Preview: Source Wrestling School ‘Live in Govan’ April 2017

The Pearce Institute, Govan

On April 28th, Source Wrestling School will put on one of their biggest shows to date from The Pearce Institute in Govan. A promotion that is moulding future wrestling megastars they are treating the paying audience with three WWE UK Tournament participants, including the WWE United Kingdom Champion himself.

Let’s take a look at this stacked show:

Kai Williams-King aims to prove himself at Source, in doing so he’s put his Source career on the line against Ravie Davie. A brave move from Williams-King who hasn’t got the most stellar win-loss ratio having lost to Robbie Solar, Stevie Xavier and Massimo in previous singles outings. He faces ‘The Fresh Prince of Dramoyne Square’ Ravie Davie, a product of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum. Davie has been put in the awkward position that could see him end a wrestlers time in Source. Maybe this is all mind games from Williams-King, putting Davie in such a position that he may be hesitant to land the final blow which opens him up to be taken advantage of. Maybe Williams-King has become so desperate for a win he may have some, less-than-sporting, tricks up his sleeve.

When Source announced this show was taking place, it was due to have all three members of British Strong Style in action, unfortunately Trent Seven was no longer available. His replacement being the man who defeated him in the WWE UK Tournament, ‘The Regulator’ Wolfgang. Wolfgang is one of the most sought after wrestlers in the country right now after his performance and when you see him in action it’s clear why. He’s against Massimo, the big Italian lost some momentum due to injury last year and will be keen to use Wolfgang as a catapult and get back on track. Wolfgang, however, didn’t get to where he is and to win so many titles from being anyone’s stepping stone.

Rowan Frey and Alexander Darwin MacAllan, The Titans of the North, have been stepping on anyone available from MATT DALY to Craig Forsyth, the duo have been causing havoc recently and are out to take over Source. They face Polo Promotions in a rematch from the last Source event at Shawlands, on that occasion Polo Promotions were victorious but that won’t have deterred The Titans, who may’ve seen that as a battle lost but the war is still all to play for.

The Mountevans Rules Match, otherwise known as World of Sport Rules, between Mikey Whiplash and Scott McManus will be an interesting one. Whiplash has been facing his own students over the last few shows, almost like he’s testing what they have learned but this looks like an exam with either two falls (either by pinfall or submission) or one knockout required to win. As with all teacher versus student matches, Whiplash may’ve taught McManus everything he knows, but he hasn’t taught him everything Whiplash knows. Whiplash has almost been teaching his students TOO well having suffered loses to Luke Matthews, Daihlan Hendry and Grant McIvor recently, perhaps Mikey has been underestimating his opponents, which he doesn’t seem to make a habit of. Scott McManus may be in for a long and painful night.

The other half of The Underdogs, Kieran McColm doesn’t have an easy night either as he takes on WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate. McColm, ever the underdog, hasn’t seen a fight he wasn’t willing to go all in for and going against Bate will be a fight. Tyler isn’t much older than McColm but has a wealth of experience behind him from wrestling all of the world as a singles competitor and as a tag team with Trent Seven as Moustache Mountain. As the holder of the WWE UK Championship Tyler Bate could very well be considered as the best wrestler in the UK today so to have a chance against someone that will be entering with a high reputation will only fire McColm up to show everyone that he isn’t ‘just’ an underdog.

Finally, a huge match has been scheduled for this event when ‘The Iron Man’ meets ‘The Bruiserweight’. Two of the very best collide as Joe Coffey and Pete Dunne take each other on. It won’t be the only time they go face to face as they’ll also be in action against each other on Sunday for Insane Championship Wrestling at QMU in Glasgow. This match could be a showcase while they feel each other out, which could make for an outstanding match up. When you have wrestlers of the calibre of Coffey and Dunne, expectations are high and more often than note these two smash those expectations. ICW World Heavyweight Champion vs PROGRESS World Champion, which you can see for only Β£10, not a bad deal eh.

Tickets are still available but are very much limited. Visit Ringside World and get yours.

Matches Announced:
Kai Williams-King vs Ravie Davie
Massimo vs Wolfgang
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) vs The Titans of the North (Rowan Frey & Alexander Darwin MacAllan)
Mountevans Rule Match – Mikey Whiplash vs Scott McManus
Kieran McColm vs Tyler Bate
Joe Coffey vs Pete Dunne

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