. With WrestleZone in Stonehaven on May 13th, Mr P faces off against Marcus North. North picks up the upset following a distraction from Kaden. Later in the main event, Kaden Garrick loses a huge match against Scotty Swift thanks to a distraction from Mr P. Kaden chases Mr P backstage following the match. The next week, Mr P uploads a video where he announces his partner as Grado. But he doesn’t end there. He announces Chris McDonald has added Marcus North to the match and has allowed P to pick a second partner. After a brief pause, Mr P says his final partner is WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi!

Sammii Jayne vs Melina

The final former WWE superstar Melina will take on Sammii Jayne in women’s action. Sammii manages to defeat Debbie Sharpe in Westhill, and afterwards challenges Melina to a match at the Beach Ballroom. After weeks of waiting, Melina finally responds two weeks before the supershow and accepts Sammii’s challenge for Aberdeen Anarchy.

Sha Samuels & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs Sterling Oil (Damien & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling))

The Rejected’s rivalry with The Sterling Brothers will see them bring in extra help for the second six man tag of the show. Damien lends a helping hand to his Sterling Oil brethren, while The Rejected bring in the debuting Sha Samuels. At WrestleZone’s show in Fraserburgh, the main event will see The Rejected team with Scotty Swift to face the Sterling Oil trio of Shawn Johnson, William Sterling and Damien. During that bout, Chris and Mikkey start brawling at ringside with William which leads to the end of the match with Scotty, Shawn and Damien. At the following show in Westhill, The Rejected defend their Tag Team Titles once again against The Sterling Brothers. With Alan and William being disqualified in their previous challenge in Newtonhill, this bout sees Mikkey get himself and Chris disqualified for using their signature steel chain on Alan. Richard R. Russell cuts a promo the following week and challenges The Rejected to find a partner to face Damien and The Sterling Brothers at Aberdeen Anarchy. At WrestleZone’s event in Inverurie, Chris Archer faces William Sterling in singles action with their respective partners at ringside. After a blatant poke to the eyes by Alan from ringside, William manages to pick up the win with his chokeslam backbreaker. Mikkey Vago tries telling the referee about Alan’s interference but he says his decision stands. A video is uploaded the week of WrestleZone’s show in Stonehaven with The Rejected announcing their partner as a man making his WrestleZone debut, Sha Samuels. In Stonehaven, Mikkey Vago faces Alan Sterling with Chris Archer, William Sterling and Richard R. Russell all at ringside. Just like what Alan did in Inverurie, Mikkey rakes William’s eyes from ringside which allows Chris Archer to pick up the win. The Sterling Brothers beat down The Rejected after the match and stand tall with the WrestleZone Tag Team Titles.

Johnny Lions vs Jimbo Bannon

After they showed a bit of tension at the Regal Rumble, the seventh match to fill out the main card will see Johnny Lions take on Jimbo Bannon in a battle between veteran and rookie. At WrestleZone’s show in Fraserburgh, Johnny Lions picks up the win over Jimbo Bannon with a Lion Cutter. Following the match, Jimbo is visibly frustrated. With WrestleZone in Westhill, Johnny picks up a win over Lord Mr Malice, with Jimbo Bannon stationed at ringside keeping a close eye on Johnny’s every move. Jimbo picks up an aggressive win with the kneebar later on that evening over Blue Thunder. The folllwing week, a video is uploaded where Jimbo offers a challenge to Johnny for a match at Aberdeen Anarchy. When WrestleZone roll in to Inverurie on April 29th, Jimbo Bannon picks up an another victory with the kneebar over Lord Mr Malice. Meanwhile in the main event, Johnny picks up the win for himself and Scotty Swift over Damien and Shawn Johnson. Following the show, another video is uploaded where Johnny says he’ll think about Jimbo’s challenge. At WrestleZone’s event in Stonehaven, Johnny Lions picks up another win against Lord Mr Malice. Following the match, Jimbo assaults Johnny’s knee from behind and locks him in the kneebar. Jimbo stands over Johnny with a serious look across his face. After the show, WrestleZone upload another video where Johnny accepts Jimbo’s challenge so that he can beat some respect into the young rookie.

So, that’s the matches I see happening at this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy. Obviously an additional pre-show bout will also take place for VIP ticket holders. Possibly something involving the likes of Blue Thunder, Lord Mr Malice, Bradley Evans, etc. What matches do you hope to see come June 17th?

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