Lucha Lexicon: High 5

Just in the last few months I reached a nice personal landmark with my wrestling career as Lucha DS.

The landmark was hitting the 100 matches mark with a really tough match against Saqib Ali at a really fun Premier British Wrestling show in Glasgow.

I didnโ€™t say to many people that the 100 mark was coming up as I wanted to get it done and dusted and pass the line with the 100th one in the bag.

I had a look at my book were I note all my matches that Iโ€™ve had and in it is some really pivotal matches that I noticed that shaped me as a performer or helped change something that made me maybe work a bit differently.

So I had a look and have picked out 5 matches that have been the ones that I feel were ones that stand out for a number of reasons.

Lucha DS vs Kid Fite, May 30th 2015, I either stupidly, or bravely, answered Kid Fiteโ€™s open challenge in this tough hard-hitting match. This match really boosted my confidence a lot after this match because I learned so much in this 15 minute match, Iโ€™d trained and done seminars before this and yet learned more from this one single match that, working in the ring or on judo mats, could not be replicated as doing it in front of a live crowd across from one of the best in the business.

He is easily one of the best in the business not just the UK or Europe and as a coach he is not too bad either.

Debut for Discovery Wrestling in March 2016, I was part of the “Lucha” show and was in a fast paced four way opener against Kenny Williams who is just on fire, also from the PBW Academy Kenny is the marker for guys and girls coming through now as a great example of the academy producing the top level talent, if you put the work in, also in the match was Theo Doros who I hadnโ€™t seen much off live but just recently been sharing more dressing rooms with him and the giant Italian Massimo who is currently working in Japan and doing amazing.

I grabbed an opportunity to hit my finish and get the win in this match but it was early on with Discovery, who are just killing it just now, after my match I watched Ricochet vs Big Damo main event show and I donโ€™t think I blinked once, such a good match and Discovery have more big shows coming and Iโ€™m proud to have been part of it.

Photo credit David J Wilson

October 26th 2016, my first match against Jack Jester in my hometown PBW show, the atmosphere when I came out still gives me goosebumps when I think of it and then standing across from Jack Jester when he is staring across from you is a sight that makes you think, you are in trouble. This match is for me the one that I thought I had better be on top form and bring the fight to him, I did, and he was ready for it all and more, him even being underhanded and won the match. But I felt proud in defeat afterwards. Jack Jester has years on me and is the real deal.

January 27th 2017 singles match against Krieger in Beith, I have fought Krieger a number of times and the matches are always fairly back and forth, Krieger, who won the tag team belts with Lou King Sharp last year, has been making a name for himself making towns and scudding clowns, this show we both had chances to win and he grabbed it, but the match was different because I think, in my opinion, it was the first PBW show of 2017 and we both wanted to start as we mean to go on and it was part of a Team PBW vs Team Boddington event. So each match put a score on the board. Happily rematch Krieger anytime, anywhere.

May 19th 2017 GPWA Asylum Invitational, I was drawn against Kieran McColm and this match had a lot of things that made it different from the others, it was PBW vs Source, it was a debut at the Asylum, I was there to represent my school in a knockout tournament against Source’s brilliant standout Kieran, I knew every guy behind the curtain was watching because they may have to go one on one against us in the bracket, I think I done well for the school, getting caught in a submission is never something to be ashamed of but the defeat really stung. Kieran and I have become friends since then but I am looking to get back in against him, I need to get a win back, For me, for my school, and most importantly for my dented pride.

I have had so many things that happen in the first hundred matches, the good, the bad and the ugly, but each thing whether it be a positive or a negative I have come away with something to work on or be aware of. Happy to look back at the next hundred, thanks to every guy and girl who has stepped between the ropes with me and thank you to each awesome promotion who has given me an opportunity. Thanks to coaches who have trained me to be in this position.

The main thanks but has to be to every single fan who has sat in the crowd of a show Iโ€™ve been on, because without you guys we canโ€™t perform, and you are awesome. Thank you. #Lucha

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