Review: WrestleZone ‘Halloween Hijinx 2017’


The stars of WrestleZone made their way to the Kincorth Community Centre this past Saturday night for Halloween Hijinx 2017. A huge night of action was in store, including one of the most anticipated main events in WrestleZone history.

Upon entering the venue, I was delighted to see a video screen on stage which would allow for entrance videos throughout the show. Usually these are kept for Aberdeen Anarchy so it was a welcome delight to see this added to their production value. Many fans were decked out in the new Damien t-shirts and face paint, showing who they were supporting for the night’s main event. There were some fantastic costumes in the crowd and from the security members, including some weird headless body thing, a Brock Lesnar and a Randy Savage.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship
Aspen Faith (c) def. Bradley Evans by Pinfall

Kicking off the show was Aspen Faith putting his Tri-Counties Championship up for grabs against Bradley Evans, this being Evans’ second crack at the gold after coming up short at a show in Ellon back in July. Faith used his trademark technical offence to keep a tight hold of the contest in the early going, but Bradley stormed through The King of Catch with a huge shoulder tackle. The two traded blows with Aspen nailing a blistering bicycle kick. He followed up with a devastating combo of moves, a lifting Pedigree across the knee and a shining wizard that would make The Great Muta proud. Evans found himself tangled in the ropes after a failed attempt at a second jumping senton, allowing Faith to go for his triangle moonsault but he appeared to slip and landed right on Evans’ head. If Bradley didn’t get a concussion from that, he must’ve got one from the knee strike that followed. Aspen dropped Evans on his head with a Tombstone Piledriver to retain the Tri-Counties Title once again.

After the match, Aspen went for a second Tombstone to young Bradley Evans. Luckily for Evans, Zach Dynamite entered and chased off The King of Catch before any more damage could be done. It’s worth noting Faith and Dynamite are the main focus of the poster for the upcoming show in Huntly, so expect to see something happening with them.

Sammii Faith def. Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall

Women’s wrestling made a welcome return to WrestleZone in the second contest. Sammii Jayne entered first dressed as Aspen Faith and even stole his Tri-Counties Title belt, dubbing herself ‘Sammii Faith’ for the night. As Debbie Sharpe entered, the two traded pinfall attempts before the action went up to the merchandise stands. Debbie battered Sammii with one of the WrestleZone foam fingers, but The Queen of Catch took control back in the ring. Using some beautiful suplexes, Sammii showcased her technical abilities. As Sharpe appeared to be nearing victory, Aspen Faith entered and went to hit her with his Tri-Counties Title belt but she ducked and Aspen almost knocked out Sammii. After managing to stop before hitting his Queen, Aspen was knocked down by a Debbie Sharpe superkick. With Sharpe distracted, Sammii nailed her with a jumping enzuigiri and followed with a Tombstone Piledriver for the win. She celebrated with Aspen’s Tri-Counties Championship after the match before heading back through the curtain.

Sterling Oil (Crusher Craib & The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling)) def. Johnny Lions, Chris Archer & Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

Up next was a colossal six man tag team match as Crusher Craib and the reigning WrestleZone Tag Team Champions The Sterling Brothers faced off against Johnny Lions, Chris Archer and Bryan Tucker. The fan favourite team entered dressed up for the occasion, with Lions coming out in some sort of ghost mask, Archer dressed as a skeleton mummy and Tucker as a zombie. Archer and Tucker kicked things off straight away with a double suicide dive, with Lions diving over the ropes to take out The Creator of Carnage. The Sterling Oil trio used their experience to keep the match under control for the early going with several referee distractions, until Chris Archer was finally tagged in. The Outcast flew about the ring to take everyone out until all hell broke loose. Crusher and William delivered stereo chokeslams to Lions and Tucker before being disposed of. Back in the ring, Alan turned Archer inside out with a huge lariat to pick up the win for his team. The Sterling Oil trio left with Crusher and Johnny exchanging words, with Lions later posting a challenge to Crusher for Huntly on his Facebook page.

During the interval, fans could buy raffle tickets and meet Bryan Tucker and Johnny Lions.

Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester def. Mr P by Pinfall

After the break, Martyn Clunes was interrupted by the one and only Jeeves Winchester, wine and glasses in hand. He introduced “Vintage” Nathan North and told us all to follow The North Star. Mr P came in next with his now trademark Scottish flag. After a bit of stalling at ringside, including Jeeves trying to knock down P only to fall over, the match was finally underway as North beat down on P. The Vintage One was in control until the proud Scotsman rallied back and showed North what was up his kilt. Mr P climbed up to the top rope just in front of me (not a good view, considering he was in a kilt) and nailed a huge diving crossbody. With Jeeves getting on the apron for a distraction, Mr P instead catapulted Nathan into his manager. He attempted to follow up with a sunset flip, but North sat down on top and grabbed the Scotland flag, popped in by Jeeves, for leverage to gain the victory. North and Winchester left with their wine and P’s flag, eventually being chased through the back with Mr P wanting his flag back.

Halloween Brawl
Zach Dynamite def. Andy Wild and Blue Thunder by Submission

The fifth match of the evening was the annual Halloween Brawl as Zach Dynamite, Andy Wild and Blue Thunder collided. Thunder and Dynamite (sounds like a team name from the 80s) attempted to beat up Wild with inflatable toys, but the unstoppable Englishman powered through them. After realising their plan hadn’t worked, the duo asked Wild to get into the spirit of Halloween by asking him if he wanted a trick or a treat. On this night, Andy wanted a treat which came in the form of punches and forearms. Hopefully that won’t be the case on Tuesday or there’s going to be some very unhappy parents. Wild dominated most of the action with huge blows to the back and several suplexes before having a broom broken over his back and being dropped face first on a pumpkin. Dynamite was able to lock Thunder in an Anaconda Vice but Wild broke it up. After the former Undisputed Champion was cleared from the ring, Dynamite put Thunder back in the submission to pick up the tap out victory.

After the raffle was drawn, WrestleZone management representative Chris McDonald left his position at the commentary booth to make a very special announcement. The question on everyone’s mind was when would Aberdeen Anarchy 2018 be taking place. Chris was there to answer that question, as he announced next year’s supershow will take place from the historic Beach Ballroom on Saturday September 1st 2018. Ticket details will be released in the coming weeks.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Damien def. Shawn Johnson (c) w/Richard R Russell by Pinfall

Main event time, as Damien challenged former Sterling Oil comrade Shawn Johnson for his Undisputed WrestleZone Championship. Johnson was flanked by the Sterling Oil strategist Richard R. Russell and, for a matter of minutes, The Sterling Brothers. After Damien took Alan and William out early on with a suicide dive, the Tag Team Champions attempted to get involved but were caught by referee Dennis Law and removed from ringside. The Revolutionary loved his chances now as he had essentially an even playing field, bar Russell at ringside. These two tore into each other, near fall after near fall as the match progressed. The brawl headed up to the merchandise area, where Damien accidentally made one of the tables collapsed. Clearly wasn’t a Japanese table then. The Revolutionary connected with two huge superkicks during the match but neither was enough for a three count, while the Sterling Oil golden boy nailed a gorgeous springboard crossbody. Following Shawn making more comments about Damien’s daughter, the challenger battered the champion, almost being disqualified in the process. After Shawn pushed Damien into Dennis Law, it allowed Crusher Craib to emerge from backstage and chokeslam Damien on the ring apron! The champion followed with a Samoan Driver back in the ring for the closest of two counts, Russell fuming at ringside. Johnson went to the ropes once again for another springboard, but Damien caught him mid-flight with a Flying Codebreaker for the three count. The roof came off the Kincorth Community Centre as every single fan in the building cheered at the sight of Damien as Undisputed Champion. The night came to an end with The Revolutionary celebrating in the middle of the ring surrounded by his fans.

What a night. The story progression throughout the main event was one of the best I’ve seen, with Damien putting it all on the line to become champion once more. The support he received from the fans after listening was absolutely deafening, quite possibly louder than when he turned on Sterling Oil last month. A revolution has certainly taken over WrestleZone.

WrestleZone are back in action for another three shows this year; November 11th at the Stewarts Hall in Huntly, November 18th at the Arbroath Community Centre and December 2nd at the Danestone Community Centre in Aberdeen for Christmas Chaos. Tickets are available for the Huntly and Arbroath shows right now from

Quick Results
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Aspen Faith (c) def. Bradley Evans by Pinfall
Sammii Faith def. Debbie Sharpe by Pinfall
Sterling Oil def. Johnny Lions, Chris Archer & Bryan Tucker by Pinfall
Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester def. Mr P by Pinfall
Halloween Brawl – Zach Dynamite def. Andy Wild and Blue Thunder by Submission
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Damien def. Shawn Johnson (c) w/Richard R. Russell by Pinfall