Preview: United Pro Wrestling ‘Charity Show For The Teddy Bear Support Group’ October 2017

October 14th 2017 | Fisherman’s Hall | Buckie

On Saturday I will be heading to Buckie for my first live taste of United Pro Wrestling. Having watched (and reviewed) the first five episodes of their ‘Acts’ on YouTube I have a fair idea of what’s going on. The show mixes some guys I used to see in SWE, a couple from W3L and Reckless Intent and a couple new faces that I have only seen on my YouTube device screen. The show is raise money for The Teddy Bear Support Group in Buckie, with Β£1 from ticket sales going straight to the fund. This is their debut event in Buckie, a town that doesn’t get a lot of wrestling bar the odd EPW show passing through so a lot of fresh eyes will get to see some of these guys in action.

One match I’m really looking forward to is Micheael Chase versus Luke Aldridge. Chase is currently making waves in Discovery Wrestling while tearing up Reckless Intent along with appearances in Insane Championship Wrestling, it’s been a long time since I’ve properly seen Chase and he comes up against someone that has went through an evolution in the last month or so, the former Lucian Maynard Smith, now he is Luke Aldridge. It will be interesting to see how Aldridge has changed up his style with a more grittier character, could see him become more brawling and dirtier to combat Chase’s more highflying and smoother offense. It’s going to be a solid match.

I can finally cross Theo Doros off my list of guys to see when he takes on Chris Lamb, Doros is a Cypriot pocket rocket, smaller but packs a hell of a punch. He’s been tagging with Michael Chase in UPW, Reckless Intent and ICW lately along with being a member of The House of Saynt. Doros has a big upside and he’s against someone that has been getting better but less rounded in Chris Lamb, who recently made his debut in Dundee along with Riley Adams. The tale of the tape for this is that Theo Doros became King of Peterhead Scottish Week following a battle royal win, as Chris Lamb calls himself the King of United Pro Wrestling he has taken umbridge that another King is in his territory.

The aforementioned Riley Adams is up against Zack Leon, I know very little about Leon other than he refers to himself as ‘The Man of Glam’, so this will be a mystery one. The flamboyant Leon against a dirty looking brawler who isn’t afraid to take shortcuts to gain leverage, hence why Adams refers to himself as the ‘Bad Boy’.

Another couple guys I haven’t seen in years face off when Livewire Zack Matthews faces Felix Fortune. Last time I saw Livewire it was a W3L Northern Tour in Elgin and Fortune was when he was just starting out in Dundee so it has been quite a while. It will be interesting to see what has changed since then and how both have grown.

Finally a big tag team match when The Alex Webb and Kenny Kyd debut as a team against The Opera of Silence team of Euan G Mackie and Stallyon. Mackie is one of my absolute favourites, a fantastic character with a wonderful mind. Stallyon looks to have really taken this twisted alter-ego and cranked it up which makes for a pretty creepy team. I haven’t seen Alex Webb in action and can only recall watching a couple Kenny Kyd matches online so there’s another couple guys that I’ll be interested to see.

On the poster there are three wrestlers that either haven’t been given a match or are booked elsewhere. Johnny Pugs will be in a titanic battle at Johnny Moss’s Training School in West Cumbria. The other two names are The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time and JFC. JFC is one that I would like to see as he’s been fun to watch when I’ve been watching UPW’s Acts with some good character ticks. Perhaps there will be a mystery match on the night.

A fun line up with some names old and new to feast my eyes on. It’s certainly going to be a wrestling.

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Michael Chase vs Luke Aldridge
Chris Lamb vs Theo Doros
Livewire Zack Matthews vs Felix Fortune
Riley Adams vs Zack Leon
The Alex Webb & Kenny Kyd vs The Opera of Silence (Euan G Mackie & Stallyon)