Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ June 2017

By Euan Conway


Discovery Wrestling returned with their forth show of the year but their first visit to Portobello Town Hall for some time. Having missed the last show in May which included the Mikey Whiplash v Matt Riddle match I was determined I wouldn’t miss this one even if I arrived right on bell time due to work. This show was mainly dealing with the three tournaments Discovery have running throughout the year, it can be a bit difficult to follow at times so I’ll try and keep you right as to what is what. Add to that a guest appearance from WWE UK tournament superstar Joseph Connors and Angelico and a Tag Team main event and the full card was set.

Uncivil War Qualifier – The Buffet Club vs The Headbanders

This was a first time wrestling in Discovery for The Headbanders and as a regular attender at Reckless Intent shows I have seen how well they gel as a team so it’s good to see them get an opportunity in another promotion. The Buffet Club were excellent playing a comedy heel duo and are well known to the Discovery crowd. Their promo at the start went on a bit but it got them over as the team to hate along with their England music. The Headbanders battled in vain and gave a good account of themselves but eventually lost out to a vicious clothesline from hell. The Buffet Club join Conrad and Deviation, Fight Club and one more team to be determined in the 4 way match in November to decide the titles.

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Qualifier Β – Dave Conrad vs ???

Dave Conrad who is known in Discovery for ending Big Damos [Killian Dain in NXT] career in the company came to the ring and complained that everyone else in the tournament knew their opponent in advance so had time to prepare but he didn’t. Again this done well to get him over as heel. His mood darkened even further when UK veteran Rampage Brown walked through the curtain as the surprise entrant. A hard hitting power contest followed with both men showing their strength. Rampage took the win to advance, I wonder what’s next for Conrad in the company as I had him down as one of the favourites for this tournament. Semi finals have yet to be announced but Rampage joins Chris Ridgeway, Mikey Whiplash and Aspen Faith in the last four.

Woman’s Title Tournament Qualifier Β – Toni Storm vs Sammii Jayne

Excellent match here between 2 great talents. I must admit it was my first time seeing Storm wrestle live. This was the first of two ladies matches on the card and it was also nice too see it get the first half main event slot which generally means it’s been considered one of the most important matches on the card. Sammii got the win via submission with an armbar type hold. In my mind she is the front runner to be crowned champion later this year. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Storm in Discovery but given her defeat she might not be back for some time.

Next was the interval

Joseph Connors vs Angelico

The first match after the interval and again 2 wrestlers who I had never seen live on a show before. I could be wrong but it might be Connors 1st Scottish appearance. Again both these guys are tremendous talents and this match wouldn’t have looked out of place on any Indy show. Discovery usually have one match per card for an international guest and it doesn’t hurt the rest of the show and that applies here. Connors got the win in rather controversial fashion, the crowd didn’t like but the decision stood, still an excellent back and forth match.

Woman’s Title Tournament Qualifier Β – Jayla Dark v Lucy Cole

One thing I said I’d like to see in previous Discovery reviews was the MC announcing when a match was part of a tournament as I felt it had become a bit confusing for some fans and I am pleased to say this happened every time at this show. The House of Saynt made their presence felt coming out to watch the match but it soon became clear they were trying to recruit a new member. At first they were after Lucy but eventually settled on cheering on Jayla. Eventually Michael Chase and Lou King Sharp had enough and stormed to the ring and cleared out The House of Saynt, during the brawl that followed Lucy Cole took advantage of the confusion to score the pin in the ring joining Nina Samuels, Sammii Jayne and Session Moth Martina in the title match in September. While this match could probably have done with a little less outside interference again it was great to see another woman’s tournament match like the first one given time on this packed card.

Joe Coffey & Joe Hendry v The Kings of Catch

And so after the raffle and another big thank you from Discovery Wrestling promoter Alan Smith we had the main event. If Joe Coffey’s team won he would receive another Y Division title shot down the line but if he lost he would get no further shot while Lewis Girvan was champ. Joe Hendry was his partner who in my view is not far off a title shot to. Both these teams received the loudest face and heel reactions of the night, a good sign for any main event. Girvan has now been champion over a year and a half and has had a successful title run from what I have seen. This was a wild match ending up in the crowd for a brief period, with Coffey looking determined to show he deserved another title match. In the end a double finisher of fallaway slam/tombstone from the Hendry/Coffey team scored the victory. I would assume the big title rematch will take place at Septembers huge anniversary show in The Corn Exchange but no official announcement was made.

All in all another excellent show from Discovery combining local talent, with talent from all over Scotland and guests such as Connors and Angelico. Everything is coming into shape nicely for the big show in September. Confirmed for that is the crowning of the first ever Woman’s Discovery Champion, former WWE superstar Victoria and much more still to be announced. If your going to attend a Discovery show I would recommend the one in September. Just a quick word on timing for the show, it actually suited me this time as because of work I couldn’t get there before bell time. However the first match didn’t get going till after 8.15pm and the show did not finish till 10.30 which for me is a bit late for a family show/transport arrangements for some people. Having said that I wouldn’t let that get in the way of what was a superb show from what is fast becoming one of the top companies in the country.

Details of the September show can be found here

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