Five Picks…To Win The Reckless Rumble

This Saturday, Reckless Intent Wrestling host The Reckless Rumble where the winner will be catapulted into the Reckless Intent Championship picture, a belt currently held by James Scott. The names are being revealed with plenty of surprises likely to appear during the contest. So let’s take a look at my five picks to win it all and be crowned the 2018 Reckless Rumble winner.

1. Theo Doros

The Superior Cypriot has just been getting better and better, really evolving into the complete wrestler. One title that has really alluded him in Reckless Intent is that RI Championship, plus another round of Scott-Doros is never a bad thing. He will have to come up against David Devlin earlier in the night, the loser would enter the Reckless Rumble at number one. If Doros somehow comes out of that without a win then it will be a long night for him and his physical and mental conditioning will have to play a major role if he wants to jump into title contention.

2. Delsin Dayre

He calls himself The Cure and so far, with Divinity by his side, he has been ridding Reckless Intent of the past culminating in capturing the RI UK Championship from DCT recently. A wave of momentum may’ve been slightly hindered by a loss to Joe Coffey in a non-title match but the numbers will be in Dayre’s favour if he, Adams and Deed come to an agreement. It will be a tough slog as he has to defend his UK Championship earlier in the night against Luke Aldridge and Rob Mills in a triple threat.

3. Michael Chase

Always a contender to win this, Chase is the most successful Reckless Intent wrestler holding numerous titles and always chasing for gold. It’s a no brainer that he is in this list, however, his ongoing issues with High Society may see Aldridge and Devlin target Chase especially. There’s also the small matter of opening old wounds when he takes on Dickie Divers before the rumble itself.

4. Dickie Divers

Current Slam Champion Dickie Divers is no stranger to winning rumble matches and his arrogance about his own abilities, plus his taking great joy in others misery, might be the perfect storm to outlast everyone else. Or, everyone will team up to throw him out, there might not be a happy medium. As noted above he will be in action before the rumble when he takes on Michael Chase.

5. DCT

One thing that DCT knows more than anything else is that stamina always wins. The former RI UK Champion has enjoyed a lot of success in Reckless Intent but a date with the RI Champion would be the icing on the cake. He only has one match to prepare for unlike the others in this list so he would be entering the match fresh and ready to throw out body after body after body on the road to victory.

So there are my five picks to win The Reckless Rumble, with a fairly good track record in this it wouldn’t be totally surprising to see one of these names announced as the winner on November 4th. How do you want to see victorious at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston?

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