Asylum Invitational Tournament: Bracket Breakdown

The Asylum is set to play host to the inaugural Asylum Invitational Tournament next weekend, with a two-night 16-man tournament to be held over Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th. 16 graduates from Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum, PBW Academy and Source Wrestling School will compete in this special tournament showcasing the younger talent on the Scottish wrestling scene.

The first round bouts have intrigued me with some fantastic contests put together. With that, I’m going to take a quick run through all eight of them and give my thoughts on who’s advancing forward.

Danny Cantrell (GPWA) vs Krieger (PBW Academy)

The first bout sees Danny Cantrell of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum squaring off against PBW Academy’s Scudmaster Sexy Krieger. I’ve not seen much of Danny’s work, but I’ve heard plenty of good things about the guy. Krieger on the other hand is a man I’m very familiar with. Scudmaster Sexy himself is currently one half of your reigning PBW Tag Team Champions alongside Lou King Sharp, who as it turns out is your mother’s favourite wrestler. The two have been sexy dancing their way through all the tag teams offered by Premier British Wrestling. One has to think that Krieger will use these dancing skills to storm past Danny Cantrell and advance to the quarterfinals.
Prediction – Krieger

Jack Dillon (GPWA) vs Aaron Echo (PBW Academy)

Another GPWA vs PBW match follows, as Jack Dillon faces one of the most underrated wrestlers on the Scottish wrestling circuit Aaron Echo. Jack Dillon, from what I’ve seen of him, appears to be a resilient underdog, which is a good thing to be when facing someone like Aaron Echo. Aaron has been underlooked during his career, and the Asylum Invitational Tournament is just what he needs to get himself more attention. Jack’s going to have a tough task if he want to move on to the round of 8.
Prediction – Aaron Echo

Irving Garrett (GPWA) vs Scott McManus (Source Wrestling School)

The next contest sees Irving Garrett squaring off against Scott McManus. Scott McManus is part of a tag team known as The Underdogs. Despite this, Scott has had his fair share of success and is never willing to give up easily. But when facing a man like Irving Garrett, he’ll need more than fighting spirit to pick up the win. Irving has a tendency to pick a body part and focus on it for the entire match, using various different submission holds to wear his opponents down. This strategy has earned him the nickname “Holds”. Will this help him advance through to the quarterfinals?
Prediction – Irving Garrett

Kieran McColm (Source Wrestling School) vs Lucha DS (PBW Academy)

Kieran McColm, fresh off a match against WWE United Kingdom Champion and British Strong Style member Tyler Bate at the end of April, will face Lucha DS in the 1st round. Kieran will perhaps have the momentum heading into this match following that huge contest. Despite not having picked up the win over Tyler, he still went toe to toe with one of the most gifted wrestlers in the world today and he maybe learned a trick or two from the UK Champion. But we can’t count out the agility of Lucha DS. Kieran’s offense is more on the technical side, but he may not get to showcase his skills if PBW’s resident high-flyer has anything to say about it.
Prediction – Kieran McColm

Kai Williams-King (Source Wrestling School) vs Devin Fawkes (GPWA)

Not a lot for me to say about this next bout due to the fact that I’m not fully aware of these two young athletes. Kai Williams-King is a name I keep hearing good things about after every Source show. Devin Fawkes meanwhile appears to be a big dominant powerhouse. From what I’ve heard, Devin and Danny Cantrell are part of a tag team in GPWA known as Distortion. If both men advance through the tournament, they could end up facing off against each other in another round.
Prediction – Kai Williams-King

Leyton Buzzard (GPWA) vs Kez Evans (GPWA)

In a battle between two of The Asylum’s own, it’ll be Leyton Buzzard taking on Kez Evans. The only match I’ve seen of Leyton’s was a tag match alongside Michael Parks as they faced Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith. More of a beatdown than a match, but that’s what happens if you’re name is Rampage. However like with many other people in this tournament, I’ve heard great things about him. Kez Evans, one of the standout members of GPWA and a member of The Asylum Originals over in Pro Wrestling Elite, impressed me from the day I first layed eyes on him. Having been with GPWA since the start, Kez will have the experience advantage which could help him in advancing forward.
Prediction – Kez Evans

Ravie Davie (GPWA) vs MATT DALY (Source Wrestling School)

Talk about a battle of charisma. The recently engaged Ravie Davie, The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square, squares off against MATT DALY in what is sure to be a very vocal contest. Ravie Davie’s journey towards being a wrestler was a weird one, but here he is with the chance to show why he’s made the right career path. MATT DALY is not one to shy away from the spotlight, even referring to himself in third person. Nevertheless, this promises to be a highlight of the entire weekend. Who knows, Davie’s fiancΓ©e Martina may show up.
Prediction – Ravie Davie

The Sam Barbour Experience (GPWA) vs Dylan Angel (PBW Academy)

The final 1st round contest will see The Sam Barbour Experience going one on one with Dylan Angel. Dylan Angel is a man who keeps on impressing with every match. Always a crowd pleaser, Dylan puts his body on the line to entertain the audience. The Sam Barbour Experience has it all when it comes to being a good wrestler. Charisma, agility and the most important, a good fur coat. Despite being slightly less experienced, SBX may look to cheat his way to a victory in the hopes of cementing his name in the record books and become the winner of the Asylum Invitational Tournament.
Prediction – The Sam Barbour Experience

Following the first round, the quarterfinal matches will see;

Lucha DS/Kieran McColm vs Danny Cantrell/Krieger
Dylan Angel/The Sam Barbour Experience vs Kai Williams-King/Devin Fawkes
Leyton Buzzard/Kez Evans vs Jack Dillon/Aaron Echo
Ravie Davie/MATT DALY vs Irving Garrett/Scott McManus

The winners of those four matches will then face off, with the final two facing off in the finals to determine the winner of the Asylum Invitational Tournament!

Who do you think will win?

Tickets are available from, with multiple options available;
Seated tickets for both nights, priced at Β£26
Standing tickets for both nights, priced at Β£21
Seated tickets for seperate nights, priced at Β£15
Standing tickets for seperate nights, priced at Β£12

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