Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Cruel Summer 2017’

By Euan Conway


5th August 2017 Live in Murieston Scout Hall Livingston

Reckless Intent Wrestling is back for arguably its biggest show of the year Cruel Summer. This is the show that last year gave the company their first ever sell out in advance before the show and it looks like they are pulling out all the stops to try and make sure the same thing happens again. Joe Coffey, Michael Chase, Theo Doros, Chris Renfrew and Grado are amongst the wrestlers scheduled to appear. With a number of grudges ready to be settled as well it should be a top night of action so let’s see what has been announced.

Pre-Show Bonus Match
Tom Fulton vs Justin Deed*

A return for the pre show bonus match for ringside ticket holders which used to be a common occurrence for Reckless Intent. The match also marks a welcome return for Tom Fulton from Romania. It will be interesting to see how Deed matches up against an opponent with many more years of experience than him. Deed has spent time as a run in partner for Euan G Mackie as of late but this will be a test as to what he can do in singles competition.

*Due to a reshuffle, this match has been changed to a tag team match on the main show featuring Tom Fulton & Jam O’Malley vs Justin Deed & Brandon Adams

Chris Renfrew vs Theo Doros

A match ordered by Reckless Intent General Manager Scott ‘The Butcher’ Renwick after events at the last show. Renfrew let many instances of frustration with what has happened to him in Reckless Intent boil over, attacking Doros who was trying to calm him down. Renfrew has recently cut a promo saying he gave Reckless Intent a chance a few years ago when no one took them seriously and all that has happened is he has been screwed out of matches and titles. He has promised to take out that frustration on Doros. A win here for a Doros may put him in line for a future title opportunity I think. Expect a very equal crowd for fan support in this match.

Ladder Match for the Slam Championship
Dickie Divers vs Michael Chase vs David Devlin

The first time this match stipulation has been used by the company. The Slam Championship was originally brought in for the Sunday shows Reckless Intent ran but has now become a regular feature on the main shows as the Sunday shows have stopped. I thought it could see the end of this belt so it’s good to see it being made to feel important. All three men in this match have something to prove. Will Chase be holding gold going into his match with Paul Tracey in Twechar? Will Divers hold on to his title? Or will Devlin win back the title he once held?

The Headbanders (The Amazon Ayesha Raymond & Rob Mills) vs Sara & Lucian Maynard Smith

The Amazon and Rob Mills are representing The Headbanders here. For those unaware The Amazon is part of the August Mae Young Classic on The WWE network (it has already been taped but no spoilers here). Sara is making her debut for the company but has been around for some years on the UK scene. An interesting mixed tag with The Headbanders being the firm fan favourites and will have the crowd behind them. Will this be enough to help them beat the Paul Tracey aligned team? Will fellow Headbander Jackie Grady or fellow Paul Tracey guy David Devlin be involved?

Joe Coffey vs Delsin Dayre*

Another welcome return to Reckless Intent for Joe Coffey to take on Delsin Dayre. The ICW World Heavyweight Champion was last seen challenging then-champion Dickie Divers for the Slam Championship. Probably the biggest one on one match of Delsin’s career so far against a man in Coffey who has wrestled all over the world. If Delsin were to get a win here he could legitimately claim to be in the running for a title shot at any Championship. Will the man who calls himself ‘The Cure’ prevail or will he come up short against Coffey? Interestingly, Delsin formed an off show alliance with Justin Deed in a video released by Reckless but we have yet to see any of this on show, could this be a factor in this match maybe?

*Due to Grado withdrawing, this match has been changed to a three way dance with James Scott added and defending the RI Heavyweight Championship.

DCT’s UK Championship OHH-PEN Challenge

It’s difficult to write much of a preview for this match given we do not know who the opponent will be but that’s part of the beauty of the open challenge, it could be anyone. Euan G Mackie, Jackie Grady, Jam O’Malley, Mr News and Paul Tracey are among the Reckless Intent regulars not yet announced in a match. Could it be one of them or perhaps someone making their debut? Could it be someone making their return? Interestingly most of DCT’s rivals during his UK Title reign such as Delsin Dayre and James Scott are already booked on the card, so I’m going for someone completely fresh faced to Reckless Intent on this one.

Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship
James Scott vs Grado*

James Scott won Championship back in June in a fatal four way match ending the over six month reign of Paul Tracey. He made his first defense of the strap in June first against Jackie Grady then in a match ending in controversy, against Chris Renfrew. Now he has one of the most popular wrestlers in the U.K in Grado. We can pretty much guarantee that Grado will have the fans support here, will Scott use some underhanded tactics to keep the title or can Grado become the next champion. Grado has already been announced as appearing at the next two monthly Livingston shows after this one so I’m wondering if that suggests a longer feud for the belt.

*Grado has withdrawn from the event due to personal and professional reasons

Well there you have it, seven great matches to look forward to at the companies hottest show of the summer. This is the start of a busy month for them which also includes a return to Twechar on August 19th and Broxburn Gala Day on the 26th. Ringside tickets have already sold out for next weeks show but general tickets remain on sale.

Details of the event can be found here

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