WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2017’ Predictions

You may have noticed that it’s almost Aberdeen Anarchy. We’ve been very quiet about it, but the team here are pretty excited. So I have got together a team of WrestleZone fans from our writing and admin team to give us their predictions on the biggest show in the North East. I have also included a Win-Loss record for each that pertains to the main card of Aberdeen Anarchy at The Beach Ballroom. This year we’ve added an interactive poll so we can find out who YOU think will win on June 17th.

Johnny Lions (0-4) w/Sean Wallace vs Damien (2-2)

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Johnny Lions. An embarassing loss being caused by Sean Wallace will only serve as the catalyst for Damien to shun everyone, including Sterling Oil. Damien won’t have any back up from his comrades and will be left alone in this final battle.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Johnny Lions. If my prediction of Damien turning on Sterling Oil is to come true then it all rests on Damien losing to Johnny Lions here. I can see Johnny taking the win especially if he has someone in his corner, this will be a great match.

Adam (@adammorrison40): Damien. Even though Johnny Lions has Evening Express reporter Sean Wallace in his corner, Damien needs the win more if he does what I think he’ll do at the end of the show.

The Fans! Vote below:

The Rejected (Chris Archer (1-2) & Mikkey Vago (1-1)) (c) vs The Sterling Brothers (William Sterling (1-3) & Alan Sterling (1-3)) w/Richard R Russell

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): The Sterling Brothers. It won’t all be bad news for Sterling Oil, The Rejected have had their number since Christmas Chaos when they shocked the WrestleZone crowd by accepting The Sterling Brothers’ open challenge. Richard R Russell needs a win, and as my other predictions go against Sterling Oil I think they’ll nab the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships as a consolation.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): The Sterling Brothers. I think this is going to be a good night for Sterling Oil when it comes to championship gold. The Sterling Brothers come into this contest with the advantage in experience and they have Richard R. Russell at ringside, I just can’t see The Rejected overcoming the odds.

Adam (@adammorrison40): The Sterling Brothers. With the added stipulation of Richard R. Russell being shaved bald should The Sterling Brothers lose, Triple R will do anything to ensure his men win. Despite backing Alan and William in this match, I still have a feeling that we’ll see a bald Richard R. Russell by the end of Aberdeen Anarchy.

The Fans! Vote below:

Sha Samuels (0-0), Andy Wild (0-2) & Kid Fite (0-0) vs Rikishi (0-0), Grado (2-0)

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Andy Wild, Sha Samuels & Kid Fite. Can see this being a shock win out of nowhere but that won’t stop the fun and games that’ll take place with multiple stink faces dished out by Rikishi and Grado, with Mr P maybe opting to stand watch.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK):
Rikishi, Grado and Mr P. Not only do they have the advantage of having the WWE legend Rikishi, this team have Grado and Mr P, who have experience teaming together at Aberdeen Anarchy. Sha, Fite and Wild may bring a strong challenge but I see Team Rikishi taking this one.

Adam (@adammorrison40): Mr P, Grado & Rikishi. Three stinkfaces to Andy, Fite and Sha and they’ll be on their way. Post match dance off to end it off.

The Fans! Vote below:

Sammii Jayne (0-1) vs Viper (1-0)

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Viper. I had a dream and it involves a repeat of last year’s event when Viper powerbombed Sammii off the second rope…only this time there was a table to cushion her fall and add extra pain to the recipient. Viper having Melina in her corner obviously adds an extra advantage so maybe, just mayBAE, there will be someone to look out for ‘The Queen of Catch’.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Viper. As great as the Queen of Catch is, I can only see Viper taking this match. With WWE legend Melina in her corner, Viper comes into this contest with a huge advantage.

Adam (@adammorrison40): Viper. With Melina being in Viper’s corner, it gives me the impression that it’ll be Sammii Jayne going through the wood at the end of the match.

The Fans! Vote below:

Lou King Sharp (1-1) vs Hornswoggle (0-0)

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Lou King Sharp. But the real winners here will be the fans (ahhh that ol’ cliché eh). Clash of the titans when the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion faces Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler. This will have plenty of laughs but, in this colossal contest, we can only hope that the ring has been secured.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Hornswoggle. While Lou talks a big game, I feel like he won’t be able to cope with the years of experience that Hornswoggle has. Either way this is going to be a fun match that I’m thoroughly looking forward to.

Adam (@adammorrison40): Lou King Sharp. Just imagine the reaction Lou would have if he won The Battle of the Big Men. I rest my case.

The Fans! Vote below:

Bryan Tucker (3-1) vs Aspen Faith (1-3) vs Bingo Ballance (3-1) vs Zach Dynamite (0-0)

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Aspen Faith. Like you needed to ask…’The King of Catch’ has been on a tear in this tournament, he promised that he would become the first ever WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion and will not stop until he does just that. He has everything required to win…except a liking for heights…which may pose a problem in a ladder match.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Aspen Faith. Faith has by far been the breakout star of WrestleZone, going on to make a name for himself all over Scotland… However, he has never really had a big moment in WrestleZone. I feel like this is going to be his moment, grabbing that title in front of over 1300 people.

Adam (@adammorrison40): Aspen Faith. I’ve backed Aspen Faith to become the first Tri-Counties Champion since the belt was announced last October. Despite his fear of heights, he stated on the World of TRASH podcast that he’ll take everyone else out so he only has to climb the ladder once. Wise strategy.

The Fans! Vote below:

Shawn Johnson (2-2) vs Scotty Swift (c) (4-0)

Billy (@VoiceOfOSW): Scotty Swift. I’m so conflicted in this one. On the one hand I’d love to see Scotty Swift continue his undefeated streak at Aberdeen Anarchy which currently stands at 4-0. On the other hand it would be fantastic to see Shawn Johnson, who has grown so much in the last 12 months as a performer and as a character, to get a hold of the big belt on the biggest stage. I’m going with Swift, with my only reasoning being that it won’t be a clean win. Shawn Johnson has been building quite a hefty enemy list and with Damien being in the shadows, being shunted by the new golden boy of Sterling Oil. Can’t see this one ending without some sort of shenanigans and with Crusher Craib just announced to be at the event…I think we may find one of the shenanigers.

Kyle (@KyleWattUK): Shawn Johnson. There has been real tension in Sterling Oil in the lead up to this year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, most of which has revolved around Shawn and Damien. Shawn winning the title at the biggest show of the year will be the straw that breaks the camels back. Shawn also has the numbers advantage going into this match.

Adam (@adammorrison40): Shawn Johnson. Scotty Swift has been the backbone of WrestleZone for years, but now is the time for guys like Shawn Johnson to shine through. If Shawn was able to win the Undisputed Title on the biggest stage WrestleZone has to offer, it would give Richard R. Russell something to brag about for months and months. Extra prediction: Damien will turn on Sterling Oil, with a possible Crusher Craib return to join Russell’s side. Something I’ve been hoping for since the Regal Rumble.

The Fans! Vote below:

So that’s our guesses. Who do you think is going to win? Post your predictions below!

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