WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup: Scottish Qualifier Review by Adam Morrison

WCPW returned to Scotland on Thursday March 23rd from the Motherwell Concert Hall, as they presented the Scottish leg of the Pro Wrestling World Cup which aired on Friday March 31st. With a stacked card featuring the eight Scottish entrants battling it out in tournament action and additional WCPW matches, this was a show not to be missed.

The commentary team for the evening were Matt Striker and Sean David.

As the show kicked off, we had a piper in the ring to play Scotland’s national anthem, “Flower of Scotland”.

Pro Wrestling World Cup: 1st Round
Kenny Williams def. Joe Hendry via Pinfall

The first Scottish qualifer in the Pro Wrestling World Cup would see The Prestige’s Joe Hendry take on a man making his WCPW debut, Kenny Williams. A back and forth encounter to kick off the show with each man getting in their fair share of offense. Joe looked to hit the Freak of Nature early on, but the current ICW Zero-G Champion was able to land on his feet. Kenny would soon look to land his finishing Quiff Buster, but Hendry countered it into a vertical suplex. As Hendry locked in the Hendry Lock, Williams was able to make it to the ropes. With Joe Hendry closing in on victory, Kenny countered into a victory roll for the surprise win as he knocks Hendry out in the first round. The Prestigious One put his hands on referee Sean McLaughlin following the match, furious with his loss as Kenny celebrated.

Pro Wrestling World Cup: 1st Round
Joe Coffey def. Liam Thomson via Submission

The second first round contest saw Joe Hendry’s fellow Prestige member Joe Coffey take on another WCPW debutant, Liam Thomson in a powerhouse collision. As the match went out to ringside, Liam’s mouth was busted open and blood started dripping out. Liam looked to end things upon returning to the ring with a victory roll, but he was caught and Coffey took him for a ride with a version of the giant swing. As Joe looked to follow into the No Mercy submission, Liam managed to pull himself up and stop the potential match ending move. Liam headed up top, looking for a diving variation of his trademark lungblower, but Coffey caught him mid-air and planted him into the mat. The Iron Man would soon lock in the No Mercy for the submission victory. Despite The Prestige’s leader being knocked out in the first round, they would still be represented in the tournament thanks to Joe Coffey.

Grado def. El Ligero via Pinfall

As we took a break from the tournament action, El Ligero was out to take on Grado. Grado entered to a different theme due to the copyright and it’s fair to say his entrance just isn’t the same. Grado backed Ligero right at the start with his superior weight advantage. As the match progressed, Grado got worn out and started delivering weak shoulder blocks, none of which did any damage to Ligero. With Ligero hung on the ropes, Grado went for the 0141 but crotched himself on the ropes and stood there embarrassed. Grado soon grabbed his bum bag, pulling an El Generico mask out from inside. El Grado ascended to the top rope, perhaps setting up for a splash, but he started climbing down rope by rope to perform a standing variation instead. With El Grado wasting too much time, it allowed El Ligero to move out the way and unmask him. Grado manged to regain control and nailed the Roll’N’Slice, but it wasn’t enough. Returning to his bum bag, Grado pulled a bag of Doritos out from inside. He spread them across the canvas, with each man blocking the other’s move and saving an early retirement. After shoving Ligero off, Grado planted The Mexican Sensation into the crisps with an RGradO for the pinfall victory. A fun match to seperate the tournament matches.

Pro Wrestling World Cup: 1st Round
BT Gunn def. Lewis Girvan via Pinfall

As we returned to tournament action, the third qualifier saw another Prestige member in BT Gunn against another debutant in Lewis Girvan. This had the potential to be match of the night had it not been for the main event. The action went outside within a matter of minutes, where Lewis dove over the ropes with a somersault dive onto Gunn. With the action returning to the ring, it gave Gunn the opportunity he needed as he chopped away at the chest of Girvan. Lewis still fought back, with a display of stiff kicks to the head and chest of The Oddity. Gunn countered Lewis’ offense and planted him head-first into the mat with a DDT version of Sister Abigail that allowed another Prestige member to advance further on in the tournament.

Pro Wrestling World Cup: 1st Round
Drew Galloway def. Mark Coffey via Pinfall

The final 1st round qualifier in the Scottish leg saw Mark Coffey make his WCPW return to take on the current WCPW Champion Drew Galloway. Drew left his title belt in the locker room for this bout, focusing solely on advancing in the tournament. The match quickly spilled to the ringside area, where Drew drove Mark chest-first into one of the steel beams underneath the ring. Back inside, Mark gained control with a plethora of moves. A jumping enzuigiri, a back suplex and a vertical suplex all took down the much larger Galloway, but it wasn’t enough for Coffey to advance in the tournament. Eventually, Drew started fighting back with his trademark snap piledriver. His Claymore attempt was stopped by Mark connecting with his Red Forman forearm to the jaw. Drew tried a second time for the Claymore and this time connected, following up with the Future Shock DDT for the three count to advance to the next round.

Martin Kirby def. Travis Banks via Pinfall

Another non-tournament match was up next, as the only non-Scottish member of The Prestige, Travis Banks took on former general manager Martin Kirby. Banks jumped Kirby from behind when the bell rang, taking the early advantage. After a brief scuffle at ringside, the action returned to the ring, where Kirby nailed a sling blade for a near fall. After failing to connect with Kirby’s Dreamland, Travis was able to land a variation on the michinoku driver but it couldn’t keep Martin Kirby down. Attempting the Sable Bomb, Martin got backdropped for his efforts followed with a superkick. After regaining the advantage following an enzuigiri, Kirby headed up to the middle rope for the Zoidberg Elbow. Just like everyone else, Travis rolled away. With Kirby down, Travis had a go at the Zoidberg Elbow. Martin avoided being elbow dropped and connected with the Sable Bomb for the victory.

Following the match, Joe Hendry returned to ringside but is cut off by Gabriel Kidd. After Hendry mentions how Kidd has yet to pick up a win in WCPW, Kidd goes on about how many opportunities Hendry has had for the WCPW Championship. Joe snaps, whipping the youngester relentlessly with his belt. With security nowhere to be seen, Matt Striker leaves the announce desk to put a stop to Hendry’s assault. Matt challenges Hendry to a bout at WCPW’s debut show in Orlando, State of Emergency, which Hendry would go on to win. Spoiler alert.

Pro Wrestling World Cup: 2nd Round
Joe Coffey def. Kenny Williams via Submission

The second round began with Joe Coffey hammering Kenny into the turnbuckles with a running dropkick during the introductions. The Iron Man snapmared Kenny using his Prestige t-shirt (available at shop.whatculture.com), before locking Williams in a camel clutch with a Travelodge card in Williams’ mouth. Kenny reversed the momentum with a springboard back elbow and a vicious headlock driver for a near fall. Coffey countered Kenny’s attempt at a hurricanrana with a powerbomb, followed into a giant swing before locking in the No Mercy submission hold. Kenny got to the ropes to break free, but he got an uppercut mid-air and locked in an elevated No Mercy to award the submission victory to Joe Coffey.

Pro Wrestling World Cup: 2nd Round
Drew Galloway def. BT Gunn via Pinfall

The second round action continued with Drew Galloway lighting up the chest of BT Gunn with some hard chops. As they brawled up to the stage, Gunn was suplexed on the hard steel aisleway. Galloway carried BT back to ringside, but he slid out and forced Drew into the ringpost. Galloway came back into it with a huge suplex off the ropes and connected with the Claymore for a near fall. Gunn dove off the ropes with a beauty of a diving codebreaker for a near fall. As he set up for the swinging DDT that got him the win earlier, Galloway forced his way out and planted BT’s head into the mat twice with a snap piledriver and the Future Shock DDT for the win.

With their wins, Joe and Drew join English representatives Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr. in the 4-night 16-man finals at the end of August.

Triple Threat Match
Marty Scurll def. Matt Riddle and Will Ospreay w/Bea Priestley via Submission

My words won’t do this match justice, but I’ll give it my best. Ospreay demanded the crowd sang happy birthday to Bea, before rambling on about how England was better than Scotland. As the match began, Matt Riddle was ganged up on by the two Englishmen but fought his way out with a variety of suplexes. A jumping senton got Matt a two count, before Scurll almost broke the neck of The King of Bros with a pumphandle neckbreaker on the knee. Marty gained a near fall with a piledriver on Riddle, before Ospreay took both men out with a double handspring pele kick. After a few moments of brawling, all three are taken out with a triple roundhouse kick. Scurll snapped the fingers of Ospreay, before countering Riddle’s Bro to Sleep to snap his toes. Will set Matt up for the OsCutter, but Riddle caught him with a tombstone piledriver for a two count as Bea Priestley pulled out the referee. Matt and Marty surround Bea at ringside, before moving out the way of a Will Ospreay suicide dive that resulted in Priestley being taken out by her boyfriend! Marty bashed Riddle with his umbrella before locking Ospreay in the crossface chickenwing inside the ring for the submission victory.

Overall, it was a great show. The pre-match videos for each of the World Cup matches to give a backstory for each of the participants was a nice touch. The non-tournament matches allowed a break from seeing the same faces over and over. WCPW appear to be making a big deal out of this tournament. With the other 6 qualifiers still to come featuring names like Rey Mysterio, Alberto el PatrΓ²n and Kyle O’Reilly, now is the time to tune in to see what WCPW are all about.

Tickets to upcoming shows, including No Regrets at the end of April and the remaining Pro Wrestling World Cup shows, are available from wc.pw.

Quick Results
Pro Wrestling World Cup: Kenny Williams def. Joe Hendry via Pinfall
Pro Wrestling World Cup: Joe Coffey def. Liam Thomson via Submission
Grado def. El Ligero via Pinfall
Pro Wrestling World Cup: BT Gunn def. Lewis Girvan via Pinfall
Pro Wrestling World Cup: Drew Galloway def. Mark Coffey via Pinfall
Martin Kirby def. Travis Banks via Pinfall
Pro Wrestling World Cup: Joe Coffey def. Kenny Williams via Submission
Pro Wrestling World Cup: Drew Galloway def. BT Gunn via Pinfall
Triple Threat Match: Marty Scurll def. Matt Riddle and Will Ospreay w/Bea Priestley via Submission

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