The Goss Report: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Elite’ Preview


March 5th saw, in my opinion, from top to bottom, the GREATEST Discovery Wrestling show of all time. From Candice LaRae in an absolute battle with Viper, to Aspen Faith overcoming the British Wrestling legend Doug Williams, to Lewis Girvan and Joe going to war for the Y Division Championship and so much more, I strongly suggest you take advantage of the free trial period and watch this event at

Now, I started off talking about March for a reason, as I type this we’re less than TWO DAYS away from the BIGGEST event in the history of Discovery as ‘The Elite’ – Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks collide in a history-making encounter with ‘Team Discovery’ Y-Division Champion Lewis Girvan, Joe Coffey & BT Gunn.

This match was announced before the March main event took place, so the implications of what happened at the end of Joe Coffey v. Lewis Girvan, with Aspen Faith getting involved and some may say, helping Lewis get the victory over Joe, hadn’t happened yet.

But, now it has happened and the huge six man tag team match is going ahead and quite frankly, anyone who has a problem with it, needs to move on especially Joe Coffey and Discovery co-owner Alan Smith.

Videos were released recently on the Discovery YouTube channel, showing Joe whining and crying about how he and the fans had been screwed out of winning the Y-Division Championship. Well, boo-hoo, maybe now Joe will realise that being the favourite son of Discovery Wrestling management, doesn’t always mean you get what you want, so what if the fans sing songs to you? It didn’t help him when he had a shot at the ROH World Championship and lost, also, may, I add, had Lewis been given that shot, I believe Discovery Wrestling would’ve had a joint Y-Division & ROH Champion that day.

Basically, Joe needs to get his act together and realise that it can’t always be about him, people like me, need to see Team Discovery Wrestling win, there’s a lot riding on it. So, my advice to Joe is to move on, accept your loss and who knows maybe one day down the line, you’ll get another shot at the Y-Division Championship and accept on that day, Lewis was the better man and for now, realise, it’s all about Team Discovery getting that win over The Elite.

Alan Smith and Alex Fowlis, the corrupt owners of Discovery, had a field day with anybody running in and interfering. Now, while I believe Aspen Faith was just at ringside to give Lewis some much needed moral support, there’s one idiot who broke the law and ran into the ring illegally, who was all about thuggery. Yes, I’m talking about Michael Chase.

Now, Chase, had been doing quite well making a name for himself in Discovery Wrestling, until he came across Christopher Saynt and his House of Saynt. Unfortunately for Chase, The House of Saynt are home to better wrestlers, athletes and human beings than Chase and he just couldn’t accept that, so, in a fit of jealousy, he stormed the ring and attacked The House of Saynt. Alan Smith had told him not to attend because apparently Chase had a boo-hoo. Well, as far as I can see he looked fine that day, if anything it was the realisation from Smith, that the mental midget that is Chase, is a vile, delinquent who should be in jail.

Thankfully, in a rare act of sense, Smith has allowed Saynt to name an opponent for Chase on April 12th. I’ve seen a lot of fans, say ‘why not Saynt face Chase’ which is understandable, because they’re not that bright. Let me spell it out for you, boys & girls. Saynt has already proved he’s the better man and beating Chase would be no challenge. It’s that simple, simpletons.

Whilst Chase was breaking the law, The House of Saynt were excommunicating a member, that being Lou King Sharp. Now once upon a time, I had a lot of hope for this kid, but unfortunately he’s another guy, that couldn’t and wouldn’t listen to directions and now he’s got the boot, no great loss. He needed The House of Saynt much more than they ever needed him. I’ve heard Lou King Sharp has been buddying up to Michael Chase, in between their hobbies of keying cars and smashing windows.

This leads to an important issue, I know you’re all concerned about and that’s my safety at the commentary table, as I sit there, at each show along with the old man (I forget his name) the thought of attack from some maniac criminal the likes of Michael Chase, looms in yours and my mind. Discovery needs to dig deep to protect me from the threat of such atrocities.

Other matches for Wednesday April 12th include – Will Ospreay v. Marty Scurll. This will be an incredible match and ‘The Villain’ the current ROH TV Champion, is on a tremendous run, right now, but facing a long-time adversary in ‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay, will prove no easy night for either competitoor. This one is too close to call, but it’ll be a classic.

Also in action you’ll see, Joe Hendry, Liam Slater, Martina The Session Moth, Amazon, Polo Promotions and my close personal friends The Buffet Club and as we see each and every event, expect the unexpected.

My sources tell me a handful of tickets remain, for what is Discovery’s biggest event of all-time at Edinburgh Corn Exchange, so if you’ve not got a ticket yet, get on it quickly at

As always, the pleasure is yours.

Darren T Goss
Discovery Wrestling’s International Broadcast Analyst.

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