Review: GPWA Rocks Tarbert!

Saturday’s sold out GPWA show in Tarbert showcased all that is great about the Scottish wrestling scene. Professional and slick production with terrific individual and team perfomances. An organisation at the top of its game and the Tarbert crowd responded with energy and lots and lots of noise.

Results: Paxxo defeated The Sam Barbour Experience in an incredible opener.

Molly Spartan and Jamie Winters defeated Kasey and Jokey in a fun match which showed that the women’s division in Scotland has real depth.

The Govan Team, Ravie Davie and Zander, defeated The Purge, Stevie James and Krobar, in a wild match. Ravie and Zander appearing for the match on a bicycle and scooter. The crowd went nuts for this one.

BT Gunn defeated Aaron Echo in a superb first half main event. Just a brilliant wrestling match.

After further chaos from The Govan Team at the interval, Leyton Buzzard shocked the hall with a massive win over Lionheart. Chants of “Lionheart is a dafty!” ringing out and his reaction to them was a thing of beauty. Brilliant stuff.

Kez Evans and Jack Dillon kept the energy going with a fine match, Kez picking up the win after interference from Molly Spartan and Jamie Winters.

In the main event Wolfgang defeated Jack Jester. The crowd almost blew the roof at this one. A fantastic fun brawl which ended up outside the hall, Jester flying through the tuck shop area and Wolfgang trapping Jester in a traffic cone while battering on it. Every star on the card descended to the ring and brawled it out before heading to the back and Wolfgang picked up the win. It was a match which could have graced any card in the country.

Indeed it was a card which could have graced any promotion in the country.

The show was a fundraiser for Clachan Village Hall Development and we are very grateful to the GPWA team for coming round and putting on such a stunning show. We are also grateful to everyone who bought tickets or helped out in any way. Particular thanks to the brilliant young people in our village who flyered, did promos and worked so hard to make the show such a success. Thanks also to sites like this for plugging our show and everyone who shared, liked or retweeted anything.