Review: United Pro Wrestling ‘Charity Show For The Teddy Bear Support Group’

October 14th 2017 | Fishermanโ€™s Hall | Buckie

On Saturday I attended my first United Pro Wrestling event. After watching their Acts (and reviewing them) on YouTube and seeing that their show was only 20 minutes up the road it only made sense to see the promotion in action.

The show was raising funds for The Teddy Bear Support Group in Buckie, which meant their tuck was amazing cheap. Bag of crisps and a capri-sun for ยฃ1, sold!

First impressions when I got there was the set up, barriers, logos on the apron and turnbuckles along with a screen. Pleasantly surprised especially for a promotion that has only really got started.

Felix Fortune defeated Livewire Zack Matthews by Pinfall.

The show kicked off with two guys I hadn’t seen in years, Matthews had the crowd going early on and Fortune was very easy to dislike with his constant whining to the referee and gripes with the crowds boos. Solid match, looked like Livewire picked up the win Fortune grabbed the rope to break the fall leading to a roll up from Fortune for the win. Good action to kick off the show.

Riley Adams defeated Zack Leon by Pinfall.

Up next was Riley Adams and Zack Leon. Started off quite well with Adams cutting of Leon’s offense but it soon broke down into a bit of a mess with a bit of a long rush to the finish, as in the moves looked rush but took a while to actually finish. There was a nice little spot with Adams using Leon’s scarf to choke him while using his arm to cover the scarf to hid it, a clever maneuver. Leon went for The Worm to silence but missed his elbow, Adams rolled back in and was hit with the elbow for a two count. Eventually Adams won but it wasn’t pretty.

The Opera Of Silence (Euan G Mackie & Stallyon) defeated Alex Webb & Kenny Kyd by Pinfall.

First half main event had Euan G Mackie and Stallyon come out as The Opera Of Silence, two guys I was really looking forward to seeing again. Mackie has this wonderful charisma and his crowd interaction is fantastic. This creepy side to Stallyon relies on small ticks which are fascinating. They faced Alex Webb and Kenny Kyd. Webb spent the majority getting worked on by Mackie and Stallyon but his flurries looked good and there is a diamond in the rough there, Kyd looked to have his timing off and was reacting, like, a second too late. Stallyon busted out a Stump Puller which is a submission that just doesn’t get used enough these days. The match soon broke down into chaos but great refereeing as Kyd and Webb teamed up on Stallyon looking to get the win but Mackie was outside the ring and was the legal man. A great move with Mackie holding Webb in a Sleeper Hold and Stallyon flipping Mackie over into a Stunner onto Webb. Lovely. Kyd was taken out, Webb was forearmed into oblivion and The Opera Of Silence picked up the victory.

Fun match, it was great to see Mackie and Stallyon again and seeing The Opera Of Silence together.

Chris Lamb defeated Theo Doros by Count Out.

Theo Doros is really really good. Back from the break we got a solid back and forth match with some hard clotheslines traded. Lamb looked outmatched throughout with Doros looking smooth in everything he did. There was some brawling into the crowd and a headbutt collision on the apron which left them both laying as the count of 10 was approaching. Lamb hit a swift low blow before heading back into the ring and getting the count out victory. Fine match, Doros looked great and he brought Lamb nearer to his level.

Michael Chase defeated Luke Aldridge by Pinfall.

The main event was two really good wrestlers in Michael Chase and the rechristened Luke Aldridge. Aldridge brought out a more rabid side with rapid strikes and dirty tactics while wearing down the neck of Chase to set up his Rings of Saturn/Crossface combination which looked brutal. Chase favoured the neck for suplexes, just a little piece of psychology thrown in to help the story. The crowd were behind Chase while Aldridge made it ‘All About Aldridge’. The finish came out of knowhere with Chase hitting a flatliner for the win. Good match, was the right choice for the main event. Could see this stretching out over a few shows as a proper good feud.

Overall: For my first United Pro Wrestling event it was a really solid show. Some fun matches and, bar the Adams-Leon match, I was adequately entertained. A tight show with it ending before 9pm, considering that the crowd was 80% children they were still awake throughout. There were about 40-50 in the crowd and they were loud for the whole show supporting the good guys and booing the baddies. Will certainly check out UPW again when they come back to Buckie.