Review: Fierce Females ‘Rumble In The Jungle’

Walkabout, Glasgow

2015, Walkabout in Glasgow, Fierce Females presented their first Rumble in the Jungle event.

Christopher Saynt entered to welcome everyone to the show and go through what is planned tonight. Ring announcer Debby De Lux introduced Kay Lee Ray to the ring who was in no mood to be pleasant as she got into the face of De Lux for saying her name wrong. Saynt, as punishment for her attitude, made a stipulation as the winner would enter the Rumble at number 20 while the loser entered number 1.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Kasey Owens by Pinfall.

Very much a back and forth start with neither really gaining an upper hand, a really nice pinning counter sequence before Kasey countered attempted Gory Bomb into a pin for a two count. Kay Lee lead Kasey out of the ring and punished her back but whipping her into the steel ring post then a double into the ring apron. A third was avoided as Kasey jumped onto the apron and jumped back with a crossbody. An even contest with sleeperholds traded before Kay Lee locked in a beautiful Dragon Sleeper which Kasey powered out of with an overhead suplex which saw Kasey built up some momentum and saw her throw Kay Lee into the corner with a German suplex. A moonsault attempt was blocked with Kasey being left in the tree of woe and receive a dropkick to the face for her troubles. Kasey fought back but a spining back kick was countered into a Gory Bomb for the win as Kay Lee moves onto number 20 in the main event rumble match.

Hard hitting match to kick off the show, Kay Lee Ray looked like a killer who would quite happily batter anyone put in front of her. Great match.

The Glamour Gym (Sara Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob) defeated She-X (Viper & Bete Noire) by Pinfall.

Jacob and Taylor isolated Bete in the early going and using any distractions to keep the advantage in their corner with quick tags to keep each other fresh. They beat down Bete and had her facing Viper as a way to taunt the Vixen of Violence further. Noire made it to her corner and Viper entered like a house on fire, crushing Carmel with a corner splash then a senton before setting her up for a Vader Bomb. Noire tagged in just as Carmel had pushed Viper out of the ring. The Glamour Gym took control with tandem moves but Viper made the save who hit a Michinoku Driver onto Carmel but only a two count. Bete then told Viper that she had this only for Viper to be taken out by Thesz Press by Sara and a Death Valley Driver attempt from Bete was countered into a roll up. A disappointed Noire was consoled by Viper after the match.

A fun tag team match, Viper was especially great when she was in the thick of the action.

Sammii Jayne defeated Ruby Summers by Pinfall.

Both started the match trying to feel out the other through a wristlock, Sammii was soon in control as she set up for her Bitch Please cutter. It was avoided and Sammii was sent to the outside. It seemed in the early going that anything Summers had Sammii had a way to avoid it but spent too long posing and showing off to the crowd which allowed Summers to fight back. Sammii moved to avoid a senton splash but a swinging neckbreaker and German suplex weren’t enough to get the win. Summers avoided Bitch Please and hit a Code Red for a close two count. Sammii hit a TKO for the win.

Sammii was an absolute star in this match no matter what she did, Ruby Summers seemed hesitant and not on the same timing or pace that Sammii was on and bar some moments she was steamrolled for the majority.

Courtney defeated Violet O’Hara by Pinfall.

Courtney looked to use her power and height to her advantage as Violet scrapped to get offense in. Courtney continued almost bullying O’Hara until Violet saw an opening and dodged a running crossbody and used kicks and face plants to keep her down. A neckbreaker could only get a two count as Courtney tried to fight back and a double running hair pull brought them both down to level pegging. The both fought to their knees with chops and forearms before just throwing kicks at each other. O’Hara hit a shiranui for a two count then locked in a dragon sleeper which Courtney powered out of and landed a fisherman’s suplex for another close two count. Courtney connected with the half nelson bridging back suplex for the win.

Started off well then started to get messy and disjointed, felt like everything was thrown in without a built up conclusion worked out.

Leah Owens defeated Violet Vendetta by Submission.

Vendetta hit a great headscissor early on which send Leah to the outside to regroup. Owens hung her neck on the top rope to gain the upper hand as she pummeled Vendetta down. An Irish Whip was countered with Vedetta’s face being pushed into the knee of Owens. Leah ended up with a handful of Vendetta’s hair which fired her Violet up and a second rope Thesz Press was good for two, a follow up Eat Defeat also garnered a two count. A spinebuster from Leah wasn’t enough as a figure four leglock was countered into a small package which Leah got out of, a second attempt was enough for Owens to have Vendetta tapping out.

Fine match, started to slow down towards the end and sloppy but fine nonetheless.

Rhia O’Reilly defeated Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall.

Debbie was on the attack straight away, playing the ditz to lul O’Reilly into clubs to the back as she entered the ring. She mauled O’Reilly and choked her onto the top rope, O’Reilly fought back with a Finlay Roll and senton for a two count. A second rope assisted neckbreaker couldn’t keep Debbie down as she was placed into a straight jacket bow and arrow. Sharpe maneuvered herself out and hit a neckbreaker of her own for two, avoiding being counted out following a roll up while she confronted the referee over the count. Sharpe locked in a Muta Lock but O’Reilly fought out and planted Sharpe with a double arm DDT for the win.

Debbie looked sharp in this one, pardon the pun, and these two really put on a very good match.

Christopher Saynt was back out to introduce the main event.

Scottish Women’s Championship – Battle Royal – Winner: Viper

As per the stipulation in the opening contest, Kasey Owens entered first with Bete Noire entering number two. Kasey was in no mood to lock up as she threw herself with a front dropkick onto Bete. Both attempted to get the other out early on. Viper joined the fray at number three as She-X took turns to wear down Kasey who narrowly avoided elimination. Violet O’Hara entered number four and was immediately set upon by Bete, she fought back and picked a fight with Viper who demolished her with a corner splash. Debbie Sharpe was in at number five and was soon thrown out by Noire as her and Viper kept exchanging tense glances. Ruby Summers in at number six made an impact by getting Viper off her feet with a dropkick as O’Hara and Kasey worked on Bete. O’Hara turned her attention to Viper to deliver a drop kick between her legs. Violet Vendetta entered number seven and was almost immediately tossed out by Ruby Summers. Lucy Cole at number eight, the first of the competitors to have not competed earlier in the evening ran straight into Kasey Owens as they scrapped. A masked woman called Black Widow entered at number nine and was soon thrown out by Viper. Viper and Noire sat back while the others battled it out while Emily Hayden entered at number ten. While the camera was on Hayden’s entrance, Lucy Cole was eliminated. Fiona Fraser joined the match at number eleven as the ring started to fill up, heading straight for Kasey and stomping her in the corner. Layla Rose came in at number twelve and threw out Emily Hayden, Fiona Fraser and Violet O’Hara to thin the herd as Kasey, Noire and Viper teamed up against her. Number thirteen was another masked competitor, The Black Scorpian (sporting a Pray for Debbie t-shirt). Leah Owens entered at number fourteen who formed an alliance with her sister Kasey to team up against Layla Rose. Sammii Jayne stormed to the ring at number fifteen and went straight after The Black Scorpian who was thrown out by Sammii before being unmasked as Debbie Sharpe who threw out Sammii in retaliation as a brawl broke out between the two at ringside. Rhia O’Reilly entered at number sixteen as Layla Rose t-bone suplexed Bete Noire out of the ring. The Owens attempted to eliminate Rose who used Layla’s momentum to send her out of the match and Rhia O’Reilly soon followed as she was side stepped by Leah. Number seventeen was Courtney while Viper hit a double suplex on The Owens Twins, Courtney soon eliminated Ruby Summers. Sara Marie Taylor entered at number eighteen as she took her sweet time to enter letting everyone else tear each other apart. She was still standing on the outside when Carmel Jacob entered at number nineteen who also decided to stand and watch while Kay Lee Ray entered at number twenty. Hardcore Glamour entered at the same time and set about everyone left in the ring, the brawl lasted for ages as everyone (bar Hardcore Glamour) started brawling with each other again. Leah threw out Kasey to everyone’s surprise and Courtney snuck in to eliminate Sara, who in turn, distracted Courtney long enough for Carmel and Kay Lee Ray to put Courtney out. Carmel eliminated Leah Owens to leave it down to three. Carmel and Kay Lee teamed to decimate Viper but Kay Lee Ray sneakily threw out Carmel for the final two. It looked liked Viper had won it but Kay Lee got her foot tied up into the ropes, she escaped but got a Michinoku Driver. Viper went up top and Kay Lee followed but was knocked down, Kay Lee ducked a top rope crossbody and attemped a headscissor but she was caught by Viper and thrown out of the ring onto Carmel and security.

Bete came out to celebrate but clocked Viper with the Scottish Women’s Championship in a shock turn of events. She grabbed the mic and told everyone that they only care about Viper and she was tired of living in Viper’s shadow.

Fast start, dragging middle and the match really picked up when it was down to the final three. Viper was outstanding in this one as she was always involved in some way.

Overall:Β A fun show, Viper and Sammii Jayne put in great performances along with Debbie Sharpe. Kay Lee Ray was another who just looked like a superstar in both matches. The Rumble was long and it really stagnated in the middle and for a while after all twenty had entered. The turn at the end with Bete attacking Viper was great with the seeds planted throughout the night from their tag match to the glances during the Rumble. A great story built up and told during the event. The matches were solid and the Rumble reached a satisfying conclusion even though some bits went a bit too long for my taste. Worth a watch for Jayne-Summers and Ray-Owens especially.

You can watch the full show on YouTube below: