Preview: British Championship Wrestling ‘Live in Kilmarnock’ April 2017

Kilmarnock Grand Hall, Kilmarnock

British Championship Wrestling return to Kilmarnock Grand Hall for another expected sell out. There are limited tickets available as of writing and a few matches announced. From an outsiders perspective, BCW look to pride themselves in creating moments at every event that produce which brings no surprise that every event in 2016 was sold out and this trend looks to continue into 2017.

The moment that will surely be a factor tonight is the fact that they have two WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament talents on the card which means, due to contractual obligations, the only way to see their matches is by being there in person. We’ll get onto those matches in a moment or three.

On top of two current WWE signees, also on the agenda is a former WWE Superstar. ‘The Native American’ Tatanka heads to Kilmarnock to take on ‘The Hardcore Icon’ Jack Jester. A strange combination that may just create something special. Tatanka has visited Scotland several times over the years so will know what to expect from a rabid Scottish crowd but this would be the first time he faces someone like Jack Jester with his methodical pace and a perverse pleasure in torturing opponents. Jester will have to watch out for the lethal chops but can rely on his youth, and even speed, to wear down the stampeding buffalo.

Liam Thomson faces off against El Ligero, two opponents that have clashed several times so a well scouted battle is surely on the table here. El Ligero will banking on using his highflying offense to discombobulate the ground and pound style of Liam Thomson. Thomson though, isn’t shy about telling people how clever he is and will have studied past matches between the two in search of weaknesses.

Before we move onto the final two matches, BCW Owner Graham McKay has been plagued by The Aggression, the group consisting of Kid Fite, Davey Blaze, Aaron Echo and Lou King Sharp. They have been causing meyham in British Championship Wrestling lately and have threatened to take over the company. They forced McKay to sign a contract which will put full control of the company on the line at anytime he chooses. Will tonight be the night that Graham McKay chooses to use that clause?

Onto the final two matches, WWE United Kingdown Tournament Semi Finalist Wolfgang takes on World of Sport Wrestling star Sha Samuels in a clash that may be a dark horse for match of the night. Two big, intimidating individuals with an uncanny knack to throw in some breathtaking high risk offense. Wolfgang has been a hot commodity in British wrestling since his WWE endevour and as you won’t be able to watch this match at home on DVD or YouTube this may be one of your last chances to see Wolfgang wrestle outside of WWE. If that isn’t selling you a ticket then I don’t know what is.

The main event is one that will likely steal the show, BT Gunn has been a valiant BCW Heavyweight Champion, he’s taken on all comers big and small from Ethan Carter III to James Drake and Stevie Xavier. ‘The Oddity’ has continued to retain the title throughout but will have a tough night when he faces one of the hottest names in British wrestling right now, ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne. Take some ear plugs because the chops will be loud and numerous, the phrase ‘Strong Style’ will be a fitting description of what to expect when these two collide.

Only 30 tickets left as of writing, contact the box office now on 01563 554900.

Wolfgang vs Sha Samuels
Liam Thomson vs El Ligero
Tatanka vs Jack Jester
BCW Heavyweight Championship – BT Gunn (c) vs Pete Dunne

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