Preview: W3L ‘Wrestling Showdown’ – Northern Tour 2017

World Wide Wrestling League once again return up North for their annual Northern Tour. Since 2012 I have attended the Elgin leg of the tour, not missing it once. Mainly due to my adoration for The Bulgarian Baker but also due to the evolution that W3L have gone through during that time. When first attending it was inflatable hammers and, honestly, a little bit silly. The last couple years though they have provided a fun night of action, good and evil, yaying and booing that you sort of clamour for when you go to a wrestling show, especially a show catered for the family.

As of writing there is only one match confirmed for the tour, that being Emily Hayden against Debbie Sharpe. Having not seen Emily Hayden in action before it will be a fine chance to see her against a solid hand in Debbie, who has been atagonising the crowd whenever she has been part of W3L.

Former W3L Heavyweight Champion Mike Musso is, of course, due to be part of the event. The W3L mainstay has had some cracking matches in Elgin as part of the tour, his match with Nathan Reynolds in 2014 being a particular highlight. 30 minutes of just non-stop wrestling, slugging and just pure entertainment.

I would like to hope that W3L can afford to bring over Bozidar Branimir for another 6.5* performance. The Bulgarian Baker has been a staple of the Elgin event, but by looking at his win-loss record you couldn’t say he was on a roll, but he certainly isn’t stale and will be looking to baguette about those previous loses in Elgin and prove why his is born and bread for greatness. He just needs to use his loaf and the dough will follow. Crumpets….crumbs.

Also on the line up, judging by the poster, is Prince Asad, a product of the PBW Academy who has made appearances for PBW, Rock N Wrestle and recently ICW plus everybodies favourite Super Wrestling Entertainment System Kevin Williams who wasn’t on last years tour so it will be great to see Williams back up North.

For the second year in a row the Elgin event falls on my birthday. So for anyone heading to this event, I will not be offended by cash but will accept a birthday card. I may dig out the signed Bulgarian Baker hat that I was lucky to receive last year from the man himself.

These matches will be taped for future episodes of Wrestling Showdown on

Get your tickets at and use the promo code WAVE and get 20% off your tickets.

World Wide Wrestling League – Wrestling Showdown Northern Tour 2017
June 30th – Wick Social Club – Doors: 6.30PM, Bell: 7PM
July 1st – Ullapool Village Hall – Doors: 12.30PM, Bell: 1PM
July 1st – Dingwall Town Hall – Doors: 7PM, Bell 7.30PM
July 2nd – Bishopmill Hall, Elgin – Doors: 1.30PM, Bell: 2PM

Why not check out our interview with Mike Musso about the upcoming tour here:

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