Review: The Jimmy Havoc Deathmatch Tournament


On Sunday September 18th 2016, Mikey Whiplash put together a fundraiser show from The Classic Grand in Glasgow to raise funds for Jimmy Havoc during his time out injured. Part of the event would be an 8-man single-elimination deathmatch tournament, and with the show up on ICW On Demand, I headed back in time to review the show!

As the show got started, Simon Cassidy invited Jimmy Havoc into the ring where he thanked the fans and everyone involved with the show for coming along to support him while he was on the shelf. With that, it was time for the first contest of the evening.

Quarterfinals: Kendo Stick Match
Mike Bird def. Aspen Faith by Pinfall.

Up first was a Kendo Stick Match between Mike Bird and Aspen Faith, who I believe had just returned from a concussion at this point. Aspen started off the match keeping things on the ground before both resorted to using the kendo sticks to inflict damage on one another. The King of Catch repeatedly lashed the back of Newport’s own, before being caught mid-moonsault with a kendo stick to the ribs. With the action spilling out to ringside, Faith dominated most of the brawl while Bird was able to get a pop for some Blue Wicked. Because of course he did. Back in the ring, the Welshman cracked Aspen across the skull with a kendo stick before planting him into the mat with a brutal sit-out Razor’s Edge for the three count to advance to the next round. Mike wanted to get a handshake after the match, but Aspen just walked off and ignored it.

Quarterfinals: Chairs Match
Mikey Whiplash def. Trent Seven by Pinfall.

The second quarterfinal bout saw Mikey Whiplash taking on Trent Seven in a Chairs Match. Right off the bat, Trent hip tossed Whiplash through a steel chair placed in the corner. Not long after, both men planted each other into the mat with backdrop drivers and a whole heap of German suplexes. After they’d finished with the suplexes, Trent and Mikey destroyed each other’s chests with chop after chop. As they became worn out, the two sat in chairs and continued slapping chests before both falling over. The man from atop Moustache Mountain dropped The Necromancer head-first on a chair with a Seventh Heaven piledriver for a close two count. Trent’s attempt at a powerbomb was countered into a Zombie Maker on to two steel chairs but Seven somehow kicked out at one. A back and forth fight ensued before Whiplash broke a chair with another Zombie Maker for the win. Both men embraced afterwards in a show of respect following a hard-hitting collision.

Jack Sexsmith, Chuck Mambo & Pastor William Eaver def. Joe Coffey, Christopher Saynt & Craig Forsyth w/The House of Saynt by Submission.

A six man tag team match was next to seperate the tournament action, as Jack Sexsmith, Chuck Mambo and Pastor William Eaver took on the team of Joe Coffey, Christopher Saynt and Craig Forsyth with two members of The House of Saynt at ringside. Coffey and Eaver traded shoulder blocks either on, with neither moving from their feet. Sexsmith and Saynt were soon tagged in, but before they could lock up Chuck Mambo tagged himselfย in to spoil the fun between the two. To Sexsmith’s dismay, Mambo and Eaver double teamed his apparent new friend with hip tosses and suplexes. As the match progressed, Sexsmith and Saynt eventually came to blows as Jack delivered a stinkface to the patriarch of The House of Saynt to which he responded with a kiss to Jack’s face after. This, on a deathmatch show. The ending came when Jack pulled out a second condom after he lost his first one and put it over his hand to perform a Mandible Claw on Craig Forsyth for the submission victory. Jack and Christopher made out in and around the ring following the win as he returned to tournament action.

Quarterfinals: Scottish Rules Match
Chris Renfrew def. Viper [2-1].

The third tournament match pitted Chris Renfrew against Viper in a Scottish Rules. For those unaware, a Scottish Rules is the same as a World of Sport Rules Match with the only difference being that both competitors must drink a shot and a double coke and whiskey before each of the five rounds. The first round went relatively quickly with no falls scored. Renfrewย scored the first fall in round two following a Stone Cold Stoner, before Viper tied it all up in round four after a sit-out powerbomb through an ironing board. Both competitors ended up with pictures stapled to their head during the match, with Viper having a picture of her husband DCT on her head while Renfrew had a picture of what appeared to be Dickie Divers on his head. Another weapon used during the wild brawl were two dildos, with Viper’s being the bigger of the two. As we got into round five, Renfrew took Viper off the top rope with a huge Stoner to win the bout 2 falls to 1. The two embraced after the match, with blood pouring out of Renfrew’s head.

Quarterfinals: Falls Count Anywhere Match
Jack Jester def. Ice Man by Pinfall.

The final quarterfinal match saw Jack Jester taking on Ice Man, who was coming out of retirement for one night only, in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. What was originally scheduled as a First Blood Match, Ice Man said an emphatic ‘no’ to that and made it into a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Just as well, as he was busted open almost straight after the bell ringing as Big Kink used his trademark corkscrew on his head. The two brawled out into the crowd and, despite their being a camera following the action, the view was kept on the ring. The two eventually came back into view, and Ice Man demolished Jester in the corner with a cannonball senton. Jack used what appeared to be a pair of scissors as he cut away at the skin of The European Hardcore Icon. Jester headed backstage not long after, returning with something that he ended up setting on fire. He used the flaming device and clobbered Ice Man across the head with it to pick up the three count and head forward to the semifinals. The two hardcore icons showed respect after the match, before Jester left Ice Man to soak up the applause from fans as the show went to an interval.

Semifinals: Thumbtack Kickpads Match
Mikey Whiplash def. Mike Bird by Pinfall.

The first match back from interval saw the first of two semifinal bouts as Mikey Whiplash faced Mike Bird in a Thumbtack Kickpads Match. The two started off by trading shoulder blocks, before Whiplash decided to bend the arm of Bird across one of his thumbtack-coated kickpads. Bird took control with some Daniel Bryan-esque kicks to the chest of The Necromancer before Whiplash countered into a Zombie Maker for a close two count. The Welshman regained the control and put several holes in the back of Whiplash thanks to some stiff kicks. Seeing Bird utilising the kicks, Whiplash went down the same route and started kicking his head making blood pour out. Mikey followed up with a second Zombie Maker for the three count to secure his spot in the finals.

Semifinals: 10, 000 Thumbtacks Match
Jack Jester def. Chris Renfrew by Pinfall.

The other semifinal match saw Jack Jester against Mikey Whiplash in a 10, 000 Thumbtacks Match. It took a while for the thumbtacks to be introduced, with Jester and Renfrew clearly hurting from their quarterfinal bouts with Renfrew possibly coming into the match slightly tipsy following his Scottish Rules Match. The NAK founder soon brought out the bucket of thumbtacks, appearing to chew some when he put a handful in his mouth. As he went for a Stone Cold Stoner on the tacks, Big Kink tossed him and Renfrew landed spine-first on the thumbtacks. As he recovered, Renfrew took Jester to the top rope looking for a super Stone Cold Stoner but Jester shoved him off again on to the tacks. Jester eventually ended the match following a brutal Tombstone Piledriver on the tacks for the three count, leaving Renfrew covered in the thumbtacks.

Sammii Jayne w/Debbie Sharpe def. Jinny by Pinfall.

Another bonus match was up next, as Jinny took on Sammii Jayne who was accompanied to the ring by her bae Debbie Sharpe. Jinny took the early advantage but soon found herself down at ringside. As Jayne came in for a suicide dive, Jinny dodged the attack as Sammii took out Debbie. Back in the ring, Jinny remained in control with a vicious onslaught of moves including a gorgeous Japanese arm drag into the turnbuckles. After Sammii took control, she connected with a huge hurricanrana off the top rope but Jinny kicked out and took back control of the action. As she repeatedly slapped The Queen of Catch, Sammii slapped Jinny herself before nailing her with a Samoan Driver for the victory. As Jinny tried to attack Sammii while she was celebrating, she was laid out thanks to a Debbie Sharpe roundhouse kick.

Drinking Contest
Mark Dallas w/Scott Reid vs Jimmy Havoc went to a Draw.

Before the finals of the tournament, a Drinking Contest took place between Jimmy Havoc and ICW founder Mark Dallas, who was accompanied by his right-hand man Scott Reid. Each man had to down what looked like 5 cups of Jack Daniels and around 10 shots. Both were clearly feeling the effects, with Havoc throwing up into the thumbtack bucket at one point. Towards the end, Dallas fainted and fell through the table that had been set up. In the end, both men fell over and failed to get back up by Thomas Kearins’ count of 3 as he ruled the contest a draw.

Finals: Barbed Wire Hell Match
Jack Jester def. Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall.

The finals were set, with Jack Jester set to face Mikey Whiplash in a Barbed Wire Hell Match. Jester entered with a barbed wire chair while Whiplash came out with a barbed wire kendo stick. Big Kink and The Necromancer both tried to destroy each other in this match, with several other barbed wire weapons being introduced. Whiplash tore away at the flesh on Jester’s arm with his kendo stick before two barbed wire boards were brought out. The first one saw Whiplash drop Jester on it with a Zombie Maker. The second was placed across the ring apron and the guard rail, where Jester catapulted Whiplash into the bottom of it. The two brawled on to the apron where Jester pulled Whiplash off the top and through the board, landing with a loud thud on the hard floor of The Classic Grand. Back inside the ring, both men continued to destroy each other’s bodies before Jester spiked Whiplash onto his barbed wire chair for the three count to win the tournament.

Jimmy Havoc came back out following the match, saying the only reason Jester won was because he wasn’t in it. Havoc then thanked everyone for coming along to support him and Mikey Whiplash for putting it all together. He then revealed a painting that he would be putting up for sale on eBay to help raise funds while he was out injured as the show came to a close.

Overall, this was a highly enjoyable show showcasing some brutal contests. It was great to see everyone coming together to show their support for Jimmy while he was out injured.

Quick Results
Kendo Stick Match – Mike Bird def. Aspen Faith by Pinfall
Chairs Match – Mikey Whiplash def. Trent Seven by Pinfall
Jack Sexsmith, Chuck Mambo & Pastor William Eaver def. Joe Coffey, Christopher Saynt & Craig Forsyth w/The House of Saynt by Submission
Scottish Rules Match – Chris Renfrew def. Viper 2-1
Falls Count Anywhere Match – Jack Jester def. Ice Man by Pinfall
Thumbtack Kickpads Match – Mikey Whiplash def, Mike Bird def. Pinfall
10, 000 Thumbtacks Match – Jack Jester def. Chris Renfrew by Pinfall
Sammii Jayne w/Debbie Sharpe def. Jinny by Pinfall
Drinking Contest – Mark Dallas w/Scott Reid vs Jimmy Havoc went to a Draw
Barbed Wire Hell Match – Jack Jester def. Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall