Preview: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Wrestling Showdown – Fife’ July 2017

Fife Ice Arena, Kirkcaldy

It's not often I take time to preview World Wide Wrestling League outside of their annual visit to Elgin, so why pick this event? On this rollercoaster of 'women's revolution' in professional wrestling, when I saw the triple threat announcement I knew that some words were going to be written.

Let's look at the other matches announced first though, James Scott once again defends his W3L Heavyweight Championship against former TNA/Impact Wrestling star Bram. Two broad guys that aren't afraid to use their enviroment to their advantage, judging by their previous encounter this will be a bit of everything from a chaotic brawl, some ground and pound then maybe some stamina testing wrestling holds that James Scott likes to use as punishment. Bram will be going into this one alone, whereas Scott may have The Contingency Plan floating about. Seven Deadly Sins winner Blondie Barrett will be scouting this match very carefully with this title match at Wrestlution on the horizon he will needing to find any weaknesses on his prospective opponent.

The bad blood between Mike Musso and Euan G Mackie continues after their appearance on Judge Rinder. Mackie has been using the green mist to attack Musso's eyes on numerous occasions so W3L management has decided to make the match against, Mackie's charge, Timm Wylie a blindfold match. What is concerning is that it's not Mackie himself being blindfolded. Musso might just be setting himself up for a trap that he won't see coming.

Finally, the match that made me open this computer and type some words about this upcoming event, the triple threat match. This will feature an array of wrestling talent that have been holding the fort, so to speak, while those have ventured across the pond. The veteran, the Queen and the Sharpe-shooter (put that on a tee). The veteran, Sara Marie-Taylor, has been around for a long time, she's won numerous championships and has defeated some of the best women in wrestling past, present and future. The first Siren of Scottish Wrestling. The Queen of Catch, Sammii Jayne, has been on an unbelievable roll as of late around the country. One of the premier wrestlers in the country right now. The Sharpe-shooter, Debbie Sharpe, vastly underrated and has a vicious streak a mile long. Sammii and Debbie can wrestle each other with their eyes closed at this point and still put on a great match, add in someone with the experience of Sara then this has the makings of a showstealer. No doubt that the winner will have a claim to face Leah Owens over the W3L Women's Championship, all three would be worthy contenders to the championship and to use the ol' cliché, the real winners will be the fans in attendance.  

Plus the W3L Tag Team Championships are confirmed to be on the line and Tom Fulton will be in action.

Tickets are still available at

Matches Announced:
Blindfold Match – Mike Musso vs Timm Wylie w/Euan G Mackie
Triple Threat – Sara vs Sammii Jayne vs Debbie Sharpe
W3L Heavyweight Championship – Falls Count Anywhere – James Scott (c) vs Bram

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