OSWtv Meets… Michael Chase

Welcome to OSWtv Meets, the interview series where we meet some of the best and brightest wrestlers in Scotland, and those that compete in this country, to find out a little more about these real life superheroes. This week we meet Michael Chase, following from his first interview back in 2014, we catch up with Chase to find out how much has changed in the last 3 years.

Name – Michael Chase
Promotion(s) – Reckless Intent Wrestling | Discovery Wrestling | Insane Championship Wrestling | Target Wrestling | World Association of Wrestling UK
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It’s been 3 years since our last interview, so lets start with an easy question, how are you doing and how is the knee?

It has been a very quick 3 years!

I am doing great, just getting back in to the swing of things since injuring my shoulder back in January. My knee is doing a lot better these days. I have been fortunate not to have any major problems with my knee since I had my second surgery in 2015 to remove torn cartilage. I get a few niggles on it every now and then but nothing that has stopped me getting in the ring.

What made you decide to shed the Mikey name and become Michael Chase?

The name change was going to come eventually. I had always been looking to change my name and when I got the news I was going to debut in ICW in 2015 that was really when I knew the name had to change. The name change has been one of the best things I have done. I found it difficult trying to find a name but I was fortunate to have Chris Renfrew, Jam O’Malley and Darren T Goss to bounce ideas off and I eventually settled on Michael Chase!

Since 2014 you have been making an impact in places like Discovery Wrestling and WAW, what was it like stepping out of Reckless Intent and into new enviroments?

Stepping out and wrestling outside of Reckless Intent has always been my goal and I have been fortunate enough to get to wrestle all over Scotland and in a number of promotions in England.

The chance to be in new environments has allowed me to grow and develop as a wrestler.

Discovery Wrestling is one of the hottest promotions in the country right now and it great to be involved working with them.

I have recently started wrestling more for Target Wrestling who are based in Carlisle and it is fast becoming one of my favourite place to go.

My trip down to WAW was a brilliant experience and I can’t wait to go back down.

The growth that Reckless Intent Wrestling has achieved over the last few years has been incredible, what would you attribute that to?

I have been involved with Reckless Intent Wrestling since day one and one thing has never changed. We want to be the best we can be. We want to be putting on the best wrestling shows possible. Everyone involved wants to improve and that is what motivates us and that attitude has helped us to grow and we have no plans on slowing down.

Last time we asked who your favourite opponents were and you listed Jackie Grady and Rawlins (now Sean Mercer) as a couple, has that list grown?

The list has changed a lot since then, I had not wrestled outside of Reckless Intent before our last interview. In the last year and a half I have had the chance to wrestle some of the top names in the business such as Big Damo, Mark Andrews, Rampage Brown, Paul Tracey, Juventud Guerrera, Tommy End. Those matches have been my favourites.

And following on from that question, who would you like to face in the near future?

I have said before that one person I would love to face is Mikey Whiplash and hopefully it will happen this year.

What have been your personal highlights from the last 3 years in the business?

My debut for ICW and getting the chance to perform in the Barras is a highlight.

Then there is getting the chance to wrestle Juventud Guerrera for Discovery Wrestling and also being a part of Discoverys biggest show ever just a couple of weeks ago.

My experience down at WAW and being a part of two IPPV’s is another one.

Also, getting to have that one last match with Big Damo before he left for WWE in Twechar is another highlight.

And continuing to see Reckless Intent grow in to one of the top promotions in Scotland will always be a highlight.

There are so many highlights but they are the ones that stand out to me as I’m writing this.

What are your thoughts on the strength of the British wrestling scene right now?

The British wrestling scene is the hottest scene in the world right now and it does not look to be slowing down. It’s great to be a part of it and get the chance to wrestle for some of the top promotions around and share a ring and locker room with the best wrestlers in the world!

We asked where you’d plan to be in 5 years time and 3 years on you’ve accomplished competing in other companies and helping Reckless Intent grow, what’s next for Michael Chase?

What’s next for me? I am going to keep doing what I am doing. I want to wrestle for more companies, wrestle the best wrestlers and continue to learn and develop as a wrestler.

And finally, the most important question, have you ever watched The Chase?

Haha, I don’t sit down and watch much TV but have caught it on a few times.

Our thanks go to Michael Chase for taking the time to answer our questions. I wonder where we’ll see him in another 3 years…

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