OSWtv Meets… Sammii Jayne… Again

Welcome to OSWtv Meets, the interview series where we meet some of the best and brightest wrestlers in Scotland, and those that compete in this country, to find out a little more about these real life superheroes. This week we meet Sammii Jayne, our most popular interviewee, to find out what’s been happening since we last spoke to her back in 2014.

Name – Sammii Jayne
Promotion(s) – WrestleZone | Discovery Wrestling | Insane Championship Wrestling | Pro Wrestling: EVE | Scottish Wrestling Entertainment | World Wide Wrestling League | Scottish Wrestling Alliance
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It’s been three years since our last interview, and you’ve went from a ‘Princess’ to the ‘Queen of Catch’, what’s changed in the world of Sammii Jayne?

I would say I’ve definitely grown in confidence since then, and that’s helped with me trying out alot of new things. I’ve been in the ring with alot of big names recently too which in turn has made me up my game in turn helping me improve. I would say I’m at the top of my game and it’s a blast right now.

I’m sure that has created many memorable highlights and matches, are there any moments that stand out?

Winning the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship is a moment that definitely stands out, and speaking of Eve I’ve had the chance to step into the ring with Meiko Satomura and Emi Sakura this year, which is such an honour and a massive highlight.

The last few years has seen you evolve into this all-round in-ring badass, is there anyone that you’ve felt has helped you push forward in your training?

I spent a lot of time training with Big Damo [Killian Dain], Mikey Whiplash and Nikki Storm [Cross] and that definitely helped shape the wrestler I am today. I also try and get to as many seminars as I can, I have been able to train with Emi Sakura this year as well as Paul Tracey so it’s always helping me learn and improve. More recently I’ve been training at the WrestleZone Training Academy every week alongside Aspen Faith, it’s a great facility and it’s definitely helped me to keep on top of my game recently.

You’ve been travelling across the country facing some of the top names in British wrestling, last time you listed Carmel, Kay Lee Ray and Sara as opponents that you wished to face and you’ve ticked them off. Is there anyone that is now at the top of your wishlist to face in the near future?

Io Shirai, Madison Eagles, Toni Storm are the three at the top of my list, I’m getting my first chance to work with Toni in just over a week at Discovery Wrestling so I’m looking forward to that.

And to follow on from that question, are there any promotions on that same wishlist?

I’d love to wrestle for Stardom and Shimmer seeing as they’re the largest all female promotions in the world. I feel like I’d be a great addition there and there would be a lot of new matches and challenges for me. As far as the UK goes, Progress is somewhere I’ve always wanted to work.

Where have been your favourites places to wrestle? Be it a promotion or just a certain venue.

Promotion wise, Pro Wrestling: EVE is so much fun, there is such a good atmosphere and such a great bunch of girls. I also enjoy WrestleZone too especially the Beach Ballroom, it’s such a beautiful venue, I’m looking forward to having my first singles match there this weekend.

How did it feel facing Nikki Storm in her final match in Insane Championship Wrestling?

Oh it was definitely a huge honour to be chosen as her last opponent before she headed off to bigger and better things, I’m so happy for her and I know she’ll do great there, she already is.

Last time we spoke it was April 2014 and a lot has changed since then, especially the opportunities for women in wrestling. What are your thoughts on the ‘Women’s Revolution’?

I think it’s great, and it’s only getting started. There’s so much great female talents coming from all over the world and once this WWE Women’s Mae Young Classic starts later in the year I can only see women’s wrestling continuing its rise.

You recently won the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship which boasts previous holders Nikki Storm [Cross], Alpha Female and Britani Knight [Paige]. How does it feel to be part of that list and has it sunk in yet?

It’s kind of still sinking in, it’s an honour to be amongst those names, I think it shows that people have faith in my abilities, hopefully I can do everyone proud and show that I deserve to be the champ.

Do you have any thoughts on your upcoming tables match with Viper at WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy on June 17th?

Well, I’m going to put her through a table. I’ve never been in a tables match itself but recently I’ve made a habit of putting people through tables at EVE, so hey, at least I have experience there. On a serious note, it’s a big match and the fact that we’ve been given the opportunity to show what we can do in that type of environment in front of such a large crowd means a lot.

What’s next for Sammii Jayne?

The world.

And finally, what’s it like teaming with Debbie Sharpe?

Worse than you could even imagine.

Our thanks to Sammii for taking the time out of her title winning schedule to answer our questions. We look forward to seeing her grow and take over the world.

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