Adam’s Top 10… WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Contenders

The inception of the Tri-Counties Championship in WrestleZone has paved the way for many great matches so far. The likes of Aspen Faith, Bingo Ballance, Zach Dynamite and Bryan Tucker have taken this new opportunity to showcase their talents. But what about some of the guys we rarely, or not at all, get to see up in the north-east? Here are 10 Scottish wrestlers that could come in to WrestleZone, either debuting or returning, as a contender to the Tri-Counties Championship!

Honourable mentions;
Dylan Angel
Steven “Air” Myles
Nathan Reynolds
Lucha DS
Ian Ambrose

10. Joe Hendry

The Local Hero. The Global Hero. The Prestigious One. Call him what you want, Joe Hendry is running wild in the wrestling industry just now. Whether it’s his heated rivalry with Lionheart in ICW, being prestigious in WCPW or mocking fellow wrestlers with his classic entrances, Hendry is one of the hottest things going in Scottish wrestling. But one thing missing from his rΓ©sumΓ© is an appearance up here in the north-east. There’s so many people up in this neck of the woods he would fit against. Aspen Faith, Shawn Johnson, Scotty Swift, Damien, the list goes on. If it was only the one time, it would preferably be at Aberdeen Anarchy one year so we could get a custom video.

9. Lou King Sharp

Your mother’s favourite wrestler was originally in the round of 16 in the tournament to crown the first champion, but vacated his spot to Chris Archer upon realising he had “better things to do”. Standing at a colossal 5″4 and weighing in at a ripped, jacked 8 1/2 stone, it’s safe to say no-one matches up to the sexiest man in professional wrestling. Like I say later on when mentioning Kid Fite and Krieger, the three could potentially bring in their group from ICW and rule over WrestleZone with the Tri-Counties and Tag Team Championships.

8. Kenny Williams

After making his WrestleZone debut at Aberdeen Anarchy 2015, Kenny has only appeared once since then, with a loss to Shawn Johnson at Summerhill Showdown 2016. With the introduction of the Tri-Counties Championship, the current ICW Zero-G Champion would be a great fit for the division. With his Zero-G Open Challenges in ICW being a huge success, he could potentially use these tactics if he were to win gold up north.

7. Solar

The resident high flyer from the Source Wrestling School, Solar has made very few appearances in WrestleZone so far in his career. If he were to become a more regular member of the roster, he would certainly fit in with the Tri-Counties Championship. If the 10 minute time limit rule remains in place following the tournament’s end, it will push Solar to his absolute limit. Like I’ve said for others, he could have numerous classic matches. High flying contests against the likes of Shawn Johnson, Bingo Ballance, Chris Archer? Sign me up.

6. Aaron Echo

Perhaps the most underrated talent on the Scottish circuit today, Aaron Echo is an outstanding performer in the ring. Currently tearing it up in companies such as PBW and BCW, Echo has made it known that he can hang with the top guys. An appearance or two up in the north-east would add to his already growing repertoire, as would a reign with the Tri-Counties Title. Already thinking about the countless match of the night performers he could put on; Aspen Faith, Shawn Johnson, Damien, Bryan Tucker, Zach Dynamite. He’s great against anyone.

5. Mark Coffey

A man who I would love to see up in the north-east, Mark Coffey would be a grand fit in the Tri-Counties division. With his brother Joe being a former Undisputed Champion up in WrestleZone, Mark could continue The Coffey Brothers’ success in the north-east by adding the Tri-Counties Championship to his accolades. Already well known in the wrestling business thanks to his part in Polo Promotions, it’s time for The Power Forward to bring his game up north.

4. Kid Fite

In at number 4 is a man who recently made his return to the north-east following a 7 year absence, PBW founder Kid Fite. Fite has produced many of the wrestlers on this list with the extremely successful PBW Academy. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be afraid to go through his own guys to take home another belt to his collection. Who knows, maybe Lou King Sharp and Krieger can join Fite and bring their trio from ICW up north; Fite as Tri-Counties Champion, with Sharp and Krieger ruling over the tag division as WrestleZone Tag Team Champions.

3. Krieger

Scudmaster Sexy is one of the best wrestlers to emerge from the PBW Academy. Sexy dancing his way to the PBW Tag Team Championships alongside Lou King Sharp, Krieger has made a reputation in the wrestling business. With Sharp making the occasional appearance in WrestleZone, Krieger would already have someone to watch his back incase someone challenges him to a dance off. Can already see it now; Krieger vs Lou King Sharp in a Dance Battle with the Tri-Counties Championship on the line at Aberdeen Anarchy 2018.

2. Stevie Xavier

The Icon Killer of ICW made his WrestleZone return at last year’s Beach Ballroom supershow, losing once again to one of the tournament finalists Bingo Ballance. Stevie can put on a good match with nearly any wrestler there is, with himself vs Aspen Faith being a personal dream match of mine. With his Aberdeen Anarchy rival Bingo Ballance in the running to become the inaugural champion on June 17th, we could possibly see a third match between the two down the line, this time with gold on the line.

1. Lewis Girvan

Possibly the best wrestler currently going in Scotland, Lewis Girvan is truly a joy to watch in the ring. His series with Aspen Faith during late 2015/early 2016 set the bar for technical wrestling in Scotland. Last making an appearance up north at Aberdeen Anarchy 2016, it’s time for The Best Young Wrestler to make his return. So many good opponents for him up here. Apart from Aspen Faith, there’s the likes of Shawn Johnson, Zach Dynamite, Alan Sterling, Bryan Tucker, etc. Put Lewis Girvan against anyone and he’ll put on a great match, no matter the occasion. A perfect fit for the Tri-Counties Championship, especially if the 10 minute time limit rule remains in place beyond the tournament.

The first Tri-Counties Champion will be crowned on June 17th, live from Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom. Limited general admission tickets, priced at Β£17, are still available from;
The Lemon Tree on West North Street
His Majesty’s Theatre on Rosemount Viaduct or by telephone on 01224 641122

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