Review: WrestleZone ‘Live at Union Square’ 2017

For the last time before next weekend’s monumental Aberdeen Anarchy supershow, the stars of WrestleZone were in action for a free show at Union Square. With action on all day, there was also the chance to meet the stars and purchase merchandise, including Aberdeen Anarchy tickets and the brand new event t-shirt. Since there were 13 matches in total, a full rundown of each would require a hefty use of my memory so I’ll stick to giving a brief overview of the day.

Having an outdoors event at a place that attracts plenty of people allowed the guys to hand out pile after pile of promotional flyers for the big show next weekend. Big props to the mohawked guy who certainly handed out the most!

With light rain showers forecast, it caused a slightly late start and a brief delay. The delay didn’t bother me that much, until seeing Aspen Faith walking to the ring for a match which would have to be postponed. Thankfully, the rain eventually went away and the rest of the matches continued. Speaking of Aspen, he had a hell of a day. Failing an attempt at a Swanton Bomb, taking a swift superkick to the jaw courtesy of Debbie Sharpe, missing a diving crossbody. It’s safe to say the top rope is not an ally to The King of Catch.

To my surprise, we got two WrestleZone debuts at Union Square in the form of Prince Asad and Owen Jakks, both from the PBW Academy. Hopefully this continues and we get more PBW trainees up north. I’m sure the likes of Aaron Echo, Lucha DS, Krieger and Emily Hayden would be welcome to come up and entertain the north-east wrestling fans.

Following Bryan Tucker’s win in the main event Battle Royal, it was revealed to be his birthday. After the other wrestlers and the fans sang happy birthday, a cake was introduced only for it to be stolen by Lord Mr Malice. Malice slammed the cake into Tucker’s face, only for two other cakes to appear. Both went into either side of Malice’s head, before Tucker planted him with a Twist of Fate. Lou King Sharp then got involved, which led to him being taken out by a Lion Cutter and a Frog Splash. All in all, a great end to the day.

With that, all eyes are now firmly locked on next Saturday’s Aberdeen Anarchy supershow at the Beach Ballroom. Limited general admission tickets, priced at Β£17, are still on sale if you haven’t already got, available from any of the following places;,
The Lemon Tree on West North Street,
His Majesty’s Theatre on Rosemount Viaduct or by phoning them on 01224 641122

Quick Results

Scotty Swift def. Aspen Faith via Pinfall
Chris Archer & Bradley Evans def. Lord Mr Malice & William Sterling via Pinfall
Sammii Jayne def. Debbie Sharpe via Submission
Aspen Faith def. Bradley Evans via Pinfall
Fatal Four Way Match: Bryan Tucker def. Blue Thunder, Zach Dynamite and Prince Asad via Pinfall
Lou King Sharp def. Johnny Lions via Pinfall
Debbie Sharpe def. Sammii Jayne w/Aspen Faith via Pinfall
Triple Threat Match: Zach Dynamite def. Bryan Tucker and Prince Asad via Pinfall
Triple Threat Match: Lou King Sharp def. Bradley Evans and Mikkey Vago via Pinfall
Intergender Match: Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne def. Chris Archer & Debbie Sharpe via Pinfall
Triple Threat Match: Scotty Swift def. Zach Dynamite and Mikkey Vago via Pinfall
Johnny Lions def. Prince Asad via Pinfall
Battle Royal: Bryan Tucker def. Lord Mr Malice, Prince Asad, William Sterling, Owen Jakks, Mikkey Vago, Blue Thunder, Chris Archer, Johnny Lions, Zach Dynamite, Bradley Evans, Scotty Swift and Lou King Sharp

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