Preview: Rock N Wrestle ‘The Great Highland Bash 2017’

The Ironworks, Inverness

Four months have passed since Wrestlefest, at the end of that event Jack Jester and Just Uz were victorious. On June 30th they will once again be in action but with the added allure of gold on the line.

Jack Jester will be hoping to close his current fued with WWE UK signee Wolfgang, he’s got the better of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ on several occasions at Rock N Wrestle but will be attempting to stop Wolfgang’s intention to take the Rock N Wrestle Heavyweight Championship to Orlando and never return to Inverness. A match that doesn’t need much hyperbole as these two are two of the most experienced wrestlers going today in Scotland. They have faced each other on numerous occasions so will have a good idea on what the other will do.

You would think Charles Boddington will have Davey Blaze waiting in the wings due to his position as the Money in the Bank holder, having been announced that he will be in action on Friday it adds an extra edge to the main event, could this be the cash in? Both Boddington and Blaze have been patiently awaiting for a moment to cash in and the titanic final battle between Jester and Wolfgang might just be the perfect time to pick up the scraps. His past run-in with Jester will also be a factor, if the champion does make it past Wolfgang could Blaze play spoiler?

The first ever Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Champions will be crowned at The Ironworks when two teams fight it out to take home the new titles. The Purge team of Krobar and Stevie James are two big bruising dudes but BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier of Just Uz have had their number having defeated them at Winterslam and Wrestlefest. If they make it a trifecta they will be walking out the Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Champions. There’s something sinister with The Purge and with every defeat they will have gain some extra knowledge on their opponents which makes them more and more dangerous with every attack. This won’t be an easy night for Just Uz as The Purge will be looking to emulate their good brother Wolfgang in walking away with gold around their waists.

A super heavyweight battle is also on the cards when TJ Rage takes on former NXT Superstar Bull James (Bull Dempsey). Two behemoths collide which will be Gozilla versus King Kong-esque. Two strong, yet deceptively quick, individuals could be a dark horse to steal the show.

Plus Ravie Davie will continue his quest to rename Rock N Wrestle to Rave N Wrestle and get his pals up from the scheme in Drumoyne to watch him do the wrestling. Last time he caused a headache for RNW COO Steve Robertson who sent Kid Fite out to give Davie a headache of his own. Could ‘The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square’ be in for another rough night in the schnek?

All this AND former Ring of Honor World Champion Christopher Daniels, who makes his Rock N Wrestle debut, will be in action. Daniels is one of the most respected wrestling talents on the independent circuit, he’s held the TNA X-Division Championship plus the TNA Tag Team Championships with AJ Styles creating some phenomenal matches during those reigns with the likes of Samoa Joe, Styles and the Latin Amercian eXchange. A multi-time champion who currently plys his trade in Ring of Honor. Having recently lost his Ring of Honor World Championship to Cody Rhodes, he might not be in the best of moods to entertain and could be out for a good ol’ fashioned fight in Inverness. He will be part of the meet and greet that VIP ticket holders can attend.*

*due to unforeseen circumstances as of 28/6 Rock N Wrestle management announced that Christopher Daniels was rescheduled to appear on December 9th for Winter Slam. Bull James will be taking part in the VIP Meet & Greet in his place.

Tickets are still available from The Ironworks venue or on Fatsoma here:

Matches Announced:
Bull James vs TJ Rage
Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Championships – Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier) vs The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)
Rock N Wrestle Heavyweight Championship – Jack Jester (c) vs Wolfgang

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