Preview: WCPW ‘The Prestige Presents Hendrymania’

WhatCulture Pro Wrestling are coming back to Scotland this coming Saturday with a massive show jointly presented with The Prestige titled Hendrymania, exclusive to WhatCulture Extra subscribers. A huge card featuring some of WCPW’s own and a few familiar faces is set for the event, so let’s get straight into it.

WCPW Championship
Joe Hendry (c) vs Martin Kirby

The main event for this Saturday’s show will see The Prestige’s Joe Hendry put his newly won WCPW Championship on the line against former champion Martin Kirby. Kirby shocked the world last month at the No Regrets iPPV when he entered at number two in the 30-man Championship Rumble and outlasted 29 other competitors to capture the title that has avoided him for the past year, finally nailing the Zoidberg Elbow along the way. After Hendry attempted to protest in the ring during the Mexican qualifiers of the Pro Wrestling World Cup, WCPW general manager Plumpy granted The Prestigious One a shot at the title in the main event. Early on in the title match, Kirby appeared to have suffered some sort of head injury after being driven head-first into the barricade. Hendry, desperate to win the title at all costs, took advantage and shoved the first aid helpers up the ramp. Hendry repeatedly slammed Kirby’s head against the mat, with a lump forming on his head. With Kirby lying motionless, Hendry charged in looking for a punt kick. Thankfully, referee Steve Lynskey stopped Hendry in his tracks and awarded him the title via referee stoppage. With Kirby officially cleared to compete, he’ll receive his championship rematch this weekend in Edinburgh.

WCPW Internet Championship
Gabriel Kidd (c) vs Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams makes his WCPW return this Saturday as he challenges Gabriel Kidd for his WCPW Internet Championship. After being on a losing streak since the beginning of WCPW back in June of last year, Kidd finally picked up his first win last month at the No Regrets iPPV as he defeated Cody Rhodes and Joe Hendry to win the Internet Championship. After retaining against Suzuki-gun member Zack Sabre Jr. during the Canadian qualifiers of the Pro Wrestling World Cup, Gabriel Kidd faces another tough test in Scotland’s own Kenny Williams. Kenny has been tearing it up with his Zero-G Open Challenges over in ICW, but now has the chance to add the WCPW Internet Championship to his collection.

Triple Threat Hardcore Match
The Primate vs Scott Wainwright vs Bad Bones

This Saturday’s show will play host to a huge Triple Threat Hardcore Match between The Primate, Bad Bones and one half of the WCPW Tag Team Champions Scott Wainwright. The Primate and Wainwright faced off in a one on one Hardcore Match during the Mexican qualifiers of the Pro Wrestling World Cup. That match saw Scott slapped in the face with a mouthful of thumbtacks and speared in mid-air on to more thumbtacks. With the destructive force known as Bad Bones added in to the mix, this one could get ugly.

Rampage vs Joe Coffey

The Prestige’s Joe Coffey will go one on one with Rampage this Saturday. Rampage had a run in with Joe’s fellow Prestige members BT Gunn and Travis Banks during last month’s Championship Rumble as he eliminated both of them within minutes of entering. It would be Joe Hendry that dumped the man from Leeds over the ropes, so Rampage will be able to gain retribution in Edinburgh against another Prestige member in The Iron Man. Joe Coffey may have help from other Prestige members during this match. With BT Gunn and Travis Banks not currently booked for in-ring action, we could see them getting involved here. If Rampage is able to pick up the win against one of Joe Hendry’s allies, you have to imagine he’ll be in line for a future title opportunity.

Sha Samuels vs Drake

Sha Samuels will make his WCPW singles debut at the Meadowbank Sports Centre as he faces Drake. Sha debuted during the Championship Rumble, being eliminated by defending champion Drew Galloway. Sha Samuels’ reasons for coming to WCPW are yet to be answered. Perhaps he’s coming to earn a shot at some championship gold and wants to prove himself first. His opponent Drake is no easy man to get through, having once been aligned with Big Damo, now known as SAnitY member Killian Dain in NXT. This should be an interesting contest between two of England’s finest.

El Ligero vs Dave Mastiff

Dave Mastiff will also make his singles debut in Edinburgh as he faces “The Mexican Sensation” El Ligero. After being a surprise entrant in last month’s Rumble, Mastiff disposed of Fat Ligero before ripping off one of El Ligero’s horns. The big beast of a man is coming to Scotland to inflict more punishment on Mexico’s finest. Meanwhile, El Ligero will be able to exact revenge for losing one of his horns. Is that what this match is about? El Ligero losing a horn? Nevertheless, it should be good to see these two going at it seeing as they normally team up over in PROGRESS.

Prospect (Alex Gracie & Lucas Archer) vs Kid Fite & Lou King Sharp

Tag team action is set to take place in Edinburgh, as Prospect face off against Scotland’s own Kid Fite and Lou King Sharp (no Krieger unfortunately). Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer have changed their ways since the last time WCPW visited the Meadowbank Sports Centre, being ditched by their manager James R. Kennedy back at February’s True Destiny iPPV. Since then, Prospect have found a new way of life and have been dabbing their way through some of WCPW’s top stars. The last time we saw Kid Fite and Lou King Sharp in WCPW was at the previous Edinburgh show in January, where they lost to then-Tag Team Champions Johnny Moss and Liam Slater. If they’re able to pick up a win against WCPW’s first ever tag team, that will surely put them in line for a future shot at the WCPW Tag Team Championships.

Martina vs Viper

Women’s action rounds out the card this Saturday, as Viper faces WCPW debutant Martina. Since Viper made her WCPW debut at the end of February, she has been enlisted as the bodyguard to WCPW Women’s Champion Bea Priestley. Bea has stated that anyone who wants a shot at her title, first has to defeat Viper. Martina has been making waves all over the wrestling business, with her home company Over the Top Wrestling quickly becoming one of the hottest companies in the world. If the Irish star is able to defeat The Vixen of Violence, she will surely be next in line to challenge Bea Priestley.

This Saturday’s show will air live and exclusively on Tickets are still available at VIP doors open at 5pm, while general admission doors open at 5:30pm. The action is set to kick off at 6.30pm, with an approximate ending of 9pm.

Announced Matches
WCPW Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs Martin Kirby
WCPW Internet Championship: Gabriel Kidd (c) vs Kenny Williams
Triple Threat Hardcore Match: The Primate vs Bad Bones vs Scott Wainwright
Joe Coffey vs Rampage
Drake vs Sha Samuels
El Ligero vs Dave Mastiff
Prospect vs Kid Fite & Lou King Sharp
Viper vs Martina

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